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    We spent seven nights in WDW with free dining. Diners include my DD10, DBF36 and myself...36 year old non-meat eater. I
    do eat fish though.

    Here is a brief review of the places we ate...

    Quick Service:

    Columbia Harbour House

    My DD10 had chicken nuggets and fries and really enjoyed them. My boyfriend and I both had the fried fish basket. Big mistake. I read dozens of times on the dis about how delicious the lighthouse sandwich is. I told my DBF that is what I was going to have FOR SURE...then something came over me and I blurted out "fried fish basket.". Huh?! I totally confused DBF, and he followed suit...and we are still talking about how we should have had the lighthouse sandwich. The fish basket wasn't horrible, just nothing special at all.

    Cosmic Rays

    DD had chicken nuggets again...thought they were good. DBF had the deluxe chicken sandwich with fries. I'm not sure why he got this. I think he enjoyed this the least of his meals. I had the vegetable sandwich. I was surprised by this. It wasn't fabulous, but decent for a quick service credit.

    Pepper Market grill at CSR

    This is now a buffet for breakfast and lunch. We had two lunches and one breakfast here. This is a pretty good deal for a quick service if you're on the dining plan. There was pizza, grilled sandwiches, salad bar, fish, mashed potatoes, lots of different meats and desserts. I had a grilled veggie sandwich which was delicious! My DD and DBF both enjoyed their meals here as well. Breakfast included an omelette station, scrambled eggs, frittata, fruit, waffles, pancakes, French toast, potatoes, bacon, ham, sausages, bagels, croissants etc. I was pretty impressed all of that was included as a quick service.

    Wolfgang Puck Express

    This was by far our favorite quick service...we ate here twice and got the exact same thing each time because it was so delicious. DD and I both had the margarita pizza and the creme brûlée and DBF had the meatloaf and cheesecake for dessert. Everything was wonderful!

    Table Service:


    This was a must do for us. Two years ago we came here and loved it. Two years ago I was also a meat eater...so the meal was very different for me this time. My DBF LOVED the shrimp. He ate a ton of it. He said the beef was delicious...he was also shocked at how good the chicken was. He said the tenderness changed from skewer to skewer, but nothing was overly cooked.

    I eat fish and seafood, but recently shrimp have been giving me the heebie-jeebies for some reason. I tried one and it was tasty, but psychologically I couldn't handle it. So...bring on the salad and the noodles! I really enjoyed them...thank goodness...because that ended up being my meal. DD had a bite or two of a chicken wing and a pot sticker and then she joined me in my noodle-fest.

    The bread pudding was fantastic! I could eat that every day! ;)

    Tusker House

    Good selection. The salmon here was delicious. My DD ate mostly from the children's selection. (macaroni and cheese, corn dog nuggets). DBF really enjoyed the samosas, salmon, hummus and other dips. There was a nice selection of salads and rice...great for me. I think this was a surprise winner for DBF. He is still talking about this meal and says its a must do for our next trip.

    Grand Floridian Cafe

    DBF had the NY strip steak. He said it was one of the best steaks he has ever had. He said it was cooked and seasoned perfectly. I had the sustainable fish of the day. I think it was grouper. It was just meh. It was served with green beans. They were what you would expect out of green beans. Lol. For dessert we got the dessert sampler. I enjoyed it, DBF didn't care for it. I'm not sure if I would return here.

    Whispering Canyon Cafe

    So...another meal I loved as a meat-eater two years ago. I figured I would just order something other than the skillet and then came the menu change. We thought about changing our reservation to something else, but I knew my DBF was looking forward to it so we kept it. DD loved the corn bread and liked the ribs. DBF thought the chicken and sausage were exceptional. Nobody cared for the fish... including me. Thank goodness for that corn on the cob! Haha. It was really good corn!

    The desserts came out and I was really surprised to enjoy the jalapeño cheesecake. I love dessert...especially chocolate. I don't normally enjoy cheesecake, and I get really annoyed when I see things like salt on chocolate. Somehow jalapeño cheesecake does it for me. Lol. The other two desserts were just ok.


    This was my absolute favorite meal of the week. We almost cancelled this reservation as well because of the menu change. My DBF loved the tuna Oscar from our last trip and wasn't sure about the new offerings. We read some reviews that weren't too favorable...but decided to give it a shot. I am so glad we did!!!

    I had the sustainable fish with forbidden rice and Swiss chard. The fish was mahi mahi. Delicious! I actually don't remember the fish much...but that rice and Swiss chard was fabulous! DD had the hot dog from the kids meal because nothing else looked good to her. She liked it. DBF had the ahi tuna. He raved about it. He ordered it rare, and he said it was prepared perfectly. When he ordered it, the waiter warned him that it was spicy. DBF said it was fairly spicy...but perfect for him. We will go back for sure.

    For dessert my DD and I both had the kona cup. It was good. DBF had the creme brûlée and thought it was wonderful.

    Cape May

    I basically ate the crab legs here. I didn't really enjoy anything else, but the crab was delicious and I really didn't need anything else. DBF thought this dinner was just ok. He enjoyed the paella and olives, but overall thinks this meal was pretty forgettable. The desserts weren't great although some of them looked pretty. Lol


    This was my absolute favorite meal on our last trip two years ago. My newly non meat-eating self didn't agree this time. I liked the coleslaw and a couple of other salads, but that was it. I wasn't disappointed in anything, I guess I didn't realize how much meat I ate before! My DBF loved the ribs. I really wanted to try them! He went on and on about them...It was like torture. Hahahaha. He also really enjoyed the hummus and chips.

    Food and Wine

    We used some of our snack credits here. I think the only I had was the lobster roll. Yummy. DD had the perogies and the cheese fondue. She said both were good, but perogies were better. DBF had the lamb from Australia... He loved it. He also had the filet from Canada...loved it. Lobster roll...loved it. Spicy tuna roll...he thought it was good, but wouldn't get it again. He had the shrimp taco and thinks that might have been his favorite...but it was tiny. I think that's it for food and wine.

    We also had the odd Mickey Bar...always yummy, and a couple of dole whips!

    It was an amazing trip...perfect weather, great resort (CSR), lots of fun...tons of memories!!! I can't wait to start planning our next trip!

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