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New Fast Pass PLUS converting paper tickets and passes

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by mainedis, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. hmillerbarilla

    hmillerbarilla New Member

    I think this new system appeals to the family that goes for a week once every year, or every other year.

    I'm investing my AP in this, and I'm not sure I like the restrictions.

    We're DVC and I personally thought it was irritating during Christmas week when I had my room key, but had a paper AP and had to wait in the "other line" and not the NEW line with the ticket attached to the room key for entrance.

    I do love the idea of not having to do rope drop, but as I said earlier, my DH and I are headed to Disney Monday and I wouldn't want to have to plan that the same way I would plan a family trip. I actually don't want to plan at all.

    I want to sit in the hot tub!:goodvibes
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  3. Sammie

    Sammie New Member

    How in the world can anyone dislike, know for sure it won't work, a program that has not even been released or very little official info has been released.:confused3

    Honestly I really think we need a wait and see on this on.
  4. mummabear

    mummabear New Member

    What I would like clarified is whether it is 3 FP+ per day or just 3? It doesnt make sense to me if someone on a 3 day ticket got as many upfront bookings as someone on a 10 day ticket....
    I think AP's (of which sadly i'm not) should be able to book the same 3 per day not given x per quarter this means they dont get disadvantaged by having to spread them out leaving them 1 per day of their planned visits nor hugley advantaged by being able to use 8 in a day when the rest can only use 3.
    I don't have a problem with it being a benefit for on site guests and AP's (and I normally stay off site) whether this is in the form of no access for off site/non APs to the system or increased allowed bookings for on site/AP- you've got to benefit the people giving you the most money.
    Personally I could live with it at 3 a day, we never make RD as we are on a 8 hour time difference and really have underutalized the FP system.
    Ideally I think it would be great if you got more once you were in the park as with FP you could potenially get 7 in a day....I like the idea of reserved seating for the parades/shows etc though.
  5. OurDogCisco

    OurDogCisco New Member

    We go once everyother year and this does not appeal to me. We are DVC members and I've researched over the last 10 years how to utilize fp and EMH to our benefit. This will not appeal to me.

    The only thing I think that Disney needs to do is limit the number of FP+ (at least initially) because they don't know how many people will actually using the system. There has to be a limit because if you made it unlimited then, it would be like a standby line and that would totally defeat the purpose of having a FP/FP+ line. If more people utilize FP+ then, there will be less FP+ to go around.
  6. Robo

    Robo Attention: There's a '71 Castle in the Hub with it

    One thing that will be happening is that the number of FP+ offerings per attraction will be limited.
    (That's just one of the mathematical realities of the maximum number of riders an attraction can daily accommodate.)

    That's why they have added FP+ to attractions that previously did not need a FP at all.
    Once the prime "E-ticket" attractions' FP+ availabilities have been chosen
    by guests who make their choices at the earliest possible opportunity,
    there will need to be "consolation prize, thanks for playing" FP+
    on the list so that hapless/clueless guests can feel like they
    are getting something "special."
  7. OurDogCisco

    OurDogCisco New Member

    I totally agree. I think it is silly for people to think that they are going to reserve there 3 or 4 FP+ in advance and then, when they arrive at the park there is going to be more availability for more FPs. Just not going to happen...
  8. I Love Pluto

    I Love Pluto DIS Veteran<br><font color=green>I guess that make

    Passholder who is totally clueless here!

    Don't even TRY to explain. All these rules are hurting my brain! This is why we don't get any Dining Plan. The rules are different everywhere you go. Due to no written rules, each CM interprets them differently. :confused3

    It is so much easier to just do things as you understand them. Leave the complicated messes to someone else! :goodvibes

    Simplicity is a wonderful thing! :thumbsup2
  9. dadddio

    dadddio New Member

    Why would you need to carry the old paper AP? WDW's system would see that your are an AP when you swiped your bracelet and automagically give you your discount (and prompt the cast member to call you by name and thank your for being a passholder).

    Smart phone users should be able to simply go into the app and schedule those FP+ times. I imagine that these same-day FP+s will only be generated if the system shows that you are currently in that park.

    Also, I'm sure that I've read somewhere that there will be kiosks in the parks to allow you to make reservations if you don't own a smart phone.

    I suspect that the '1 park' rule is only for advanced-scheduled FPs. This actually makes quite a bit of sense since park hopping is fraught with peril and many people would end up missing FP+ times at the second park. Once people arrived at the second park, they could likely see about getting same-day FP+s.
    The same could be said about current visitors who don't 'get' the FP system. Either way, it's to the benefit of those of us who take the time to learn how things work.
    I think that the stated plan might work, if same-day FP+s are offered.

    For several years, we were passholders. We would 'advance plan' WDW trips a few times per year, but mostly we would go with no more than about a week's notice. We would discover that we had a few days to kill and that cheap airfare was available and we'd show up. When we lived in the area, it was with even less advanced planning. It was basically "I'm bored, lets go to WDW."

    As such, twenty FP+ per quarter to preschedule and then whatever we can make work at the parks sounds pretty good.

    Why not? The airlines do it. WDW does it with 60+ ADRs, if I'm not mistaken.

    Imagine that the 'regular' FP machines were removed and FP+ was the only game in town. Disney has calculated how many FP+s to make available for each attraction. They don't have to make them all available at 60 days out. They could release 25% of them at 60 days, 25% at 40 days, 25% at 20 days, and the rest save for same-day.

