It'll Be All Right -A May 2012 TR Closing Thought and PTR Link 8/12*

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    Nov 6, 2010
    It will be strange not to rush to TSMM and RNRC, but I'm looking at this trip as a chance to do something new. Alex and I are usually go-go-go in WDW, that'll it'll be interesting to see how we feel when we take it slow.

    We're going to be in the Orlando area in December, because Alex's sister is graduating college...there's been mention of Disney during the holidays already.:scratchin

    Thanks! The dress I wore to the military ball I actually found the day of the event. So I was extremely grateful for my luck. :rotfl:

    Despite it being a surprise, Alex and I are happy to give up coasters next week. Alex, especially, since he keeps saying that it means more time for him to shop. :rotfl2:

    Thank you. All our family and friends are very excited for us, and my mother in law has already made the comment, "This kid is going to love you guys. 'Look guys, my parents took me to Disney when I was 3 months old'":lmao:

    Thanks! By the way, I'll still be cheering you on on the 29th as you run! :cheer2:

    Thank you! Yeah, there's not much else that I'd be keeping under wraps, but I'm proud of myself that I could keep my mouth shut as long as I did.

    Thank you! And hey, better late than never. Glad you could hop on board. :goodvibes
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  3. amazingact21

    amazingact21 Upendi

    Nov 6, 2010
    May 6th Night cont.d

    My mom, Alex, and I found a nice hole in the crowds and made our way closer to the hub.


    Is there anything more magical than the castle all lit up at night? It’s like this beacon, inviting guests to come near and experience the wonder of the park. I could only imagine what it must be like to stay in one of the monorail resorts and look out of your window and see the castle shining up at you. (And thanks to marDgreen88’s latest trip report, I now KNOW what it looks like and now must stay in one of those park view rooms to experience it for myself.)

    Because we’d been in Disney for two full days and I had not yet ridden my favorite dark ride, I steered my party to the left and told them we’d be working our way clockwise around the park.

    Where was our first destination?


    I can’t help but get a little excited when I pass under the Adventureland sign. I know that there are two of my absolute favorite things in all of Walt Disney World waiting for me across that bridge.

    Dole Whips, which sadly, I was too full to eat on that night, and…



    My previous update kind of gave that answer away, but oh well…

    The queue was empty, and we immediately stepped into our boat. My mom hadn’t seen the latest Jack Sparrow additions, and she was pleasantly surprised when his animatronic appeared for the first time.

    She also forgot about the drop in the beginning of the ride and gave a little yelp when we plunged to the bottom.

    “You didn’t tell me there was a drop on this ride!”

    “I know.”

    “You’re mean, Child.”


    When we were dumped into the gift shop, Alex couldn’t resist playing with some of the Pirate toys.


    And my mom and I couldn’t let him have all the fun, now could we?



    **And as a quick disclaimer, I’d like to add the note that if you’ll remember what I had with my dinner earlier that evening, you’ll understand why I was grabbing toys and sword fighting with my loved ones.** :lmao:

    When we walked back outside, I decided I hadn’t gotten my fill of Pirates yet. Once was just not enough!

    So, I dragged my mother and husband back inside the building and we made our way along the queue.


    Which I love, by the way.

    I love the lighting.

    And the musty smell.

    And the dark corners.


    And the cannons, of course. You have to love the cannons.

    This time on the ride, the water actually seemed rougher, and when we entered the scene where the two ships are fighting, one of the “cannonballs” that hit the water actually managed to splash some water on Alex.

    That’s never happened before, and we were both a little surprised at getting wet.

    It was around 11:30 when the three of us walked back outside, and I spotted these amazing water art creations.


    Have you seen them before? I watched two CMs finish drawing one once, and I was amazed. To take water and a broom and make discernible faces….it’s incredible.

    In order to take a picture of Mickey and Minnie, I had to stand up on a nearby ledge. They were so big!

    And while I was standing up there, I took a cursory glance around the sidewalk, and off to the left, I thought I saw someone I recognized.

