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New To Cruzin' - Nov. 10-17-07~Part 3, after a long break

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by buf68, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. buf68

    buf68 Member

    Hey everyone! I've been around the dis for awhile, but this is my FIRST DCL trip report. That's because this is our FIRST cruise, that's right, we've never cruised ever ever ever before.

    My love of disney has been pretty much my whole life, but DH only learned to love it when we got married. He had never been to disney until our honeymoon! We spent a week with the mouse then and he's hooked :p

    The Players on our Trip:
    Me (Mary, 23)
    DH (Jeremy, 24)
    DMum (Cheryl, 44)
    DSis (Rachel, 11)

    So a little background on why we're cruising. DMum has always wanted to go on a cruise. In May of this year (2007), DDaddy passed away from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease) at the age of 45. In the limo on the way to the cemetary DMum says to DSis "we are going on a cruise....a DISNEY cruise....we need to get away". Later DMum decided that DH and I would go as well to keep them company.

    We speak with a travel agent (also a friend at church) and decide that a 7 night Eastern Carribean cruise would be best for us. We also decided that AFTER hurricane season would be ideal. Thus, it is set, we will leave dear sweet michigan and head for orlando florida on November 9th, 2007. Then spend that day in the Magic Kingdom, and spend the night at CBR, then head to the big boat :p

    Here's a picture of the whole family from my wedding last year:

    So it begins, the planning stages. We are a bit divided as DMum is paying for all excursions etc. for Dsis (including using a Disney Visa to get onboard credit for Dsis to use), while DH and I are paying for these ourselves. So far DH and I have an Exotic Rasul booked for Sunday afternoon of our cruise :) and a snorkeling excursion on St. Thomas (Trunk Bay). Dmum has "private time", a pedicure, and a few other spa treatments booked, as well as both semi-subs at St. Marteen and St. Thomas. Sadly we didn't get to the computer exactly at the 75-day mark to book palo :( so i'm going to try to book that asap on the ship. I'd really love for DH and I to eat there, so lets hope.

    So onward we go. Thankfully Dmum bought DH and I a nice luggage set (it's like a bright green :thumbsup2 ) so it should be easy packing.....ok, i have to show it off:


    Cute huh?

    I know we're only a month away, but I haven't started packing yet. DH and I wear our cooler clothes around the house alot. I pretty much KNOW what i'm going to pack, just have to wait for the weather to stabilize here so we can put them "away".

    Now I guess I just sit back and try to stay calm. I have a lot to do before we take off. I'm a PhD student so i'm writing my thesis proposal (which is due the day before we leave!!! :scared1: ), plus I'm taking a class where I have an exam next thursday :eek: so it will be an eventful time.

    I hope you all stay with me and read through this month and then my trip report. I will try to give interesting info in the next month....:P

    Pre-Trip Part 2
    Overall Impressions
    Part 1
    Part 2: We're getting on the ship!
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  3. Babs417

    Babs417 Mouseketeer

    We will warm the ship up for you , we are on Oct 27. Good start to your report, sorry about your Dad. Way to young.:grouphug:
  4. buf68

    buf68 Member

    yeah it's been really hard. The last time I was in WDW with my family (Dmum and sis) was with him on a fairy godmother foundation trip (kinda like make a wish but for adults). He was diagnosed almost exactly 3 years prior to his death. We're all still not handling it the best, but i think the trip will help. Disney just has that magic pixiedust:
  5. love2travel

    love2travel Mouseketeer

    We are on the Magic the week before you. We will leave everything in real good condition for you. Enjoy!!!
  6. buf68

    buf68 Member

    lol you better!

    FYI, forgot to mention, we are right now in room 2614. It's category 9 on the 2nd deck....hopefully it's a good location (?)
  7. Subscribing....
  8. woody73

    woody73 <font color=darkorange>Enjoyed the Pumpkinmen<br><

    Looking forward to cruising with you.

  9. buf68

    buf68 Member

    thanks woody :) and cheryl too!

    I can't wait to go. I need to get away from all the stress around here.
  10. buf68

    buf68 Member

    Wow I haven't fallen off the first page yay!

    SO not much has been going on in regards to planning/packing. I had an exam today (i'm a PhD student) so now that's a load off my shoulders. I'm still working on my thesis proposal which is due the day before we leave down to florida....so ya, this vacation comes at JUST the perfect time.

    Since I don't have much new info, I thought I'd let everyone see a few pictures from my disneymoon :) We had such a great time. I wrote a trip report for that one too I think, i'll have to go back and see if i can find it.

