New ABD for 2012 - Winter Wonderland

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    Just announced:

    Winter Wonderland
    5 Days / 4 Nights
    Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park

    Winter Wonderland Family Vacation Highlights

    •Day 1 : Yellowstone's Winter Wonderland
    Discover the glory of winter in Yellowstone National Park, with its majestic, snow-covered mountains, steaming geysers and roaming wildlife. Birds of prey soar above as you explore the vast, dramatic landscapes. Travel roads where you might come face-to-face with wandering herds of bison and elk, or maybe even a lone wolf. Experience the natural beauty of Wyoming in a whole new way!

    •Day 2 : Iditarod Dog Sledding
    Learn the art of "mushing" against a backdrop of powdery white snow while a team of enthusiastic sled dogs guides you through the Wyoming wilderness.

    •Day 2 : Relaxing in Granite Hot Springs
    After sledding through the frosty terrain, soak in the invigorating waters of this scenic mountain spring. Steam rises from the pool surface as you overlook a magnificent mountain view.

    •Day 4 : Tour the Lower Loop of Yellowstone
    Explore the Lower Loop with a naturalist guide as you ride a snowcoach to such extraordinary sights as Black Sand Basin, Fountain Paint Pots, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and much more!

    •Day 5 : Old Faithful
    Witness the spectacular plumes of steam unfurling above the snowy landscape as this famous geyser erupts in the winter months.

    •The Wort Hotel
    •Old Faithful Snow Lodge

    •JAC (Jackson Hole)
    •JAC (Jackson Hole)

    •4 Breakfasts
    •4 Lunches
    •5 Dinners

    •Minimum Age: 4
    •Suggested Age: 6+

    Pricing can be found here -

    Dreams Unlimited Travel is offering a $300 Gift Card for this Adventure

    For details contact
  2. jcb

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    Apr 28, 2007
    This is some of the most beautiful and unique scenery in the world. The snow lodge location is in the heart of the Yellowstone geyser area. Anyone who wants to see the area, should do this tour.
  3. WaltD4Me

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    Apr 22, 2003
    I'm understanding the phrase "the glory of winter." I would love to visit Yellowstone some day, but it won't be when any of the cursed white stuff is around.

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