    My mind went through a quick filing system and remembered that Jen (AKA Nermel9) was supposed to be in MK that night, as well.

    It had to be her and her husband I recognized!

    Normally, I would have been a lot more hesitant to go over and say hi, but a) I had some liquid confidence in me b) I’d already met 3 different DISers at the EE race so what was saying hi to one more c) I really wanted to meet Jen!

    Not to mention, this would be my first DISmeet inside a park, and I couldn’t pass up on an opportunity like that. And all I could think of was, “When I get home, and I’m reading her trip report, and she says she was at Pirates at the same times as me, I’m going to kick myself for not saying anything.”

    So with that, I walked over and introduced myself. We made the rounds of hellos, meeting her DH, my DH, and my mother.

    Jen and her husband, Brandon, were incredibly nice and didn’t look at me like I was nuts when I came up to say hi, which in itself was great. That little iota of “oh my gosh I’m going to talk to a stranger” completely disappeared when I realized one simple thing. We both already had a common interest. We were on the DISboards and loved Disney. That in itself was an immediate conversation starter. I could ask Jen how she liked such and such, and she wouldn’t think the question was weird or crazy, rather that it was just one Disney lover asking another fellow Disney lover a simple Disney question.

    We all stood there and talked for a few minutes, mostly about how our DHS mornings went and how we were enjoying our overall trips. At one point, Brandon and Alex shared in their reactions to Pirates being really crazy with the water that night.

    I had Alex take a picture of us, but it wasn’t the greatest, and since Jen did not post it in her TR, I decided to do some cropping and show you my half. I don’t care how ridiculous I look, which I do…But it’s proof that a DISmeet did occur!:rotfl:


    At that point, I felt like I was holding up their precious Disney time, and I didn’t want to be that person that talks someone’s ear off forever, which I felt like I was already doing, so I said goodbye to Jen and Brandon and headed off in the direction of Frontierland.

    Looking back on it, I wish I’d stayed and talked for a few more minutes. Jen was such a nice and welcoming person, and I was so happy I ran into her on this trip. I have this bad habit of talking a mile a minute and for great lengths, and I was worried she was thinking I needed to just stop spazzing out and shut it. But she was a good sport about it, and for that I thank you, Jen.

    Hopefully, one day in the future, our trips will coincide again, and we’ll have a chance to get another photo and talk again. And as a general rule, I don’t feel nearly as silly speaking to fellow DISers anymore. We all have this common interest, and it’s kind of cool to be in a park with thousands of strangers and recognize someone from here.

    After the awesome DISmeet, my mom, Alex, and I headed towards Splash. I used to dread the drop on this ride, but for some reason I was really excited to board my log flume and experience the attraction again.

    The overall theming of the ride is my favorite in the parks. I love how in-depth the storyline is and how it can psychologically mess with your mind. All those little drops leading up to the big one get you amped up and by the time you actually hear, “Laughing place? I’ll show YOU A LAUGHING PLACE” you’re going, “Oh just get it over with already!!!”

    My mother didn’t want to ride, so Alex and I dumped our bags with her and took off. Unfortunately, as we were rounding the corner to enter the queue, I realized my room key (which I had to show since it was EMH) was in the bag I’d left with my mom. We had to go hunt her down, reclaim the key, and then go all the way back.

    I wasted precious Magic Hours right there! Ugh…shameful.:rolleyes2

    I have only experienced Splash at night, and I am not sad about that. Being able to see the Castle lit up as you float along is incredible, and it’s a bit more relaxing than when you experience it on Thunder. On that ride, you are going so fast, or you’re so excited as you climb the mountain, that your attention can’t be fully dedicated to looking at the Magic Kingdom at night.

    Yes, I have thought seriously about this.

    It’s important to know where the best views are. ::yes::

    If I’d have known that that was the last time I was to ride Splash during EMHs, I would have insisted on going again or maybe saying a few words in tribute, but alas, that piece of news just came out a few months ago.

    Alex and I sat in the last row of the log, because we don’t like getting soaked, but poor Alex still managed to get his whole right side wet.