    This is the ornament we got in downtown disney. I thought maybe on each of our trips alone we could continue the tradition. Do they have ornaments on DCL? If so I'm totally buying one for our tree :P

    Here's DH and I at one of our favorite parks (it was nice just to walk around the world holding hands :p)

    Our first of the disney "cruises"...lol

    My two best friends:

    And finally a picture my DH took that I adore....

    i can't wait to see what the disney magic is like when you take it on the road....well not the road, but the ocean :p I am getting very excited.

    This list is more for me...I need to start packing!

    Packing List:
    Polka Dot Suit
    Blue/Green Suit
    Black/Blue Suit
    Brown Suit
    Sash Suit
    Handkerchief Skirt
    Pink and Coral T-shirts
    Shorts (few pair)
    Pirates Shirt (need to buy!)
    Red/black skirt
    Red shirt (black tank for under)
    Black shirt with beading
    Tank Tops

    Swim Trunks (all 5 pair)
    Shirts to go with Trunks
    Polos (green, blue, white)
    New Blue Collared shirt
    Old button up blue shirt
    Suit (white shirt, red/black tie)
  11. frdeb1999

    frdeb1999 Mouseketeer

    What a beautiful wedding pic! And so sorry about your dad. I think your going to love your cabin location. Deck 2 is great! Hope you have a absolutely wonderful time and can't wait to hear TR! :) :)
  12. buf68

    buf68 Member

    Thanks frdeb....

    I hope it's a good cabin. I've been secretly praying we get an upgrade, but I think we'll like it no matter what, because honestly, who DOESNT like anything disney :p
  13. buf68

    buf68 Member

    So after a few days of EXTREME drama between Dmom and me/DH, we had decided to no longer go on the cruise...

    ...however, thankfully, drama got settled and DH and I both realized that we really NEED this vacation, and there's plenty of rooom on the boat for us to avoid eachother...

    SO we're back on. It took a little prying for DH, but i think he's starting to look forward to it. I think the fact that we have an exotic rasul booked for day 2 of our cruise helped in his decision :)

    I'll update more later once i actually get packing. I can't believe I leave 2 weeks from tomorrow!!!:scared1: :banana:
  14. woody73

    woody73 <font color=darkorange>Enjoyed the Pumpkinmen<br><

    So glad you're back with us. Fortunately its a big ship.

    We were on one Disney cruise where our table mates were a family of four and we only saw two of them at dinner on embarkation day, and then at breakfast on disembarkation day. They seldom saw eachother, and at the final breakfast they all said they had the best time ever!

  15. buf68

    buf68 Member

    Yeah, DH needed to be reminded that we would just have to see them when we sleep and maybe at dinner time :p But i think things will be ok. It's just a lot of stress from us still living here (financial reasons) and from the grief process.

    I just need to come up with ideas now. I'm not sure if i should even attempt to sew a fish extender (i've never sewed more than a button in my life)....but i was thinking about having DH create some magnet designs, to get him involved....i'll post if i can get him to do that :P
  16. Dont fret about Palo's. We booked our Oct 6th 2007 cruise 2 wks before it sailed and couldnt get reservations online. They only take online reservations for a portion of the restaurant. The rest are booked onboard. Just make sure you make a reservation onboard as soon as you arrive. We reserved dinner on a sea day and our waitor asked if we wanted to dine again. We were placed on a waiting list and ate brunch as well 2 days later. It is pretty easy to get in on the last day as well since many people cancel to pack.

    Regarding your other question- yes, they have ornaments as well as magnets and pins galore. Some with dates and many without dates. It is a great tradition to start. Have a great time! We had so much fun we booked another cruise onboard.
  17. woody73

    woody73 <font color=darkorange>Enjoyed the Pumpkinmen<br><

    If it's less stressful, another dinner option is to dine at Topsiders.

  18. buf68

    buf68 Member

    That may be an option after the first three nights ( i want to experience all three restaurants)....

    Or I wonder if we are really annoyed if we can ask to be sat separately? who knows...
  19. buf68

    buf68 Member

    So, about 12 days to go! I'm getting excited. I don't have a thing packed, I should start that this week. I'm so happy, Pam from the Design board made some amazing designs for us :) Check 'em out!!

  20. Phelpsie70

    Phelpsie70 Member

    Hey Buf, subscribing to your report. I highly doubt I will manage to write one myself, so I'll have to live vicariously through you. :) Can't wait to meet you on our cruise!

  21. buf68

    buf68 Member

    Thanks Phelpsie

    Sadly I'm still having some issues with DH. He keeps saying he's "not going" on the cruise b/c of the issues with DMom....but I keep telling him he's going :p....if only to take care of me. He was scared to go in the first place b/c he's afraid of getting sea sick, so I think he's just using the arguments as an excuse. I'm just going to keep planning like he's going and pack and everything and just wake him up to go and force him into the car and onto the plane :p Unless anyone else has a better idea lol.

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