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Jedi Academy.... You don't get "picked" anymore?? What time??

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by rescuetink, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Moon Child

    Moon Child On a Permanent Vacation

    My oldest DS was picked (the old way) during our last trip and I always tell
    him how fortunate he was and that alot of kids were heart broken
    Lucikly, his little brother could care less, he was just happy to watch the show :goodvibes

    I am also glad it's been changed, I think it's much more fair
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  3. Sydnerella

    Sydnerella enough is as good as a feast

    What time do they arrive to "pick you" prior to the show? Is the queuing area outside or inside. I ask because I wondered if I could arrive 5 or so minutes before my DS5 and "hold a spot" - we have very slow movers coming with on this trip!

    Sydnerella's Mama
  4. SignMeUp

    SignMeUp Active Member

    I think you would want to take your ds5 with you to hold his spot. I bet the other parents/kids in line would frown on you holding a spot for your son if he's not with you (and the CMs might not allow it). Just take him along and let the slow movers in your party catch up to you and your ds at their pace.
  5. billwendy

    billwendy Active Member

    Question for you guys. My 12 yo nephew will be at WDW for his Make a Wish trip in a few weeks. He has battled brain cancer, and will hopefully be declaired in remission very soon. He and his 2 brothers are Star Wars finatics!!! I dont think though that he could be out in the sun waiting - is there shade in any part of the line? Also, how long do you have to stand if you make it into the show? Im not 100% sure how long he can stand before needing to sit in his wheelchair???
    Thanks for your help|!!
  6. Nicsmom

    Nicsmom Active Member

    I do believe there is some shade in some spots but not the entire line. Keep in mind that not everyone needs to wait in line. This is how we did it. I ran with my DS5 to Star Tours to get in line for the training. My DH ran to get fastpasses for Toy Story Mania and then shopped, got breakfast with my DD16. We were #14 only one other child behind us made it into the training. This fills up quickly. I was told they only take 14 to 16 kids. I think it depends on family size. They would never let one child of one family do it and make the other wait. My advice is go early and run.:rotfl2:
  7. drinkme

    drinkme Active Member

    The same thing happened to us! We got to the show about an hour before it started and were the first ones there. My son wasn't picked. GRRRR!!!!!

    The line seems fair.
  8. magicaldisney

    magicaldisney DIS Veteran

    They will not let you "hold" the spot, your child will need to be there.
  9. rescuetink

    rescuetink DDC Member #428 A DCL Loving Family!! W


    With this information I would make sure you have an umbrellas or something to cover yourselves with!! Although I haven't been there yet, I've beed reading a LOT of what the other WONDERFUL Disers :disrocks: have been writting and suggesting!! And this may effect you in other areas of the parks as well!!! Have Fun!!! :mickeyjum
  10. rescuetink

    rescuetink DDC Member #428 A DCL Loving Family!! W

    I'd be VERY upset if my son was in line and would make the cut off, and suddenly other kids showed up late to join their group who were "holding spots" for them and then my son got cut off from participating!!

    I'd actually end up saying something to the CM running the show!!

    Sorry, that just would not be fair to others!!!
  11. rescuetink

    rescuetink DDC Member #428 A DCL Loving Family!! W

    I'm not really sure if my son likes Star Wars or pirates more, I'll have to wait till his next birthday to see what theme he picks, but I didn't hear about a Pirate Training!!!

    Enlighten me please!!!! What is it and where???


    I just found the information at the link posted earlier in this thread by reelmom!! Thanks anyway!!! :cool1:
  12. momtoBrandon&Jacob

    momtoBrandon&Jacob Active Member

    100% agree with this! I would certainly make a stink if this should happen!
  13. deerhart

    deerhart Active Member

    So glad they have gone to lines. Each time my oldest tantrumed hard when he wasn't picked (especially last time when a kid right in front of him got selected). And with a line, BOTH boys can go!
  14. MnMomtoboys

    MnMomtoboys Active Member

    How strict are they about the cutoff? I have a son that is developmentally delayed who will turn 13 2 weeks before we go. He looks and acts more like a 10 year old and will have a hard time understanding if he can't do this.
  15. charity

    charity Member

    What type of questions do they ask?
  16. LilGMom

    LilGMom <font color=red>It makes me want to Kiss on the li

    The line is a que area. The first part of the que is for the first 12-15 kids that will be in the next show and where they put on the Jedi robes and get the lightsabers. The next part of the que is where the kids get asked the questions and wait to move into the first part. You might be in the second part of the que but have to wait through 2-4 shows depending on just how many kids are there. You can't "hold a spot" for your child or other children. There has to be a warm body aged 4 - 12 in the que if they want to do the show.

    I would imagine that there are as strict about the age as they are about the height restrictions, there has to be cut-off somewhere. You could always ask the CM at the que area but I would explain to your DS that it is for kids 4 - 12. The worst that happens is that they say "sorry, no".

    We tried for numerous trips and during one six day trip we tried every day (DHS is our favorite park so we are usually there) and on day five DS7 finally got picked. It was hard on him when four kids around him got picked during one show and when one kid got on the stage even though he wasn't picked because his mom pushed him forward so while I liked the randomness of it before this will do away with the stage parents and help the more reserved kids have a shot. :yoda:
  17. ebaymommy2two

    ebaymommy2two Member

    Great thread! My ds and dd are VERY into Star Wars and this is a "must do" item on our list for our trip next week.
  18. Sydnerella

    Sydnerella enough is as good as a feast

    I hear ya - no worries, I will not mess with your kids star wars dreams :hug:

    THANKS to Lil G Mom and Sign-me-up for the "split up" suggestion and taking my young man on my own - :thumbsup2 DUH!!!! Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees.

    Sydnerella's Mama
  19. bwilcox

    bwilcox Active Member

    If you were there within the first 15 kids and talked to the CM there, I am POSITIVE they would make accomodations for a Make A Wish child.
  20. triplejen

    triplejen Active Member

    I would be upset too if more kids showed up with no notice and bumped my kid at the last minute. But it would be the "no notice" part that upset me - not the fact that the other kids hadn't waited in the line.

    If I joined a line with what appeared to be only a handful of kids ahead of me, but then as I joined one of the adults in front of me turned to me and said "I am waiting for my 3 boys to arrive, so we are actually a party of 4" that would be perfectly fine with me.

    I see no need for kids to prove their worthiness by standing in a hot shadeless area for an hour or more just for the brief chance to do something fun. I would far prefer for the adults to be able to hold spots while the kids got to stay in the air conditioned gift shop, or having lunch, or on a ride, until close to the start of the show.

    I would only be annoyed if I'd waited a long time without that crucial piece of information - since it would of course be relevant to whether I was willing to put in the time waiting as well.

    IMO what shows like this would benefit most from would be a number system, where kids would go to a check-in station and receive their number and show time. Then they could go walk the park at their leisure and show up right before the show they were going to participate in.
  21. Iwant2BAprincess

    Iwant2BAprincess Active Member

    this does seem like a much better system-We tried the first year (2DS's) and neither one was picked-they were pulled in to block party boot camp with the army men that same day so that seemed to help. Last year they were both picked but with a few kids inbetween them (I didn't think it was possible to sweat any more than I already was since it was Sept.) But both years it seems like a couple of cute but obviously out of place little girls come up at the last minute and would always get chosen. Yes I know girls can like Sw but if you don't know which end of a light saber to hold get off the stage and leave it for the boys that do

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