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My In-laws are worse than your In-laws!

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Jennasis, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Jennasis

    Jennasis DIS life goes on

    Jun 11, 2000
    Think yours are the worst ever? Here's the place to prove it...or at least blow off some steam :thumbsup2. Tell us your worst, most hair-raising, awful, tactless mean thing your In-laws have ever said or done (or perhaps your own parents have done to your spouse...we're equal opportunity 'round here!).

    Here's my (long-winded) submission (I have many more, this is just the most recent):

    I stopped speaking to my MIL 4 months ago. Cut her out completely and life, for me, has been just lovely. However, DH still speaks to her on occasion. He's scaled WAY back on interacting with her (instead of every day, he accepts a call from her about once every week-week and a half, and sees her maybe once a month to make sure she is alive). She is a mean...MEAN, manipulative lunatic and we finally had enough.

    So, MIL (68) just opened an antique store and spent a good 2 months working on the place to get it ready so DH went over to the store before the grand opening to wish her well. While there, she sobbed to him about how she has "fallen in love with"...her handyman, Scoot (42). This is some random dude she found on Craigslist to do some odd-jobs for her. We're actually thrilled she is dating someone (even a sketchy guy from Craigslist) since it means she will not need DH to do stuff for her anymore...her new bf can be her servant. Anyhoo...apparently she feels like she is "cheating" on DH's father...who has been deceased for 15 years. Understandable that she would feel guilt over the new relationship since she hasn't dated ANYONE since her husband died.

    DH assures her that his father wouldn't have wanted her to be lonely or alone forever and would be happy she'd found someone who made her happy. MIL then launches into a tirade about how her dog (that she adopted from the shelter 2 months ago and she firmly believes is her dead husband reincarnated...I AM NOT JOKING), looks at her with "angry eyes" anytime she and the bf are together. She goes on and on about how the dog is my DH's father and is upset that she is dating this guy.

    Trying to remain calm and rational, DH says to her "mom...if the dog is Dad, why does it growl and snarl at ME every time I see him?"

    It does...the dog is a nasty little thing (perfect for the nasty old lady he has to live with). It snarls and growls at Dh every time it sees him.

    So, MIL looks DH right in the face and says "Oh, that's because your father hated you."



    I bet somewhere there's a story that beats mine by a mile, so please share it here. It'll make me feel less likely to drive my truck straight through the front door of her shiny new shop.
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  3. becpee

    becpee I see sock puppets

    Mar 28, 2009
  4. scrapquitler

    scrapquitler DIS Veteran

    Aug 15, 2007
    :lmao::lmao: I'm sorry that I am laughing at something that was upsetting to your DH, but this is funny.

    It does sound like your MIL is off her rocker. Best to keep your distance. :hug:
  5. LBAK

    LBAK DIS Veteran<br><font color=deeppink>The girl at ou

    Jan 18, 2005
    I could go on and on but to make it short and sweet here's the condensed version.
    After my FIL died (who my DH did not speak with) we took my MIL to Disney with us. We were trying to give her another chance. She was with our then 12 yr old DD (who she hadn't saw in 7 years). As we're walking down Main St. for the first time of the trip she turns to me with my DD standing right there and says, "I don't know why I'm here, I hate kids."
    Fast forward to the next day, my then 21 year old DD flies down to suprise my MIL and she had no idea who she was. She looked at me and said, "Look K met a friend", I said, "NO thats A your other granddaughter and she came to suprise you". She said, "Oh I don't like suprises". Guess what, DH doesn't speak to her now. My girls won't have anything to do with her and I don't blame them.
  6. jen0610

    jen0610 DIS Veteran

    Jul 22, 2005
    Please tell me that your MIL's application for refuge at your place during the zombie attack has been declined. I think she would make a wonderful meal for a herd of them.
  7. daughtersrus

    daughtersrus DIS Veteran

    Feb 26, 2002
    Here's a copy of some posts that I made in the past.