    I believe that same-day FPs must be somehow available to serve those people who buy their tickets when they arrive at the park or AP holders who go to the parks on a whim.
  10. mom2rtk

    mom2rtk Active Member

    Because the easier you make it to do something, the more people will do it.

    And the ride capacities are constant.

    I do think it's amusing that everyone thinks they will get their TSMM FP. And that it will be at a convenient afternoon time.
  11. You are missing my point. We don't even know yet if they will offer same day FP+ (or FP- as it is now)
    And if they do, we don't know if the people who already reserved their 3 ahead of time would be able to reserve more.

    For me, that is the $64K question- will we now be limited to just 3 per day, no matter how you reserve them?

    If this truly is about leveling the playing field, then I think its 3 and you're done.

    I am just hoping and hoping that this isn't what will really happen...
  12. Lynn57

    Lynn57 New Member

    The one park only just doesn't make any sense to me. Assuming I even have a choice between opting in or out, I wouldn't "upgrade" to FP+ unless the number of parks changes since I always park hop.

    Disney invested over a billion dollars into this and are acting line they haven't thought through all of these issues. IMHO, they probably have thought it all through but know the backlash they will get so they are telling us tiny tidbits of information in calculated announcements.

    Unfortunately we all adapted when the first fast pass was released (some feel this has increased line length. Peter Pan is an example) and then we adapted to the enforced return times. I'm sure there are a million other unwelcome changes we have all adapted to, so unless people are going to make a change with their wallets or all email Disney executives, we don't really have a leg to stand on in our complaining. Very frustrating, I know... :mad:
  13. mom2rtk

    mom2rtk Active Member

    I think part of the goal of FP+ was to ration headline attraction access. When you add the hopping option, it opens up the possiblity of skimming headliners in more than one park.

    I never buy hoppers, but would probably start doing so for the express purpose of skimming the headliners (which appear to have far less access under this plan).

    For example, instead of spending a day in the MK, then a day in Epcot (like we do now), I would pick half a day with 2 headliners in MK, then hop to Epcot and do 2 headliners there. The following day, I could do the exact same thing again, effectively doubling my access to those headliners.
  14. monorailrabbit

    monorailrabbit Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere!

    What I am curious about is if you will be able to add more once you get there and how difficult it will be to change ones you made before you get there. I LOVE to super plan Disney vacations - I love researching crowd levels, reading reviews on rides, dinning, etc. But I am NOT crazy about having to decide what and when I am going to ride 60 days ahead of time. Last year was my first trip in years and we quickly discovered our "pre-planned schedule" was out the window. Our plan was to hit up all 3 mts in MK rapid fire first thing. We ended up riding SM 3 times then playing around in fantasyland for almost 2 hours. I worry enough about getting to our ADRs on time, I dont want to have to stick to a schedule to get from ride to ride and place to place and I REALLY don't like the idea of only getting 3 :( We aren't going until Dec so hopefully things will be a little clearer than mud by then, but I think if Disney is going to announce a change this big it should have all their ducks in a row and be able to address concerns BEFORE any announcement is made!
  15. mom2rtk

    mom2rtk Active Member

    In answer to the bolded part. Nobody knows. And yes, we'd ALL like to know. That piece of it will make or break it.

    As for the rest. Not to worry. Disney will "nudge" you where you need to be. ;)

    At least you have some time before your trip. I do feel for the people going in the next few months.
  16. Mcert01

    Mcert01 New Member

    Based on the description and terms I would certainly opt out of FP+. It is just too restrictive.

    Here are the questions I have for Disney:

    " Can you use FP+ and FP if you are staying at a resort on a package?
    " Can you use FP once your FP+ reservations expire for the day?
    " Can you use FP if you are in a park different from your FP+ reservation?
    " Can you use MyDisneyMagic but opt out of FP+?
    " I signed up for MyDisneyMagic. How do I make sure my reservations are not connected if I choose to opt out due to the FP+ restrictions?
  17. chaphome

    chaphome New Member

    So I'm confused. I bought an AP and will redeem in Feb. so when I go, will I get an option to get a paper ticket or new ticket?
  18. dadddio

    dadddio New Member

    You can't use FP+ and the current FP system. Whether you will be able to schedule same-day FP+s remains to be seen.
    As I understand it, you can still link hotel reservations to your profile. Assuming that you don't have a package, opting out of FP+ would be as simple as not entering your ticket into your profile.
  19. dadddio

    dadddio New Member

    I am guessing that you would get a paper ticket in February. It really depends on how fast they do the rollout.
  20. eaam

    eaam New Member

    I'm afraid the real goal is to make more money... The concept behind FP+ is actually
    simple: if you're waiting in a line, you're not shopping or dining. Now, if you spend
    less time waiting in a line, there's a chance you'll spend more time, and therefore more money, in the parks.... MyMagic+ is ultimately designed to increase Disney's revenue....

    Time has an interesting article about it. Just google "MyMagic+ Time Magazine" and you will find it.

    I agree with tinkerbell1984. If we're allowed three FP+'s in advance plus some regular
    FP's ( or more FP+'s ) while in the parks, that will be awesome. But if Disney decides to
    limit the number of FP+'s per guest per day to only three, than MyMagic+ will become
    MyDisappointment+. Or My (bad) Disney Experience. Specially for passholders and DVC
    members. I don't think Disney would that.

    Disney is taking a long time to disclose FP+s final rules. Which is causing a lot of confusion. My guess is they've sent out a probe and are now collecting the response
    before making a final decision.....
    Time will tell...

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