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Moms to Be Part 3

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by harleyquinn, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. harleyquinn

    harleyquinn <font color=red>Wishes she could take photos of th

    raysnkaysmom ...Welcome Ellasen Victoria!! Born April 4. 7lbs, 7oz, 19 inches!
    Scornelius ... due April 12 ... It's a surprise!
    sailors_wfe ... due April 22 ... It's a girl!
    lulugirl ... due April 28 ... It's a surprise!
    TiggerStac ... due April 29 ... It's a boy!
    purvislets ... due May 4 ... It's a boy!
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith ... due May 4 ... It's staying a surprise!
    cseca ... due May 4 ... It's staying a surprise!
    december ... due May 19 ... It's a girl!
    caitty13 ... due May 28 ... It's a girl!
    Piecey ... due June 3 ... It's a boy!
    SDFgirl ... due June 3 ... It's a girl!
    ShootingStarMom2 ... due June 12 ... It's a boy!
    Mommy2Abby ... due June 13 ... It's a surprise!
    rparmfamily ... due June 20 ... It's a girl!
    Disney Ron ... due June 23 ... It's a girl!
    MinnieFan4ever ... due June 27 ... It's a girl!
    Ride Junkie... due June 28 ... It's a girl!
    Disney Khi ... due June 28 ... It's a surprise!
    robnkris ... due July 2 ... It's a boy!
    mmkk ... due July 2 ... It's a boy!
    NEM ... due July 4 ... It's a boy!
    Gator Mickey ... due July 8 ... It's a girl!
    DisneyDiva2006 ... due July 9 ... It's a surprise!
    vetrik ... due July 9 ... It's a surprise!
    goodeats ... due July 10 ... It's a girl!
    luckyfin ... due July 17 ... It's a surprise!
    harleyquinn ... due July 28 ... It's a girl!
    jaleaton... due July 28 ... It's a girl!
    MelessaG ... due July 31 ... It's a girl!
    HomeSweetDisney ... due August 2 ... It's a surprise!
    Quennifer2008 ... due August 2 ... It's a surprise!
    Fintastic ... due August 19 ... It's a boy!
    DannysMom ... due September 5 ... It's a twin surprise!
    kami2199 ... due September 7 ... It's a surprise!
    Skylarr ... due September 7 ... It's a boy!
    Maggimus ... due September 14 ... It's a surprise!
    MyZoeJane ... due September 16 ... It's a surprise!
    helloirishkitty ... due September 23 ... It's a surprise!
    connorlevismom ... due October 2 ... It's a surprise!
    IHeartTink ... October 5 ... It's a surprise!
    CandleontheWater... due November 19... It's a surprise!
    sbell111... due November 26... It's a surprise!
    ecteacher23... due December 3... It's a surprise!
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  3. harleyquinn

    harleyquinn <font color=red>Wishes she could take photos of th

    We wlecome new moms (and dads!!)to be all the time, just introduce yourself and tell us your due date!!

    So my report from Ikea...ouch! lol We got the crib, 2 dressers (one will be a changing table) and a new computer desk. We also stopped at Pittsburg's Once Upon a Child store and found a almost new Baby Bjorn for only $20! So no more worrying about whether to register for one!

    BTW I loved all of the U/s and room decor pics!!
    How did you guys post your u/s pictures? I scanned mine, but it puts it as a pdf and I don't know if I can do anything with that...
  4. raysnkaysmom

    raysnkaysmom <font color=coral>I don't think I'd mention I was

    Yay! New thread, page one :)

    I somehow feel 'outta the club' since Ellasen was born...lol, but I'm here for the long haul :)
  5. Maggimus

    Maggimus New Member

    Have you signed up for a Photobucket account? If not, upload it to your free photobucket account and copy and paste the code into here. Should show up!

    Looking at the list im still at the very bottom, but hard to believe im almost halfway there. We have a lot of May, June, and July babies coming though!!
  6. raysnkaysmom

    raysnkaysmom <font color=coral>I don't think I'd mention I was

  7. Disney Ron

    Disney Ron New Member

    Just checking in to our new thread...thank you Sarah!

    I was just thinking that I can not believe how close I am now to the top part of the list. My DM was saying yesterday she can't believe I am already 7 months. Scornelius is due this weekend.

    Didn't someone mention earlier in the week that they had a sex determining U/S yesterday...our am I imagining that?
  8. Skylarr29

    Skylarr29 <font color=blue>Oh Darn it, I was 'forced' to buy

    I just took a photo of my u/s photos. It took a few minutes to get a good angle on them, I just put them far away from me and zoomed in so the flash wouldn't reflect too much. Robert could have scanned them at work but this seemed just as easy and I didn't want to wait.
  9. DannysMom

    DannysMom New Member

    New thread!! Just had to post so I don't "lose" it. :goodvibes
  10. worm761

    worm761 <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/sw.

    Hi everyone! I am joining this one early on. LOL... We had our first ultrasound yesterday but they really couldn't tell anything. She said I am just too early. So I go back at the end of the month for another one. We have named the baby Squishy (from Nemo) until we know if it is a boy or a girl. They haven't given me a due date yet either. Is that normal?
  11. Piecey

    Piecey <font color=darkorchid>I find myself fighting with

    Ohhh... thats great, though. Congrats on getting all that to fit! :eek:
    I'm ready for tomorrow. :goodvibes

    I scanned them and usually (if you look at options on mine, anyway) it gives a drop down list "Save As" and you can choose what type of file. Save as a .jpeg or .gif
    I used "Open With" in Paint to then mark out my last name and add the arrows and words (and to resize)! :thumbsup2

    I think HomeSweetDisney's is Tuesday. :yay:

    Went to the Dr. today.. he's in the upper 90th percentile for weight again. So she'd doing another ultrasound at 36 weeks and if he's growing along the same lines, we'll talk induction dates at my next appointment (after the ultrasound)...