    Luckily, he was such a gentleman and blocked 90% of it from me.


    But, in the rest of the pictures from tonight, if you see weird splotches on our clothes, you’ll know they are courtesy of Splash…a parting gift we got to carry around the rest of the evening.



    Since we’d gone on my favorite dark ride, it was only fair we go on Alex’s.

    We had to cross this empty bridge:


    And I marveled that we were completely alone on it. Do you know how rare that is?

    It was more proof at how great evening EMH at the MK are. To feel like we were the only three people inside the park, and that we could do anything and everything we wanted…

    It was my happy place, and it was my favorite night of the whole trip. There’s just something special about being in MK so late at night with so few guests. I can’t put my finger on it, but every time Alex and I have experienced it, it’s been new and wonderful, and we always leave with this special memory we created. The very first time we did it, we rode Pirates over and over all night to escape the cold. Another time we ran back and forth across the park, hitting up all 3 mountains repeatedly.

    This time, so far, I had met a DISer, and little did I know the best was still to come.

    When we got to HM, we went through the interactive queue so we could show it to my mom.

    I think the three of us spent a good ten/fifteen minutes in there, playing around and posing for goofy pictures.



    The musical notes were a hit with both my mom and Alex.

    Being the bookworm that I am, I had more fun with the bookcase:


    There was a young man and woman in the queue with us, and at first I thought we were holding them up. As it turns out, they were having as much fun as us, messing around with the statues and creating some really funny poses.

    When we caught up to them near the exit, the guy turned to us and said, “Hey, this is the only time you can get photos like these, right? Might as well take advantage of it.”

    And as we walked towards the entrance doors, I think we were the only two groups waiting to ride. It was a little after midnight, and you could just feel that the park was dead. It was so quiet and almost eerie. We REALLY felt like we were the only guests in the park.

    My favorite part of HM is actually the beginning, when we’re ushered into the stretching room.


    I think the story and commentary is brilliant, and with nobody else in there with us, I could quote the script as loud as I wanted without making others angry. Although, the CM did give me a weird look when I yelled, “Of course, there’s always MY way…HAHAHA.”

    My mom enjoyed the ride and really got a kick out of the hitchhiking ghosts at the end.

    Doesn’t the HM look a little spooky this late at night?


    I sure wouldn’t want to be up there by myself at that late hour.

    Based on the empty streets and lack of activity going on around us, I could tell EMH was coming to a close. We only had about 40 minutes left and most people had already left. I knew the three of us were all tired, but I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to MK quite yet.

    So, I veered my mom and Alex to the left and figured we’d see if there was anything else we could tackle before having to give in and leave.

    Up Next…I Wish Every Night Could End this Way
  4. CandleontheWater

    CandleontheWater Forever in love with Hathaway Browne

    Mar 5, 2007
    Wow, what an awesome update! I really miss those late nights at MK, when you feel like you are the only ones in the park. I'm really sad that the hours have been reduced, I think it will make it much more crowded! :(
  5. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck DIS Veteran

    Sep 20, 2009
    I have a firm believe that Disney naps are the best kind of naps. They do wonders to recharge you.

    It was always like pulling teeth when I was a kid to get anyone to want to go swimming with me. Now that we're all older, for some reason everyone loves swimming.

    Clever Alex planting DTD in your mom's head so he can get himself over to D-Street. Very very clever.

    Mmmm, Kona. I have to say that I've never eaten at Kona for anything other than breakfast. I would like to eat there for another meal.

    Go ahead and be an adult ordering a beverage. I do it all the time. :rolleyes1

    I hate it when they remove my favorite thing from the menu! Especially when it's a dessert. :eek:

    Looking very pretty dressed up for the military function!

    Gotta love crossing the water to get to the MK. I love that about those resorts too.

    OMG! Your poor mom. But I would have to laugh, I'm sorry. If it's any consolation, you can tell your mom that I was pooped on by a flock of geese at the zoo once. True story.

    Oh, congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys, that's great news.

