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Just called my guide..

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by babesboo99, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. babesboo99

    babesboo99 Veteren Disney Vacationer

    I just got off the phone with my guide and he said there are about 7 people ahead of us. We are waiting for 50 BCV points with an Sept or Oct use year. Hopefully it won't be to long now. He also said they are going to acquire a large number of points and they will spread them out so it shouldn't be to long.
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  3. Best Aunt

    Best Aunt "That's the best-est present ever!"

    Hmm. Does that mean bad news for someone waiting to hear if the contract they want is going to pass ROFR?
  4. panixx

    panixx Dis Dad Member #642

    I had a 50 point SSR contract come through the end of last week. Just got my closing papers Monday.

    I was put on the waitlist for those March 18th.
  5. babesboo99

    babesboo99 Veteren Disney Vacationer

    I don't know how many ( if any) BCV contracts have been acquired through ROFR. But I am curious myself
  6. Mom23WildBoys

    Mom23WildBoys Earning My Ears

    Disney took our first BCV contract in February. :(
    But we snagged our second one two weeks ago!!!
  7. RSWA2

    RSWA2 Member

    Were you just put on the waitlist today?
  8. htmlkid

    htmlkid Gold DCL Member / SSR DVC Member

    So here's a question for the ROFR Monkey. The 7 people ahead of you get their points. The 7th person got 200 points from a ROFered contract of 350 with your use year so there is 150 left and you need 50.... But the people next on the list after you need 150 points.... Do you think Disney would skip u???

  9. elfbo

    elfbo Mouseketeer

  10. elfbo

    elfbo Mouseketeer

    From another recent response, the first person will get their 50 points and the next will be offered a partial of their requested points
  11. babesboo99

    babesboo99 Veteren Disney Vacationer

    We went on the waiting list 5 weeks ago this past Monday.
  12. RSWA2

    RSWA2 Member

    I'm not sure how long the other ones on the waitlist were on before you were on, but late last year in Nov. I saw, a 160 and a 80 pt OCT UY BCV contract go on sale through one reseller. One passed ROFR at a fair price and the other one, I'm not sure. There was a 150 pt SEP UY that passed earlier this year. There is a 200 pt one currently in ROFR now, but it looks like it's partially stripped.

    I wonder what price point Disney decides to ROFR them at, or if there is a waitlist limit when they would start acquiring points. It's also a risk too, since if Disney does acquire the points and the waitlist people change their minds, then Disney is now stuck with points. Although, it doesn't sound like that would be a problem.
  13. elfbo

    elfbo Mouseketeer

    Probably not a problem for disney. They acquired several thousand BWV points sometime over the winter. Planned a marketing campaign to get interest in those points and get people to buy them to direct. Sold most of the points before the campaign even aired. Has a multiple page waitlist for that resort now.

    Disney knows how to sell!
  14. mom_rules

    mom_rules <font color=FF66FF>LOVES the Yachtsmen!<br><font c

    That they do-our guide told us there were 30 others on the waitlist for BCV but your position would depend on the contract and use year you are looking for.
    We've been on the list since March 19th. Found a resale with our use year and I'll be interested to see if is suddenly gone........
  15. erikawolf2004

    erikawolf2004 Mouseketeer DVC Gold

    We were put on the list March 17th for a Aug use year....we hope to hear something soon.

  16. Pirate Jack

    Pirate Jack Member

    I am right behind you ... went on March 18th with and August use year
  17. zippingalong

    zippingalong Member

    You can be skipped.

    I waitlisted two 100 pt contracts for HHI in January (I have a June UY)- I decided to decrease the number of points a few weeks later and switched to a 100 pt contract and a 60 point contract. The 60, because of the change, went to the back of the line. The unchanged 100 point contract kept it's place in line.

    The day before yesterday, my 60 point waitlist came through. The 100 is still waiting even though it's first in line for points.

    So, if the points don't match up, you will be skipped.
  18. disneynutz

    disneynutz <br><img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/i

    Disney doesn't have to match a 100 point request with a 100 point buy back. They can pool the points and break them up into what ever counts they need.

    :earsboy: Bill
  19. zippingalong

    zippingalong Member

    Agreed. What I should have said is, if your waitlist is more points than Disney has available, they won't hold the points for you and wait til they get more. You'll be skipped and the points will be given to someone below you who is waiting on a small number of points.
  20. Breyean

    Breyean DVC Since '93

    Right. A more accurate statement, and one which my guide warned me about when we were doing a couple of smallish add ons direct at VGC a little over a year ago.

    He actually had us give him a range of points we would take. If the number available fell within our range, he said, we'd get them.

    So we told him 125-150 the first time, and we got 125. The second time we told him 50-75 and we got 75.

    I think others have posted their guides wouldn't let them do this anymore.
  21. Timeflys4us

    Timeflys4us Earning My Ears

    I too have been on the wait list for Beach Club (25 points - October Use Year) since March 1st. What I don't understand is my guide keeps telling me there is no way to tell how many people are ahead of me on the list. He does say that there are lot of people on the list after me. Is there some site we can go on to independently determine exactly where we are on the wait list?

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