    I wonder if I can convince her for June 3rd? 6+3=9...6-3-2009.. :rolleyes1
  12. harleyquinn

    harleyquinn <font color=red>Wishes she could take photos of th

    I think the problem is that it scans as a pdf...I can't make it a jpeg or an image...

    Anyway, glad you all found the thread!
  13. Disney Ron

    Disney Ron New Member

    The next one should be able to determine your due date...congrats and glad you joined us!

    Thank you for replying. I just love hearing what everyone is having.

    90th ...better you than me!:lmao: My Dr. have not started giving me an idea of size yet. Around what week do you think they will? Who knows they are all different sometimes...but I would love to know.
  14. raysnkaysmom

    raysnkaysmom <font color=coral>I don't think I'd mention I was

    yeah...sometimes it's hard to tell from early ultrasound. They generally can give you an approx on your last period though...

    LOL..about Squishy...totally cute. "And he shall be my squishy, and I shall call him squishy"
  15. Piecey

    Piecey <font color=darkorchid>I find myself fighting with

    She told me at the last appointment (the one before this one) that she would induce me no earlier than June 2nd....
    I guess if he's HUGE that might change... but that is what she originally told me. :thumbsup2
    I think that date is because my due date based off of LMP was June 9, 2009 (which would make 6/2 39 weeks). I think, now that she knows he is consistently measuring ahead in size and weight, she is going off of 6/9 again because the Ultrasound is giving a skewed due date due to his size! She told me there is major brain development around week 37 and she would never induce until that is all done and over with!

    So I'd say he'll still be a June baby, unless he gets HUGE.. She did say if I went into labor on my own after I hit the week 37 mark, she wouldn't stop it.
    Ohmygosh! So soon. :eek:

    He's pretty happy in there.. I've had no contractions, no braxton hicks.. I'll prolly get to be one of those lovely ladies doped up on Pitocin and probably have to have my stinkin' water broken too. :rotfl:
    If thats the case, I'm taking the epidural.. everyone says Pitocin slows labor and I'm not signing myself up for that! :laughing:

    ..I don't know that I would have an idea how big he is if it weren't for the extra ultrasounds. She told me at my 1st appointment, 1 ultrasound. Then I had a week of no movement and he failed the baby stress test so I got sent for another to check on him (26 weeks).. the third one (32 weeks) was because the second one showed he was breech and 90th percentile.
    Third one showed he is no longer breech, but now upper 90th percentile.
    Fourth one is strictly to check on his size..
  16. ZachnElli

    ZachnElli <font color=green>Is it Spring yet?<br><font color

    We aren't really telling anyone yet, but I'm pregnant!!! I have quite a history of miscarriage and this was a BIG surprise! My ob/gyn finally sent me to a specialist today and I have hope this time! He prescribed me a blood thinner that I have to give myself twice a day (shots). Anyway, it's been a long time since I've been pg and I totally feel like throwing up right now! Good sign!:thumbsup2 I'm only 5 weeks and my due date is Dec. 8th.
  17. HomeSweetDisney

    HomeSweetDisney <font color="purple">Like Cheap Trick I surrender.

    Yes it is! :banana: I am sooooooo excited. I feel like I have waited FOREVER. I kept seeing all these women who are due after I am and they already know and I'd get so jealous :rotfl: But just 4 more days till I know!

    Thanks for starting the new thread Sarah!
  18. Piecey

    Piecey <font color=darkorchid>I find myself fighting with

    It's crazy to me how long they've made you wait.
    You've gotta be dying to know.

    You're going shopping with your mom that day, right?? That'll be sooo much fun!!

    It's Classic Pooh either way, though?
  19. Piecey

    Piecey <font color=darkorchid>I find myself fighting with

    Sarah.... :rotfl::rotfl:

    I JUST noticed that you put you and your girl in PURPLE! :goodvibes
  20. sbell111

    sbell111 <font color=blue>I don't care if people walk slowl

    I think it is. When we went for our first appointment, they gave us a due date that was basically a guess based on Cathy's last period. Then on our second appointment, they did an ultrasound and measured the size of Poppy. This allowed them to have a better guess of the due date.

    Here's a workaround:
    1. Open your image as a pdf (at 100% magnification, if that's a choice)
    2. Take a 'printscreen' (alt-PrntScrn)
    3. Paste this image into your favorite imaging editing software. (I like Microsoft Photo Editor for this. It probably lives in a folder called Microsoft Office Tools)
    4. Crop the image to your liking
    5. Save it as a jpg
    6. Upload it like you are used to doing.
  21. raysnkaysmom

    raysnkaysmom <font color=coral>I don't think I'd mention I was

    Just FYI...I thought pitocin slowed labor too... My DD8 was induced 100%, they gave the pitocin around 8:30 pm and she was born at 3:30am... 7 hrs isn't too bad.
    Then, with Ella on Saturday, they gave me pitocin around 2ish since my water had already broke, and I had her at 7:09... she went QUICK... like...I had my epidural at 3.5 dialated...within an hr I was at 9.5!!! I thought those slowed it too....LOL

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