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Make a Wish (and other organizations) - Wish Trippers UNITE! Volume SIX!

Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by maroo, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Oneplustwins

    Oneplustwins New Member

    Thanks everyone! You guys are so amazing! Blessed mom4 I got some on Disney clearance! Thank you! I never thought to look there. Such an amazing group here. Many blessings to each of you!
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  3. blessedmom4

    blessedmom4 WE BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! ~~Nearly twice as many chi

    That makes me smile, I am SO happy you were able to find something. Did you see this one?

    Walt Disney World

    There is also one in white for ladies, if you wanted to sort of match them.

    I hope you post pics of your wonderful finds when they arrive, if you have time.
  4. Oneplustwins

    Oneplustwins New Member

    Blessed mom4..... That is too funny, I got him that one! Blue is his favorite color! :). I also got him a brown one with Grumpy on it! Thank you again!
  5. 2012bella13

    2012bella13 New Member

  6. blessedmom4

    blessedmom4 WE BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! ~~Nearly twice as many chi

    That is WONDERFUL! He should have some shirts that make him happy. :goodvibes
  7. Kenziema

    Kenziema New Member

    Glad you got what you needed. :goodvibes
  8. Kenziema

    Kenziema New Member

    Could never bore me. I finished reading you TR yesterday, I must say I teared up quite a bit when reading about Little Miss Celebrity, DH came in the room like what's wrong, did something happen? Lol I am sssooooo happy for you all.
  9. Kktraylor

    Kktraylor New Member

    That's awesome! Can't wait to see pics!
  10. angel's momma

    angel's momma New Member

    Victoria - So glad you were able to get Jack some shirts. :)
  11. blessedmom4

    blessedmom4 WE BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! ~~Nearly twice as many chi

    You are so sweet! I am happy you were able to read the magic of our trip. Yes, my little celebrity loved being famous! She lives and thrives on that, but it definitely isn't for everyone. Had it not been her wish, it isn't something I would have wanted to do, it is a LOT of attention and I am certain that many children would NOT like that at all.

    As you read, we had a lot of down time on Lisa's wish trip as well, which was a HUGE blessing to us...that and just rolling with what happens are two of my biggest pieces of advice. Also, DON'T try to make magic happen, I assure you, it will occur naturally, when you least expect it. Just keep a HUGE smile on your face and remember, you are in Disney with your daughter...what could POSSIBLY be better/more magical than that?!?!? Tell DH to watch out...I expect a LOT of happy tears will be shed on this trip by you! :grouphug::grouphug: You have waited a long time for this trip and it just helps add to the anticipation. pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust: will follow you and you will be blessed for NOT forcing the trip, but allowing it to happen in the right time! I had to adjust to that with so many postponements..and the wait was all worth it in the end! :goodvibes

    I really AM glad you are back and came to share with us! :lovestruc
  12. JWCJ

    JWCJ New Member

    Thanks to some bad influences here on DIS, my sewing machine has been rescued from the basement (My MIL owned a fabric store and was attempting to teach me how to quilt. I haven't really touched the machine since she died 5 years ago). I was thinking of making a couple small stroller bags that could somehow attach towards the front of the double stroller, so each girl could have her own access to things like snacks and stickers. Any ideas of how I could make something like that?
  13. angel's momma

    angel's momma New Member

  14. JWCJ

    JWCJ New Member

    Thanks Christi :-) I'll post on there!
  15. Lilfoot93

    Lilfoot93 New Member

    Sorry to hear she was in the hospital. How wonderful she gets to celebrate her birthday at Disney World though!

    What a fun idea to have a Welcome Home Princess tea party! I LOVE the idea!!

  16. NEmel

    NEmel New Member

    So getting a little nervous. We leave in 9 days and have our preliminary reservations, but haven't gotten our final paperwork. Still waiting on boarding passes, luggage tags, and the check! :confused3 Our wish granters wanted to set up a little pizza party next Tuesday night and then we have his going away party next Friday night after we check into the hotel. Not sure if they will wait until then?? Oh well, we will just go with it! ;) Trying to get more packing done and just mainly need to add last minute things. My grandma was admitted back into the hospital today, so I hope she gets out before we leave. :goodvibes Hope everyone has a great week, we are finally getting some spring weather!! :cool1:
  17. JWCJ

    JWCJ New Member

    If you're seeing the grantors twice before you go, I imagine you're fine. I understand it being nerve wracking though!
    I hope your grandma is okay and gets out of the hospital quickly :-)
    So close! Exciting!
  18. jmerchlinsky

    jmerchlinsky New Member

    Hello Everyone we got our Dates, we are going May 25th -31st and We will be there for one of the Star Wars Weekends, Cameron is so excited and we just cannot wait.

    To keep up to date follow our Pre Trip Report with the link below.
  19. ajjwmaw

    ajjwmaw New Member

    Jmerch, yay! We will just miss each other.

    Maroo, thanks for the new thread!

    Jo, the stroller bags sound fun! I'm not a sewer, but there are so many fun ideas of things to make that I think I will give it a go.

    I just posted in Jenna's PTR, but things are not going terribly well with our trip planning. We have been waiting for nearly two weeks to get confirmation that we can extend. I thought that we would hear something by now, even if it was just a verbal confirmation (it didn't take this long to get the wish approved and to get dates!). Second, I realized yesterday that the day we leave is Jenna's first ever dance recital, that she is very excited about. Of course, I am the one that gave MAW this date!! I feel awful. I have asked the wish granters to see if it would be possible to delay our trip one day, but I feel like that is asking a lot, so I'm not sure it will happen. Almost anything else and I would be ok missing, but she is so excited (of course she is more excited about the wish trip, so there is some consolation).
  20. taliasmom

    taliasmom New Member

    So Talia's Dr. sends me an email saying she doesn't recall denying any wishes. Lord, please let that work in our favor!!
  21. taliasmom

    taliasmom New Member

    Dr. Said she didn't think Talia would get much out of the trip, but she would sign off on it if I felt otherwise. I FEEL OTHERWISE!! Looks like Talia's back in the game.

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