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Length of wait for loading resale points

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by guppy1013, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Lostboy32

    Lostboy32 New Member

    Two hour later my points showed up!!!
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  3. JWG

    JWG New Member

    Do they load points on certain days? Our contract was entered on Tuesday (13 days after it posted to the Orange County Comptroller site) and our points also loaded today, two days later.

    We weren't in a huge hurry, no points until 8/2014, but glad to actually see the points.
  4. guppy1013

    guppy1013 New Member

    I tried this back door approach on Friday. Not in the system yet. Booooooo
  5. dbs1228

    dbs1228 New Member

    I'm glad I read this I keep checking my online account since our contract was posted on the OCC website on 8/1 and nothing yet. Hopefully by the end of the week! I have 4 nights booked for Feb need another 4 nights and wanted to use the banked 2012 points that are coming with the contract.
  6. kgeary

    kgeary New Member

    Yeah this concept went no where. They gave me my member number over the phone but now won't give me a club id# or activation code. Still not in and they told me they won't send out the info for another 10 days. Not sure if that is true but if that is the case I am talking 40 days since we closed until I can get this info.
  7. Moniqu17

    Moniqu17 New Member

    My guess is we will be waiting around 40 days too then. We closed on 7/12 and haven't heard anything yet. I'm hoping it doesn't go over though :confused3
  8. guppy1013

    guppy1013 New Member

    I'm in the system!!! But cannot get membership # or any online acct info. Said I should get packet by Friday
  9. dmunsil

    dmunsil Disney Uber-Nerd

    You need to call back. Once you have your member #, you have everything you need to access your account over the phone. You can start reserving immediately (assuming your points are loaded). You also have what you need to get the other two pieces of info for setting up your online account (Club ID and activation code).

    Just call them and say, "Hi, I'm a new member and I need some help getting my online account set up." They'll ask for your member # and your address, etc. and then they should walk you through the process. They should give you your club ID - the policy is that if you have any one of the following pieces of information, you can get any of the first three:

    - Member #
    - Club ID #
    - SSN
    - Password

    They can never give out your password, if you have one. But if you have any of the first three, you can get the other two. Just call back until you get someone understands the system and will help you. Don't explain your whole back story, just say you need to get your online account set up.
  10. dmunsil

    dmunsil Disney Uber-Nerd

    FWIW, I was never sent my club ID and activation code. I had to get it over the phone. Some people have gotten one or the other of those via mail or email, but all I ever got was a letter with my member #, and then a package with a guide book a few days later.

    But once you have your member #, everything else can be gotten over the phone.
  11. kgeary

    kgeary New Member

    Had to call several times because of confusion. Finally got in the system today and they loaded the points while I was on the phone.

    We bought at HHI and had a fully loaded contract including points from 2012 that were banked and we had to use

    2 nights at VGF
    4 nights at Vero Beach
    6 nights at HHI

    Now just waiting on my BLT Tower resale to close and load

    best of luck to those who are still waiting
  12. kgeary

    kgeary New Member

    Thanks I kept at it and finally got in as the above post showed. Thanks for it. I suggest people keep trying. Annoying until it works. There should be a new post on how many days you save calling over and over before Disney actually sends you all the stuff they tell you to wait for.

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