    Thanksgiving this year was at my BIL and SIL's house. They decided not to do anything fancy and served the food buffet style and everyone had to find a place to eat. There were about 20-25 of us all together. They only have 2 tables in the house that each sat about 6 so that left the rest to eat with their plates on their lap.

    My youngest DD is disabled and uses a wheelchair. She isn't able to feed herself so I (or DH) have to do it for her. That's really difficult to do with a plate on your lap so I took her upstairs to eat at the dining room table as the other table was already full with teenage kids (not mine but from the other side of the family). I don't really know them well enough to ask them to move so that we could eat there.

    My BIL and SIL are at the table with us. About 1/2 way through, BIL comes over behind DD and gets down on his hands and knees. He's looking at her wheelchair but doesn't say anything to me. He goes upstairs and comes down a few minutes later with a rug. He tells me that DD's wheelchair scratches their wood floor and if we have her chair in the living room or dining room, there has to be a rug under it. He said that last time we were there, they noticed all kinds of scratches in the floor from her chair.

    I look at him completely shocked. First of all, I can't believe that her chair scratched the floor. There are two bicycle type wheels with two other rubber wheels up front. We've been to several other homes that have wood floors so I called all of them and asked them to be honest and tell me if they've seen any scratches. They all said no and asked me why I thought that the rubber wheels would cause scratches.

    The second thing that made me mad is if he didn't want us in there, why didn't he (or his wife) go ask the kids at the other table to move upstairs so that we could sit there?

    My DH is very angry! We're supposed to go there for Christmas but he's thinking about not going. If DD's chair is not wanted in their house, to us it's the same as saying that DD is not welcome there as the chair is and always will be part of her.

    Keep in mind that DD is rarely, if at all, acknowledged by these cousins, aunt and uncle. They will greet DH or I with a hug and not even look at DD even though she is right in front of us because one of us is pushing her chair.

    This post was made one month later.

    I posted last month about a problem that we had at Thanksgiving. Because of that, we decided to have Christmas at our house. In the end, we invited all of our family (both sides) and had a very nice dinner.

    When it came time to open presents, my older DD helped my younger DD open her gifts. Because she's disabled, she isn't able to do it on her own. When all of the gifts were opened, we cleaned up the paper. After several families had left, I asked my older DD who the gifts were from. All of the gifts were accounted for but we still didn't see anything from my BIL and SIL. We brought the bag of paper garbage back into the house and dumped it on the floor going through it piece by piece but only found paper and tags with her name on them from the gifts that were accounted for.

    DH called over to their house and found out that sure enough, they hadn't brought anything for DD.
  8. HannaBelle

    HannaBelle DIS Veteran

    Feb 8, 2007
    Okay, my MIL is difficult, but she has nothing on y'all IL's...they are just batsh!t crazy!!!

    Now this I have to disagree with...

    You always need someone to take one for the team and buy the rest of you more time to live for another day... :rolleyes1
  9. HannaBelle

    HannaBelle DIS Veteran

    Feb 8, 2007
    daughtersrus, I remember your posts! You win, surely no one else could be that hateful and harmful... :sad2:
  10. Anna_Marie

    Anna_Marie Mouseketeer

    Jul 10, 2010
    Wow. My MIL story isn't any where near as bad as the previous ones, but I'll contribute anyway...:thumbsup2

    Some of the things she has done/said:

    *When DH's dad passed away, she told SIL "you only lost your dad. I lost my husband."

    *The first Christmas DH and I spent together (we had been dating for 6 months) she invited me for Christmas at their house but she didn't want my 3 children from my previous marriage to come. (by the way, my children are very good well mannered children - she hadn't met them yet so I guess she assumed they were brats). Then she was surprised when DH showed up alone. Yeah, like I'm gonna leave my kids at home on Christmas alone so I can come to your house. :sad2:

    *We were married a year later and that was the first time his family met my children - at our wedding!