    Seriously, who can ever resist playing with the pirates toys? I know for sure that I can't.

    Yay DISmeet! Those are great.
  6. MHTeacher

    MHTeacher DIS Veteran

    Sep 28, 2005
    Great night at MK! I missed every single EvMH during our past trip, and it kind-of makes me sad. Like you said, it's just such a wonderful time in the parks!

    YAY for your DIS meet! :)
  7. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    Congrats on the baby!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! I wasn't expecting that at all!

    Aww, I hope you get to experience a castle view room someday! I still can't belive that I did hahah.

    Oh my gosh. Pirates can seriously be rough sometimes! I didn't ride it on my last trip (I know... I feel such shame over this fact) BUT last Dec. that water literally got INTO MY MOUTH. I was in disbelief.

    So fun that you met Jen! I remember reading about it in her TR too! Awww. :goodvibes

    SPLAAAAAASH! :love: :lovestruc
  8. MEK

    MEK DIS Veteran

    May 8, 2005
    OK. Weird that I totally missed this update and now I am reading it without pictures. Boo!

    First - yeah for meeting Jen and Brandon. I can't wait to see your pictures. I remember her posting about it on her trip report. I am sure they are probably both super nice in person.

    So what was up with the high water on Pirates? So funny that you mom yelped during the drop. It is always a little unexpected.

    How awesome that you had the whole park to yourselves. I usually can't hang past midnight because I am so used to getting up at the crack of dawn, but it does sound so cool to be there so late.

    HM that late at night also sounds cool. whenever I go on HM I always imagine what it would be like to be locked in there overnight. CREEPY!

    Great update.
  9. UGAFan0829

    UGAFan0829 DIS Veteran

    Dec 21, 2004
    Isn't it awesome that Disney is the only place that can make "musty" smell good!

    I adore the smile on your Mom's face as you two battled it out with the swords!

    So glad you had the courage to meet up with a fellow Dis'er!!

    What an awesome, awesome night! Seeing that empty bridge really makes me want to try EMH!
  10. PracPerfPatricia

    PracPerfPatricia DIS Veteran

    Apr 17, 2006
    ..."The overall theming of the ride is my favorite in the parks. I love how in-depth the storyline is and how it can psychologically mess with your mind. All those little drops leading up to the big one get you amped up and by the time you actually hear, “Laughing place? I’ll show YOU A LAUGHING PLACE” you’re going, “Oh just get it over with already!!!”

    Omg... I am so thrilled I am not the only one who thinks this...::yes::

    I am just subbing on... I read through and have to say that I am really impressed that you did the Everest... it does sound really crowed and hot but also really amazing... I am starting to run, coach potato to 5k -so right now that seems pretty awesome although sometime I'd love to do the ToT 10 mile or maybe even the 1/2 marathon...:worship: So it was great to read about your experience...

    I totally get worrying about everyone having fun...I'm like that as well...

    I'll take your Grande Peppermint Mocha and Up you a Salted Caramel Mocha Frap... but honestly it doesn't even have to be a frap...
    Coffee = happiness...:goodvibes

    The screaming on Spaceship Earth = :( (take my Spaceship Earth very seriously... ::yes::)

    Loved your great Jungle Cruise Experience and the pin trading with the little girl was very sweet...

    oh finally...

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition...:goodvibes
  11. amazingact21

    amazingact21 Upendi

    Nov 6, 2010

    I'm really sad about the change, as well. :( I've read rumors on here that say Disney is trying to phase out EMHs completely and create something new with the birth of the new FP system and RFID(?) chips. I really hope that's not the case, because some of my best memories have been made during those early morning or late night hours.

    Kona has really good dinners, but then again, I'm not a huge breakfast person, so I'm a bad judge on which meal is better. Plus, everyone always flocking to 'Ohana, so if you want a meal that isn't so crowded or easy to get into at the last minute, Kona is perfect.

    It sounds ridiculous, ordering a Pina Colada when there's so many other choices, but it was actually one of the best Coladas I've ever had...and I've had my fair share.:rotfl2:

    Ew, I think a flock of geese would be much worse. That's terrible. :crazy2:

    Those pirate toys are very tempting!

