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Maho Beach chair rentals

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by kw22, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. kw22

    kw22 New Member

    Hoping someone will know if there are beach chair and umbrella rentals available at Maho Beach in St. Maarten?

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  3. Minniemiss

    Minniemiss New Member

  4. Bear3412

    Bear3412 New Member

    I'll add this beach goes thru an unusual cycle. Sometimes it is mostly sandy as shown in above video. Other times it is all rocks and has very little sand.
    The mostly all rock configuration is what we usually encounter in the fall. :confused3 But that doesn't stop us. It makes it challenging to enter the water, but .... Also the waves can be small and child friendly, other times the strongest swimmers may question entering.

    There is a larger sandy beach as seen in video on the north side of this bay, which has been present on all our visits, even when it was all rocks by the road/runway.

    We always visit Maho when in town. :thumbsup2

  5. kw22

    kw22 New Member

    Thanks for the answers! Does anyone happen to know where you get the rentals? Perhaps at one of the bars?

    We will be going in a few weeks.. Hope the beach isn't too rocky then.
  6. Bear3412

    Bear3412 New Member

    Studying the video, the chair rentals must be right at the bar on the south side of the bay, as you suspect. I'm sure there are also rentals on the north side too.
  7. tink too

    tink too New Member

    When we arrived, we just walked onto the beach (sandy at the time of our visit in April 2012) and were approached by one of the staff asking if we would like to rent chairs and/or an umbrella.

    My DH says they were quite expensive to rent, especially as we were only there for an hour or two, but it was worth it as it was very hot and sunny and I burn easily.
  8. hamm1207

    hamm1207 Alaskan DIS Veteran

    We were there last April and we'll be back in three weeks. You can rent chairs and/or chairs/umbrellas from the Sunset Bar and Grill. They were $10 for the day per chair or $20 for two chairs and an umbrella or something along those lines. The charge is for the full day. If you are only going to be there for an hour or two there are also picnic tables at the bar/grill that you can use.
  9. famlovesmickey

    famlovesmickey New Member

    You're right on from my experiences. While I lived in St. Maarten I never paid more than $5 for a chair and umbrella but perhaps I got the local rate. I would just say you know some locals and they told me not to pay more than $20 for 2 chairs and an umbrella. It's not a fib cause now you know me. Anyway, the busyness or not dictates the price they get. Have Fun!
  10. kw22

    kw22 New Member

    Thanks, everyone! We can't wait to watch the planes land :-)

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