Multiple BOG ressies

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by disneymomoffour, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Lavitz

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    Oct 30, 2013

    and this.

    Granted this thread is about hoarding in general. However I've seen plenty of people attack those cancelling on the cancellation thread as if this will make things any better. It always bothered me seeing that since there is no point attacking those trying to give a fellow DISer the leg up.

    Plus, those who hoard do not take away a reservation from someone else, they just make it so that you get that reservation at a later date (assuming they cancel and don't just eat the cancellation fee which I assume most people don't). Would it be better if they didn't hoard in the first place, sure because others would know earlier if they can get into BoG or not. But to act like they are taking things away from others doesn't make any sense to me.
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  3. nugov2

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    Jul 29, 2012
    Sorry, but if WDW didn't start booking so far out people wouldn't have to make multiple ADR's to make sure they get the experience they want. I have no problem with a CC hold and also have no problem with them charging no shows, but I guess I am selfish and have no problem making multiple ADR's knowing my family will enjoy everything we wanted b/c I got up and booked above and beyond until we got closer and had a clearer picture of our plans on our trip. We don't go twice a year so I want to make sure we get to do everything we want.

    I booked 2 BOG ADR's on our trip b/c at the time we didn't know when we would get tomorrowland terrace b/c it opened much later. It worked out for the best b/c my brother couldn't get an ADR and he just used our one we didn't need. I don't think there is anything wrong with it...eventually they will cancel or be charged as a no show and then the table opens up for someone else to book. This is a don't hate the player hate the game moment...IMO;)
  4. 5Hfan

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    Apr 7, 2011
    2 isn't multiple? And "hoarding" and "selfish" are compliments?

    Still haven't gotten one for Sept either, but not going to call people names. Just vent about the 180 system. And be glad for the cc guarantee that encourages people to let them go much better than before.
  5. abbydancer

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    Sep 20, 2006
    I thought I'd replied a couple of days ago.

    When we did our 180 (+10) called at 4am my time I was able to get BOG, but not on the day we wanted. They had two times, one early and one late - I took late because early was way too early for us.

    I also scored CRT breakfast for the day we wanted. A couple of days later my sister and I (we're going with her and my two nieces) went through the menus (both nieces have celiac) and picked out TS for all but one meal. I called (had to because I never could get the website to do the +10).

    Once we were within 180, I made some more for the early part of trip. The days were based on Touringplans predictions.

    About a week ago they changed the predictions, and a couple of things changed +2 or +3 crowd levels.

    So, for the pre sister part of the trip, I now have two lunch and two dinner for two days of the trip. For the sister part, we're currently holding 3 Le Cellier ADRs. One for the original day, and two for the changed day, 1 hour apart. I did that because I wanted to talk to her. I did, and on Monday, when I'm home from my trip I'm currently on, I'll cancel on of the two on the same day. When it gets closer, I'll cancel the days we don't want, and all will be posted on the December cancel thread.

    Because of the difficulty in getting TS ADRs, and the need for TS (counter is hard for the kids etc), I didn't feel I have a choice given how far out it is.

    In my defense, none are either BOG or CRT, and I did it well after those days were anyones 180 or 180 + 10.

    But I do understand the frustration with BOG. When we started booking the rooms for this trip (DVC at 11 months and then change at 7) my dance coach, who went in January with 3 weeks advance planning told me to be flexible. They were able to get BOG by doing that.

    I promise not to book a different BOG without cancelling the one I have.
  6. Frozen2014

    Frozen2014 DIS Veteran

    Jan 12, 2014
    While I think harding multiple BOG ADRs is really inconsidernate, I think the cancellation thread is the opposite. People are being really thoughtful, knowing that others may want the ADR they are releasing and thus, letting other know (rather than just chance of someone having to keep checking for their desired date and time). And I can't stand it when I've seen others attacking someone on here. It doesn't happen too often mostly people are great and helping others in suggestions or experiences, but it does happen.
  7. yooperfan

    yooperfan Hi HO, hi ho, it's off to work we go

    Jul 4, 2000
    I will be making 2 BOG dinner ressies if I can get them. DH wants to eat their twice. In our 8 days there. I didn't decide to plan a trip for Jan. 2014 until November of 2013. I checked dining over and over until I got BOG. If people are canceling extra ressies, that means they're available to book. That is how I got mine so late. Do I like so many ressies being tied up early? No, but they all ecome available eventually, so I can deal. popcorn::
  8. Altoqueenkelly

    Altoqueenkelly You gotta be original because if you're like someo

    May 10, 2009
    Dont know where you got that from as I said neither. Shrug.
  9. Altoqueenkelly

    Altoqueenkelly You gotta be original because if you're like someo

    May 10, 2009
    I totally agree :)
  10. disneymomoffour

    disneymomoffour Mouseketeer

    Apr 14, 2007
    Completely agree also!!! The point of this thread was in NO WAY against the cancellation thread. Never was the point-LOVE that thread! I even posted one ressie I had to cancel the other day. I just find it interesting that you can only hold ONE FP+ for BOG lunch, but you book as many dinners as you want...and those are soooo much harder to get. (Maybe part of the reason?...) I will assume that if it wasn't so hard to get in, there wouldn't be many people who would book more than one-MAYBE 2-ressies there...

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