    The DISmeet was a lot of fun, and I'm happy that I ran into Jen. The odds were pretty slim when you take into consideration the size of the park and the timing.

    The castle room view is now on my "things I have to do one day" list. That list keeps growing and growing each year.:rotfl:

    I never thought of Pirates as that intense, but I guess it is. AH! As far as the water thing goes, Jen's husband, Brandon had that happen to him while we were all there. He was telling us about it. He was like, "40 year old stagnant water just got in my mouth." I remember it perfectly, because when we walked away, Alex was like, "Man, I hope that NEVER happens to me." Guess you two are just the lucky few to experience a little TOO much Disney. :lmao:

    Alex and I love staying out until the wee hours of the morning, but I see our days of doing that dwindling. I don't think I can handle too many more trips were we live off of 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night. But they were a lot of fun, and we felt like we were practically living in the parks.

    Oh man, locked inside HM at night WOULD be creepy!

    That is very true....Disney is the only place that makes musty smell good.:lmao: I think I'm going to have to tell Alex that later tonight, because I'd never thought about it before.

    EMHs at MK sort of remind me of MNSSHP near the end of the night. When it's pretty empty and you can walk around without running into another soul. I'm sure you'll get to experience that later this week. :-)goodvibes)

    Hi, thanks to joining! :wave2:

    Splash completely psychs me out every time. You're so impatient to get to the big drop, and then at the last minute, when you're coming out of the tunnel, you're mind just goes, "Oh no, it's finally here!":rotfl:

    The EE Challenge was extremely muggy and crowded, but it was a lot of fun. There's really nothing that can ruin that feeling of community with all the other runners and that special dose of adrenaline when you're running and realize you're going through AK. I mean, even though I had to dodge past people and was worried about becoming overheated, I kept thinking, "How many people can say they ran through a Disney park?" :goodvibes

    Good luck on the C25K program! That's what I used both races to get me started. It really is a great program, and if needed, repeat each week twice. I found that helped me a bunch.

    If you ever want to talk about your progress, you're more than welcome to comment on this TR and I'll be sure to encourage you along!
    runDisney is addictive, so once you complete that first course, you'll be anxious to participate in another. Before I found out about my "surprise" I was actually in the process of training for a Disney Half in 2013. One day we'll both get there!

    I take my Spaceship Earth very seriously, as well. Especially during the scene where our vehicles turn backwards. It's so peaceful, I feel completely calm and serene and don't need anyone messing that up. :rotfl:

    Coffee is amazing, and yes, Salted Caramel Mocha Frapps....:lovestruc
  12. MEK

    MEK DIS Veteran

    May 8, 2005
    This is a great picture! Love it.

    What - you cropped out Jen?????? So bummed that I can see is her hair bow? I think?
  13. wakica

    wakica DIS Veteran

    Apr 6, 2007
    wow, you've posted alot since I was here last!! I need to find some time to do a marathon of posts too so I can get on with mine already. It's gonna go on forever i think. LOL

    Congrats first of all!!!!!!!!! Your news is so exciting :banana: Just think of all the new magic you'll experience sharing Disney with a little one!! Everything is so magical to them and it's so amazing to watch their faces light up.

    I loved the firework photos that showed the silhouettes of the people on the beach. Very cool :)

    Sorry about the Nasty little birds. My dd had one poop on her when she was like 9. We had been feeding them pieces of crackers and that's how they thanked us. Bahahaha! DH and I had SUCH a hard time not laughing our heads off bc she was just appaled so we tried our best to control ourselves. Thankfully we had LOTS of wet wipes with us (keep that in mind for your future trips with a little one in tow). So after about 3 wet wipes her hair was as good as new but a little damp. Someone told me it's supposed to mean good luck if a bird poops on you. HAHAHa - not sure if that's true.

