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My Overall Experience (A little bit of this and and a little bit of that)

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by jimim, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. jimim

    jimim Mouseketeer

    Thanks to so many people on the board we ended up going the resale route. I knew we were right for DVC from the beginning, but if I didn't frequent this board I would have spent a ton of more money for no reason.

    I just wanted to share my final resale breakdown and a few other things from today that might be useful to others.

    We bought 280 pts at AKV with a Feb UY. I settled on this cause we go at least 1 time a year to Disney for the past 12 years that we have been together and most years have done at least 2 trips per year. We felt 280 points would easily give us the 2 trips in studios that we would need and still have some cushion for a third if we wanted. We have 2 kids that are both under 3 right now so a studio is fine. As they get older and we need a 1 bed we will still be ok for that once a year trip and if we need more points at that time we will just add another contract. But that's how we ended up at 280.

    The contract was accepted by the buyers on 12/5/2012
    Went to ROLF on 12/5
    Passed ROLF on 12/28
    Closing Docs came in on 1/7/2013
    Payment was sent and received by 1/9/13
    We closed on 1/18/13
    Transfer went to Disney on 1/28/13
    We got our Membership letter on 2/2/13 (today)

    So it took us a little under 2 months.

    The broker we dealt with was perfect. They were great people.

    All and all I would deff go this route again when we need more points in the future as our family grows.

    So her is my first experience with DVC member services: I spoke with MS today and booked a June trip for a week at OKW to try it out cause all our friends stay there exclusively now and they really wanted us to try it so we are. I then books 2 studios for Oct for 8 nights at AKV. I tried for a value room for my parents but they were all gone so I did 2 studios. We attached magical express to the June trip cause I got airfare tonight also and we also did our 6 nights of Dinners for June. It all took about 30 mins. She was quick! Really really quick! I gave her the 6 places we wanted to eat with the window time and told her to just run it across the week cause we didn't care what restaurant for what night. That was the easiest time I ever ever had in 10 years booking places to eat!

    So then. . . I logged onto my Disney experience app. . . I figured this was going to be a mess, but I wanted to see. As soon as I logged on all our ADR's were there! I was really surprised! Our rooms weren't so I entered them in and all 3 rooms I booked came up with all the guests neatly placed next to thier images and names! No problems.

    So all and all it was a very very good night and well worth the 2 months.

    The reason I'm writing all this is cause there is so much back and forth on a daily basis re: the good and bad with DVC and Disney and the new app even. I just wanted to show that things can go smoothly and that some things are actually working how they should be and to just share some positive for today. I feel like the negative tends to get much of the attention lately so here is some positive vibes that I'm sending out to those maybe waiting on a resale contract to finish up or someone who is trying to maybe get this crazy new app working or for someone who is just lurking and seeing if this whole DVC thing is worth it for them and they want some positive stuff to read.

    Thanks again to everyone and to those who actually read through this whole post. It's good to be home. . .

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  3. dbs1228

    dbs1228 Mouseketeer

    Congrats!!!! We love our DVC - we have been going once a year for 16 years before buying in a few years ago. (family of 5) WARNING: Once you start with a 1 bedroom or even 2 bedroom unit it is hard to go back! We do not book anything under a 2 bedroom now for 4 or more people - I like having my living room a living room. We just stayed in a GV at BLT over NYE and to me it was the best WDW vacation yet!

    ENJOY :)
  4. AnnaS

    AnnaS <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    Congratulations and Welcome Home!!
  5. Sammie

    Sammie DIS Veteran

    First off Welcome Home and hope you have wonderful experiences from here on out.

    Was there a reason you called MS to book and book your dining too? Just curious as to that versus online booking.

    Personally for us we have always been pleased in dealing with Member Service, the problems we have encountered are at the resort after we arrive, with things not being clean or working. Be sure to let us know how that part of your trip goes, I wish smooth sailing for you.
  6. lodge

    lodge Mouseketeer

    :drive: You're on your way home!:boat:

  7. DannysMom

    DannysMom Mouseketeer

    Congrats & Welcome Home!

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  8. a742246

    a742246 older than dirt

    I am happy for you guys, Welcome Home!
  9. CarolMN

    CarolMN <font color="blue"><b> DVC Co-Moderator</b><br><b Moderator

    Jimi - Congratulations and welcome home!

    And thanks so much for taking the time to share you experiences with us.

    Hope your first trips are magical!!
  10. jimim

    jimim Mouseketeer

    thanks. It's funny you say about booking larger room and not wanting to go back. We have a friend who always tells me the same thing. It's usually just him and his wife anymore and sometimes his daughter but even when on their own they only get 1 bedrooms so they can spread out.

    next year we will try a 1 bed cause I'm tapped out this year for the 2 trips already cause we wanted to give our parents a room cause of all they do for us. I bought the extra points to be able to do that each year if they wanted to come.

