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Kelly and Michael

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by malacajo, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. DeluxePrincess

    DeluxePrincess <font color=deeppink>Humming the Farm Town song...

    If the older kid really didn't want to do it, he should have been allowed to skip it. However, I'm sure his age group is the target audience for Test Track so he was probably encouraged to do it. I kind of liked the "realness" factor of it all though. I like that a celeb's kid didn't want to be phony.
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  3. TLHB70

    TLHB70 <font color=navy>Let me be known by the Company I

    Oh, ok. Thank you for the information.
  4. Mouseteacher

    Mouseteacher <font color=9999FF>Being tagged makes you feel war

    Really cute and funny segment with Michael and his sons on a boys night out. Love Michael's personality.
  5. Mac4life30

    Mac4life30 Mouseketeer

    I think his oldest son looked more annoyed the Kellys son.

  6. I agree. Not all teens are surly. His mother needs to teach him how to behave in public. Camera on or off.
  7. JulyGirl

    JulyGirl Mouseketeer

    Michael's kid was probably told to look annoyed on Small World. Kelly's son looked absolutely miserable throughout the whole segment. When she was turned around on Test Track, it almost seemed like she was telling him to smile or act happy, to no avail. If he's "too cool" for it all, leave him home with the housekeeper.
  8. lucas

    lucas °o°

    Are there any links to watch the show now?
  9. Southernmiss

    Southernmiss <font color=green>I am hazed everyday<br><font col

    I don't know. My kids look the same way on "It's a Small World". I took a picture of DS to hold as blackmail should I need it. :lmao: He says all the singing characters creep him out.
  10. Mouseteacher

    Mouseteacher <font color=9999FF>Being tagged makes you feel war

    Michael's sons were a part of the gag where they wanted thrill rides and Michael agreed to go them if they would then go on his "favorite thrill ride" after...it turns out to be its a small world. His sons were to look annoyed at his thrill ride.
  11. Ziggie

    Ziggie <font color=green>Gets "ziggie with it" for Disney

    It was because of your gracious generosity that my family and I were able to attend the tapings back in 2005!

    We'll never forget your kindness Zurgswife ;)
  12. DebbieB

    DebbieB <font color=green>DVC Member BWV 99<br><font color

    Kelly was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. She said they tricked him into it. They told him it wasn't being filmed and then surprise! So he was probably pretty ticked.
  13. zurgswife

    zurgswife WDW is my Shangrala...and I'm going...life is bett

    Glad what ever we did made a Magical Moment for your family....

    See many here were quick to blame the kid for being a rude teen. I'm sorry but he has been very very clear about not wanting his life played out before the cameras. His parents and the producers are to blame IMHO....they could have left him behind and not tricked him or editing him out all but a few quick shots. Looking at the tape again, he appears to have acne pretty bad and at 15 is probably very conscious about his looks. Which is a valid reason not to want to be on camera. And coming off very very grumpy when tricked...
  14. Mouseteacher

    Mouseteacher <font color=9999FF>Being tagged makes you feel war

    Now it makes sense because they tricked him. No one would be happy if they were duped- no matter the age.
  15. roliepolieoliefan

    roliepolieoliefan DIS Veteran

    But..... During the segment on test track he didn't know he was being filmed?
    And was still miserable?

    How is that any different?
  16. JulyGirl

    JulyGirl Mouseketeer

    Meh, I'm not buying her excuse. I'm sure she's just trying to put her kid in a better light. She's awful for making him part of the TV segments, with or without "tricking" him. If he doesn't want to be on camera, she should honor that.
  17. lucas

    lucas °o°

    I answered my own question from above. The Kelly and Michael website has the links to all the WDW segments!

    Now I know what you guys were talking about!
  18. Ziggie

    Ziggie <font color=green>Gets "ziggie with it" for Disney

  19. DebbieB

    DebbieB <font color=green>DVC Member BWV 99<br><font color

    She said he didn't know until they got in the car and there were 3 cameras setup. He couldn't back out at that point (or she would't let him).
  20. wishesuponastar

    wishesuponastar Mouseketeer

    awww that's so nice!!!
  21. Ziggie

    Ziggie <font color=green>Gets "ziggie with it" for Disney

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