    We went to WDW once the end of Oct and beginning of Nov and the fall decor is just GREAT!! It's just so cozy and warm looking. Of course that's how fall does feel which we are experiencing right now. What is it about fall that just feels so good??? Especially when soon after it is miserable old man winter?!?! lol
  14. amazingact21

    amazingact21 Upendi

    Nov 6, 2010

    She asked me to, so I wanted to respect her wishes and not post something she didn't want me to. But yes, that is her Minnie ears! :rotfl:

    I've had a couple free days this month so I decided to crack down a bit and get some updates written.

    Thank you. Alex and I are really excited to begin this new chapter in our life. Alex is over the moon and talks baby with anyone and everyone. Even strangers. :lmao:

    Those rude. I can imagine how a 9 year old would react, though. Bet you and your DH laughed once she was out of earshot. :rotfl:

    The fall decorations are so gorgeous, and you're right, they are so warm and welcoming. Probably apologizing in advance for the horrible winter months. :rotfl2:
  15. teekathepony

    teekathepony DIS Veteran

    Oct 2, 2009
    Holy cow! I missed your news! A very huge congratulations to you both!!!
    April 18th is my father's birthday =)
  16. belleinpink

    belleinpink Mouseketeer

    Mar 3, 2010
    having known the two of you for as long as I have this is just hard to wrap my head around. Lol. But like I told you on Facebook I am soooooo happy for the two of you... I'm calling it now, you're having a girl. Because I need to know more people with girls. Everyone I know has had boys.
  17. Elleshoodat

    Elleshoodat DIS Veteran

    Nov 27, 2010
    Congratulations to you and Alex! May you have a healthy and happy pregnancy. I kinda suspected that's what your news was. You look wonderful!
  18. amazingact21

    amazingact21 Upendi

    Nov 6, 2010
    Thanks! :goodvibes
    we have so many family members who have birthdays around April 18th; everyone keeps telling us we need to push the date forward or backwards. :lmao:

    It's a little crazy when you think about it. I can still remember hanging out with him when I was 15. :eek: But we're really excited, and who knows what'll happen with you and Tim once he gets back from his deployment....:rolleyes1

    Everyone I know has girls, so we both desperately want a boy, but almost everyone has bets down on a girl. If that's the case, I'm screwed when it comes to Disney budgets...BBB anyone???:rotfl2:

    Thank you! :goodvibes So far I've been one of those lucky few that haven't had any terrible symptoms. Just a little food aversion, and I tend to take a short nap in the afternoon. :woohoo:
  19. amazingact21

    amazingact21 Upendi

    Nov 6, 2010
    Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm back from my weekend trip to WDW. :sad1:
    Alex and I already miss it terribly, and we keep mentioning how 3 nights is just a tease. I'm hoping to counteract my post-Disney blues by catching up on everyones PTRs and TRs. I've fallen behind! And hopefully push out an update myself.

    This trip was a new experience for us, and I have to say, I was proven very wrong. I thought with it being so early on in my pregnancy nothing other than the no drinking and the no coasters would change. I ended up being very mistaken and ended up causing myself to be sick half the night. :scared1:

    We had some major ups and some major downs, but all in all we loved the opportunity to visit the parks for a few days and take a quick break from reality. We even got to hang out with the husband of one of the couples we befriended on our cruise last year.

    I'm thinking I'm going to do 4 little updates on the trip, one for each day, just to touch on the highlights. I can't make them too long because I only took 150 pictures. :eek: That, for me, is usually an afternoon's worth. But, as I said, things were different this time around.

    I will say the best part of the trip, by far, was Epcot 30th. Alex and I got there pretty early, so we didn't have to stand in line for very long at any entrance, and the look on Alex's face when he bought all the special limited edition merchandise was priceless. To say he was like a kid in a candy shop would be an understatement. :goodvibes

    All right, I'm off to play catch-up! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a good week so far!
  20. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck DIS Veteran

    Sep 20, 2009
    Oh no, I'm sorry you were sick on your weekend! I'm glad though that you still were able to take a break from everything.
  21. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    Welcome back! Can't wait to hear about EPCOT 30.

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