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May 2014 Discout Watch

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by MeeskaMomma, May 13, 2013.

  1. tmahar44

    tmahar44 New Member

    How can i add the Disney dining to the new spring offer?please help.
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  3. DTDPokey

    DTDPokey Former DS, Future DH

    Anyone have a good idea on how much longer after the general discounts go up the Annual Passholder discounts usually go up? I see the AP discount for early 2014 is still live, but my wedding/honeymoon trip doesn't start until April 27.
  4. Eddygirl

    Eddygirl New Member

    I finally got it to work! I had to go to the bottom of the screen and change to "US English" site and it worked perfectly. The Canadian site is still not showing any availability!

    I was able to book Beach Club at 30% off for the last 6 nights of our trip! I will call first thing in the morning and shorten our POR Package and see if I can get the discount added to that one too.

    Thanks to everyone for all their advice!!! :wave2:
  5. Eddygirl

    Eddygirl New Member

    When you choose the room and then tickets there will then be a box to add dining in the process. :) It will happen before payment, so if you missed it go back.
  6. ancestry

    ancestry Trees Without Roots Fall Over

    UGH! I need a 1 bedroom at OKW and it isn't showing as available for my dates with the public offer. Now I'm stressed....

    When do the AP rates usually come out for this time frame?

    I know Disney Visa is first, then the public discount a few days later, but when do the AP rates figure in with the pattern?
  7. ElenaJane

    ElenaJane New Member

    Thank you Disboards! I knew to get on the phone at 7am. Got what I was hoping for, and saved $1100! I only waited about 1 minute on hold. For the fall discount I waited 90 minutes! Weird.

    Good luck everyone!!
  8. douglasap8

    douglasap8 New Member

    Woo Hoo! Called in right at 6am CST and was able to update my WL room only to include 5 days of tickets and it only cost me an extra $100! I was expecting a long wait on the phone, but they picked up right away!:cool1:
  9. annaaidan99

    annaaidan99 New Member

    I also got right through and got the resort and dates I wanted. Waiting on email to confirm but the change saved $500.
  10. melissac

    melissac New Member

    Only waited about 5 min and was able to add discount to existing Pop reservation :cool1:. Was thinking about switching to ASMu because would have been cheaper but was not available :sad2: still happy with saving almost $200
  11. melissac

    melissac New Member

    I'm waiting to to hopefully get another 5% off
  12. kthruz143

    kthruz143 New Member

    According to the Cm I got in order for me to get the room discount for my 2 nights at contemporary I had to add so many tickets. I guess it's their way of getting people to stay longer. I understand the ticket Is free after so many but people shouldn't have to get the ticket to get the room discount. It sucked to be on the phone with her for 40 mins and still get nothing
  13. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    Sounds like everyone is getting what they wanted.
  14. Disney Mommy D

    Disney Mommy D New Member

    Woo hoo ! I called first thing this morning to apply the discount to our reservation. We saved $709.59 with the offer.
  15. TinkerBelle_325

    TinkerBelle_325 Magical Musing Meg

    Call back! You DO NOT need to add tickets to access the discount. I just booked room only and saved $456 off my June Coronado Springs reservation.
  16. wallskm

    wallskm New Member

    Yay! Just called and saved around $500 for our May vacation! Didn't wait on hold at all unlike last year where we spent all day on hold trying to get our discount!
  17. kthruz143

    kthruz143 New Member

    I called back and got the discount within 5 mins . Thanks so much.
  18. GAGirlInVA

    GAGirlInVA New Member

    I called and was told that French Quarter isn't getting the full 25%?

    I don't know why. My room price only went down $112 for 7 nights.

    Something seems very wrong with this, but I used the pricing on their website and it says the same thing.

    So strange...
  19. farrahalex76

    farrahalex76 New Member

    I was told by the CM I had on Thursday that FQ was 5%.
  20. douglasap8

    douglasap8 New Member

    Glad you got the discount! I was just going to tell you that they gave the discount to me on my room only reservation (I ended up adding tickets anyway). Have a great trip!
  21. KaLyn

    KaLyn New Member

    Yes, I've heard that FQ is 5% too.

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