  11. jimim

    jimim Mouseketeer

    Thanks Anna!
  12. jimim

    jimim Mouseketeer

    I don't have the website password yet. My letter only had the member number and said another letter would follow in 14 days about with my ID and I assume my password too? Or am I missing something and can do it now?

    I wasn't going to do ADR with her but she said for me to have her do them cause it would be quick. We eat at pretty much the same places each trip with adding a new place each trip to try out. We always eat at the same time too pretty much anymore cause of the kids. It was like 5 mins quick. What I was happy about was everything was linked to the app when I logged on afterwards.

  13. jimim

    jimim Mouseketeer

    I don't mean to group everyone like this but waiting 40 sec between posts was getting annoying! lol

    Thanks so much everyone. Ya know over the past 12 years now every trip of ours was pretty much right on. Only one year we had a bit of a mess. It was the week of new years and we got to the GF at 12 midnight. We checked in and no one even offered to help us to our room. We lugged all our bags off ourselves. We were just so tired and would have been nice if someone offered. Then our room was on the turn by the monorail so that kinda sucked but that's the luck of the draw so no reason to complain, but what was really upsetting about that trip was Narcoosse's for New Years Eve. It was the first year they did their big party. They stressed evening wear so my wife spent a good amount of a gown cause they said evening wear. When we were at the bar a few nights earlier the bartender was asking if I had my tux. . . I was like what? I had a suite with me. I got kinda worried but latter found out the suite was fine. So the night of the event we go and low and behold us and like 2 other groups were the only one dressed up. Everyone else was just in jeans and whatever! We and a few other people were like what the heck? Not that we cared but if we knew that we would have just dressed more comfortable.

    My whole point is that cause it was the first year for them other than the cal grill who usually has a more formal party doing this no one really knew what was going on really or they didn't get a lot of reservations and changed things and told people wear what ever then to be able to come. Just a weird kinda situation, but it was a really cool night!

    That was the night I decided that even at the signature places Disney really doesn't care about the dress code much. I always wear shorts and just a golf shirt in the summer to dinner and jeans and a shirt in the winter if cooler. I don't bring dress pants anymore more dressy stuff. Just look presentable and go. lol

    Sorry just a little story. . .

    So hopefully all these trips will follow all our past and be pretty much drama free and memorable in a good way. I think 1 kinda messed up trip out of 15 plus is deff not too shabby!

  14. Minnies Dad

    Minnies Dad Earning My Ears

    Congrats, great info.
  15. chalee94

    chalee94 <font color=green>I thought all sand was ground up

    i don't think they meant "online" on the DVC member website, just online on the disney website. in general, i wouldn't recommend using MS for dining reservations...it's just not their primary area of expertise...
  16. Illini Al

    Illini Al Member

    Thanks for sharing and congrats!! :)
  17. jimim

    jimim Mouseketeer

    Oh sorry my bad. Ya I always call. I only ever book dinners and only cause if I don't we will never get in the places we like. We know the exact places we like to eat at all the time and we always book the same times about so I don't need MS to give an advice or any input from them. I have used them for every trip since Kris and I started going together and never ever had an issue. I don't usually care what nights as long as I get to eat at my bucket list.

    Yesterday was nice though I gave her my places: Jiko, Narcoos, Yachtsman, Flying Fish, Cal Grill, and Olivia's and said any days all around 530-6 PM. She said Cal Grill is still under construction and they don't have dates yet so I threw in Artist Point and she came back with times and dates in 5 minutes. Would have taken me longer to do it online.

    Even in the past I have always called 180 days out at 7 AM and went day by day and it never took longer than 15-20 mins.

    It's just them doing the typing vs me? Why wouldn't you use them?
  18. jimim

    jimim Mouseketeer

    Thanks a lot!
  19. Sandisw

    Sandisw Moderator Moderator

    Congratulations and welcome home!!! It is so much fun planning the first trip and since things went so smoothly, even more exciting!!

    Have a great trip!!!
  20. jimim

    jimim Mouseketeer

    Thanks alot Sandi! I appreciate it. This is like going to Disney for the first time again cause it's a new experience. Well not like the first time but close to it! lol Got to love the Florida heat but that's when we can go to squeeze a trip in before October so, we just will have to deal with it. Will prob do the parks for 2 hrs in the early AM and then the pool all day till dinner and then back to the parks at night like last year. It was so cool just hanging out last summer and not running around. We thought we might not like having the crazy busy days like usual, but we didn't fell as though we missed anything. I think this is the path our trips are going towards for the future! :)
  21. Minnies Dad

    Minnies Dad Earning My Ears

    Thanks for the info and congrats. I am also in the middle of my first acquisition - just sent my check and paperwork in yesterday.

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