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**NEW ROFR LIST (post your details here after reading 1st post)

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by lovin'fl, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. dmunsil

    dmunsil Disney Uber-Nerd

    $106-$16960-160-VGC-Aug-0/'11, 0/'12, 0/'13, 160/'14-sent 6/12, passed 7/9

    And may I add, "woo-hoo." :)
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  3. ImagineerTHAT

    ImagineerTHAT Imaginerd

    Congrats...good VGC contract! :cool1:
  4. MSUmom

    MSUmom MSU mom

    $85-150-SSR-Sep-150/'11, 150/'12, 150/'13, 150/'14-sent 6/14, passed 7/9
  5. nitsid

    nitsid New Member

    $85-$19022-210-BWV-Jun-78/'12, 110/'13, 210/'14-sent 6/14, passed 7/9

    Waiting on:
    $78-$20646-240-BWV-Jun-98/'12, 240/'13, 240/'14-sent 6/30

    If I spend any more time reading, thinking, and planning about WDW, I'm going to be burnt out before I even get my member number. Come on time, move faster!
  6. RacerX64

    RacerX64 New Member

    $70-$15,872-200-BWV-Oct-200/'12, 400/'13, 200/'14-sent 7/10

    Buyer pays Closing Costs, MF and Admin Fee

    Looking forward to BWV :)
  7. DianaM

    DianaM New Member


    $59-???-130-SSR-Apr-8/'13, 130/'14-sent 6/12, passed 7/10

    Seller pays Closing Costs and MF and Buyer pays Admin Fee

  8. dbs1228

    dbs1228 New Member

    Hope you pass through at that price and being loaded the mouse has been very greedy! Good luck!
  9. RacerX64

    RacerX64 New Member

    So do we! We are a bit worried that the mouse may take it given the current resale prices.
    Hoping for the best :)
  10. ellab

    ellab New Member

    Finally coming out after lurking here for a while. Here's my contracts that just got sent out. What do you think my odds are of getting these?

    $103-$17,808-160-VGC-Oct-160/'12, 160/'13, 160/'14-sent 7/9

    $95-$23,945-250-AUL-Mar-236/'12, 250/'13, 250/'14-sent 7/10
  11. geniegirl

    geniegirl New Member

    AKL: $72 - $14,850 -185 AKL Dec 185/'12, 185/'13, all on

    Buyer to pay 2013 fees

    sent 6/6 passed 7/8 (mailing check and closing docs tomorrow)
  12. kgeary

    kgeary New Member

    Passed HHI 160 points at $57 a point. 2012-2013-2014 points all there a fully loaded contract. Submitted 6-7 and pass 6-28
  13. fatherAZ

    fatherAZ New Member

    $97-$16020-160-BLT-Apr-0/'11, 160/'12, 160/'13, 160/'14-sent 6/5, passed 7/3
  14. Msmithmd

    Msmithmd New Member

    That's a great contract considering the loaded points. Same financially as one that is stripped to '14, selling at $75, if you choose to rent the current points. Congrats!!!
  15. MickeyT

    MickeyT New Member

    Look good. Good luck on both!
  16. 1mama2three

    1mama2three New Member

    $62-$10,671-150-SSR-Sept-300/'13, 150/'14, 150/'15 -sent 6/26

    Buyer pays closing costs, MF & Admin fee.
  17. PCMama

    PCMama New Member

    I think you have a good chance at aulani. Vgc is harder because its so small, but you never know- I tried twice before I finally got a contract on my third try.. sending pixie dust!!!
  18. quinnc19

    quinnc19 New Member

    Were the 2012 Aulani points banked? I hope you can still use them.

  19. ellab

    ellab New Member

    Yeah, I had the sellers bank the Aulani points. It was too late to bank the VGC points. By the time I get my member number etc., I wont have much time to use the VGC points. Do you think Disney will let me bank them if I beg?
  20. quinnc19

    quinnc19 New Member

    They banked the 2012 points? That would have had to be done months ago.Perhaps you can rent them if you are not able to use them.

  21. ellab

    ellab New Member

    For Aulani the 2013 points were banked. There's nothing banked on the VGC.

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