    *My husbands jeep was stolen. This jeep was something he had wanted for a long time, and he loved it. She thought it was funny and she and SIL made jokes about it.

    *This past February, she didn't call DH on his birthday or even send a card. She called the next day...but still....

    Everytime we go visit, she ends up making subtle nasty comments and finally I had enough of it. We haven't been over there since late May. She doesn't call to talk to DD9 or even want to see her. (and this is her only grandchild too). She just isn't interested. What makes me sick is my mom, my dad, and DH's dad adored her (and of course my boys) and they are gone....and this is all my DD has. These months MIL has not seen DD - oh what my mom and dad and FIL would have given to have the chance to be here and spend with her! It really hurts. BTW I never told DH we weren't going over there - I just quit suggesting it - I was always the one who said, "don't you think we should go visit your mom?" So he really doesn't care to go either.

    There are many other things but it would take too long to post it all.

    Oh and SIL is nasty too - when my dad passed away it was on her birthday. She made a comment that she was annoyed cause he "didn't wait for his own special day" :headache: Needless to say, she hasn't and will never recieve a birthday greeting from me EVER again.

    At my moms visitation (which was Valentines Day weekend) she asked my DS17 if he was gonna "get some" from his new girlfriend that weekend.

    She told DD that she had hairy legs. Took me months to convince DD that her legs were fine and get her to wear shorts again.
  11. Katy Belle

    Katy Belle DIS Veteran

    Jan 20, 2004
    :sad2: So incredibly hurtful. I hope you can end all communication with them. What ugly, ugly people :sad2:
  12. cindy_belle

    cindy_belle Mouseketeer

    Jul 13, 2008
    On the eve of bil's wedding, my Mil took Dh aside and told him to break up the wedding. Under no circumstances did she want her son to marry "that woman". She then proceeded to offer ideas on how to accomplish this.

    My dh's response was no way because either way it went his brother would then hate him forever. She then threw a snit fit and refused to attend the wedding.

    Fast forward 10 years. She took me aside and told me that she was wrong about DIL and son marrying because this particular dil was now her favorite.

    Ummm........ and she wonders why I never call her.

    BTW this particular DIL told her new husband that either they move across the country or they divorce because of my MIL's meddling and demands.

    Oh and I also remember ( and so does my dd) the day when my MIL looked at my DD who was sitting on my lap at the time and said "You know she's not nearly as ugly at she looks in the pictures you send me". DD was crushed. Who says that about their own grandchild? :confused3

    I could go on ......
  13. Disney  Doll

    Disney Doll DIS Security Matron

    Nov 5, 2000
    That might be tough to beat.
    Don' drive the car through the shop though...it'll just be a pain in the neck for you to be without a car while it's getting fixed and she'll hose your insurance for the damage.
  14. dakcp2001

    dakcp2001 <font color=darkorchid>Am I wrong to want a cashie

    Jun 8, 2007
    You win! I'd be sure to give them a piece of my mind! Yikes. I do not think I would interact with them anymore, it would be too hard not to punch anyone.
  15. Debbie7452

    Debbie7452 DIS Veteran

    Apr 24, 2002
    I'm not trying to top anyone, those in-law stories are chilling:scared1:

    However, my most recent problem with my SIL is still bothering me and I wanted to get it off my chest. I am incredibly close to my DH's parents, so no bad in-law stories there, but it makes my SIL crazy. My wonderful MIL had serious cancer surgery recently and when the surgeon came out to brief the families, we were all crowded into a little room to find out the results and FIL accidently referred to me as his daughter. SIL jumps forward and loudly proclaims that SHE is the daughter and I am JUST the DIL. Like it really matters to the surgeon at that moment!
  16. Louise-Montreal

    Louise-Montreal <font color=CC99CC>Vous parlez Francais, Tag Fairy

    Aug 18, 1999
    My husband had been in the hospital for a few days with a sore back (they did not visit) was eventually diagnosed with Stage Four Cancer. My husband phoned to tell his parents. They (live five minutes from the hospital) came to pick up the his car keys to move his car which was in their driveway(long story) and then went out to dinner. I had to go down to the entrance of the hospital to give them the keys.

