Looks like no changes in restrictions on resales this year?

Discussion in 'DVC-Mousecellaneous' started by 312BillB, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Starr W.

    Starr W. DIS Veteran

    Nov 26, 2006
    My grandmother inherited her maternal grandparents' house that the family lived in for about 100 yrs before she sold it.
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  3. Lil' Grumpy

    Lil' Grumpy <font color=purple>Lil' Grumpy is really a Big Swe

    Feb 14, 2006
    wow,this makes the song/dance into a reality..."the games people
    play"...now i think i know where they got their idea for the song
    "rubber-band man". oh, i like dancing....:rolleyes1, when there's
    a beat.

    what really scares me, that this person is trying for a job as
    a dvc manger--are you? :eek: , & if so, then i feel
    like george b./jimmy s.- buy-bye jimmy ( oh-cardiac reference to
    a famous cricket ), is just the type of a guardian angel we/us
    dvc owners would get~:littleangel:....or "worst"... my best guess

    ...you already are, :faint:~oh my disney dollars :scared1:

    if i was a granted a dvc question, do dvc provide training to their
    dvc workers, or better yet- what are the requirements in
    their job descriptions? my inquiring mind would like to know
    this best kept secret.

    oh, the waste time, depends on reader.....just be-causes , one
    has a different way/s of thinking does not mean there's nothing
    to "gain" even if one disapprove/disagree. however, points are
    only useful if you're an owner?

    i think the point i got out of this expanded topic, dvc could improve
    selling if they added a "handbook" on the secrets ways to utilize
    their brand new "home". see? they could add extras- like lil'
    differences -granted to those chosing direct over resales. i am
    saying as clear as i can :yay: , this is the disney vacation club,
    & with it parks references--they can't come up with perks that
    are only limited by lil'-imagination?-that buyers with the money
    -will gladly-chose over resales? endless, if the right dvc captain,
    take the "time" to look & think.

    it is a similar approach seen over @ d.land, club 33. i am amaze
    how far they get with just the suggestion of belonging/doing
    something special. if i am not mistaken , it was built after walt-
    and only has the suggestion.....but the ways it makes them
    feel liked "part of the family", is a great selling point. attention
    seeking in a positive manner.

    when one get @ it/to it...isn't disney the company...measure
    by making $ ? so how to keep it going has sum interests ?

    see add those special lil' perks/benefits to the handbook. i would
    use the bimbarn guide format.

    what i see here, is like the state f. commercial about the guy
    using internet & his neighbor meeting/dating the french model,
    "bonjour!" it kills me -:lmao:. ~ esp. when she walking away
    thinking she proven her belief--but what "is" her "real" reality?
    think she heading for future disappointments?

    isn't the value of dvc about the ways one can use it for their
    vacations & not expecting $ profits? to bail out after 10 years
    will not produce the same values for those staying 12, 15,
    17, 20 + years?

    you can think anything you like, but when i read about those
    renting to have christmas presents---they had no business
    buying in the first place. really--an owner needing/depending
    on renting for income is not good for their well being?

    can't speak for others but we didn't build home to sell...
    but to raise our family. going to disney is not one of my needs,
    but having a place to live is.
  4. WilsonFlyer

    WilsonFlyer <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Apr 24, 2008
    Pretty much ditto.
  5. gray52

    gray52 Mouseketeer

    Sep 26, 2007
    Resale restrictions hurt everyone except DVD... It will hurt buyers and sellers (there will be less resale buyers, more sellers)... Driving more people on or near the fence to buying/adding direct. The vast majority of direct sales are vacationers with no knowledge of resale (I read about +-75%?)... So by adding restrictions, they are, in my opinion, only looking to take the +-25% that buy resale and make that number maybe 24% or 23% or any percentage less than 25%. I think they look at it as purely an accounting decision... If adding a restriction will increase direct sales by 1% and lower resale by 1%, that's what they'll do.
  6. bighoo93

    bighoo93 Mouseketeer

    Dec 30, 2011
    I'm not sure about that. That's a pretty small amount, and it isn't like they are flooded with excess point inventory. I don't see any reason to believe they aren't executing precisely according to plan, with a new resort opening up soon and most DVC points sold out. All the while, charging double the open market price for virtually the same thing. From the outside, it looks like DVD is extremely healthy and it isn't clear why they would mess with that.

    Adding restrictions would likely drop the resale price of points (depending on the nature of the restriction). How that would impact the DVC point market overall, including direct sales, is an open question that requires more assumptions and analysis.
  7. Dean

    Dean DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis

    Aug 19, 1999
    The price difference for all but maybe GC and small packages are already past the point where those that will buy resale will likely do so. Whether it's 50% discount or 90% will likely make little difference, esp since many who buy resale do so impulsively without knowing the full info about other options.

    We likely agree more than disagree but I'm not sure that resale restrictions actually hurt owners unless they take away something of true value which they haven't yet done. By lowering the price without removing the items of value, they have actually helped knowledgeable buyers. They certainly could affect price and that would hurt all who intend to sell, they could also affect the ability to sell regardless of the price. Since most owners don't go in thinking about selling, I doubt this issue will have much affect on sales.

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