    Can anyone top this??????:confused3
  17. ginna74

    ginna74 <font color=red>WDW GUEST WANNA BE<br><font color=

    May 25, 2003
    Sense I have stepped foot in Minnesota my inlaws have tried to with all of their might to break me and hubby up. They <cast of characters are SIL, MIL, another evil SIL, possibly two other SILs, friends of evil SIL, BIL and more I do not know of> have lied to other inlaws <started rumors about me> and even have called social services and lied about me <they will get in trouble for false reporting if they do it again>. I am known to be a stripper to people who come to the door LOL. Another inlaw put something online and put my name to it a long time ago. They like to talk about me being necked a lot. They even went as far as lying <wait this is so stupid> about my 5 year old daughter to social services too <she is not his biologically>. They did talk about her for years but they hated me more so when I sent her to live her biological father they suddenly had an interest in her and told her they loved her and now she thinks they always loved her I believe to get to me of course. They were able to continue to mess with my family as my husband never really cut them off completely and went behind my back to see them. So it was bad for many years. We finally found family that wasn't so dramatic and that we could go to on holidays and not on holidays too and they were nice and cool <one of hubbys dad's many sibling's families>. Well that was going well and sure the "inlaws" are still at it as always and that will never change but our marriage is now over and it has nothing to do with them and it has everything to do with hubby. Maybe the apple didn't fall far from the tree?
  18. Karibeth19

    Karibeth19 <font color=009900>My favorite things: <br><font c

    Dec 17, 2003
    When DH and I were newlyweds, my FIL invited us to their house for a weekend because he had scheduled a family portrait session. We pack up, drive 8 hours to their house, get all dressed up, and head out to the session. It was there that he chose to inform us that the portraits were to be of "his" family...just him, MIL, DH and SIL. Soooo, I sat over to the side, all dressed up, watching them take the pictures. DH did speak up and said, "I'd like some with my wife included!", to which FIL said, "Oh, well, of course. We want one with her, too." So, that's what they took...one picture. And, when the portraits were ready, guess which one was hung in their house, and guess which one was given to DH's grandparents for Christmas?? (DH's grandmother opened it in front of everyone, and immediately asked why I wasn't in it. Love that woman!)

    It's been a bit of a roller coaster relationship since then...
  19. Katy Belle

    Katy Belle DIS Veteran

    Jan 20, 2004
    :sad1: Horrible.

    My in laws are irritating and have even said/done some hurtful things over the years, but NOTHING in comparison to these stories. I'm almost feeling thankful for them.
  20. punkin

    punkin <font color=purple>Went through pain just to look

    Nov 28, 2001
    Yeah...me too. Since DH and I dated for 7 years before we got married, most of the horrible IL stories are from then. Since we've been married 21 years next month, my IL are pretty well broken in by now. I try not to hold grudges. However, they had never done anything remotely resembling the conduct on this thread. I think I'll go hug my MIL when I see her tomorrow.
  21. scrapquitler

    scrapquitler DIS Veteran

    Aug 15, 2007
    Same thing happened to me. My InLaws wanted Family Pictures. So we all got dressed up and went to the photographer. MIL tells me that I'm not to be in the picture (but my toddler was) because I am not 'biological family'. My husband complained. So she said, "Well I suppose that you and her (Me) and your DD can have a separate picture taken if she wants to be in a picture". At that point DH told them that THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILD was not family enough to be in the picture after having been married to him for 10 years, then he and his child would not be in the family picture either. So she decided that maybe it was okay for me to be in the picture afterall. She bought a small copy of that picture and a BIG one of her, her DH and 'her boys'. :rotfl:

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