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Is there really no August 2013 thread yet?

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by mantysk8coach, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. mantysk8coach

    mantysk8coach Proud member of the DIS chapter of NKOTB Anonymous

    I've been watching for an August 2013 code watch thread for a long time - seems like every other month in 2013 is covered, but somehow August got missed! Will I be the only person there in August?

    So - who is hoping for the usual late-August free dining? Looks like it was announced in March last year, so we're in for a wait. :hourglass
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  3. married2mm

    married2mm Mouseketeer

    here in the cloudy,cold u.k. there is currently free dining on offer for august 2013.

    we are looking forward to "free food" once more:)
  4. mari360

    mari360 MiSka MoUSka MiCKeY MoUsE !!!!!!

    I have also been on a watch. I hope they do offer free dining. That would be great especially since my DD 7 LOVES all the character meals.
  5. tami82

    tami82 Mouseketeer

    I have been on watch. Im looking for mid August FD. I think there was a thread a while ago for August
  6. tami82

    tami82 Mouseketeer

    married2mm how did you get a FD offer for August
  7. 2Pirates2Princesses

    2Pirates2Princesses Mouseketeer

    We are hoping for a general public FD offer that includes the third week of August 2013 as that week was excluded in this year's offer but was available for our trip in 2011. We are also hoping the family suites are included as well. I am keeping an open mind about all our options now and am also considering booking a condo offsite just in case. So we need some major pixie dust our way pixiedust:
  8. married2mm

    married2mm Mouseketeer


    free dining is available on wdw uk site for practically all of next year-
    01 Jan - 19 Mar 2013 & 07 Apr - 08 Dec 2013-there is also an added bonus of a
    $100 gift card.

    the bad news is our flights alone are over $5000 :hyper:

    married2mm :)
  9. mommyrosa2

    mommyrosa2 Mouseketeer

    When we were there last month, I was bummed that we couldn't take advantage of the FD BB offer for Aug. 2013 b/c it was starting too late for us - we're looking to go the 2nd week in August. I'm now hoping the "Pin Gods" bless us one more time this year with a discount for next August (we've been fortunate to get pin codes the last 3-4 years in a row). If not, then I'll hope for a R/O discount - If we get nothing, then there'll be no trip next year :sad:
  10. litlpixie

    litlpixie Proudly stalking the CRO since 2001!!

    :goodvibes There's plenty of us going next August (see the Happy Dance Thread-look for August 2013) Theres some of us leftovers from this past August that are going again. Some of us got BB offers for free dining for next August. Sadly, not me-because Im a dork and wasnt paying attention!:crazy2: Sooooo, Im patiently awaiting another code. Would REALLY like FD this time:wizard: so hoping for some pixie dust!

  11. Paradise18

    Paradise18 Mouseketeer

    We are planning to be there next August. I am really hoping the FD bouncebook is still available when we are there next month.:)
  12. sjv919

    sjv919 Member

    Subscribing. Booked FD BB but now waiting for any RO offers to see if I can get a better deal!
  13. KandyM

    KandyM Member

    We are looking at August 2013. Really would have loved free dining but I am not sold on the stay play dine thing. I guess we will have a long wait to see what (if anything) is offered for next Aug.
  14. I had to dig to find the August 2013 thread! Glad I found it :)
  15. adecker08

    adecker08 Earning My Ears

    I have been reading posts all summer and have learned so much! Thanks! I need some advice...Planning first family trip for August 2013. What week would be better to book. I would like to reserve August 18th as that would give me a week to adjust before school starts, but I'm wondering if deals would come out the following week of the 25th. Plane tickets are pretty cheap right now... When should we book...any advice is welcomed! Thanks! :)
  16. mantysk8coach

    mantysk8coach Proud member of the DIS chapter of NKOTB Anonymous

    Free dining usually begins the last week of August. I think it used to start earlier, but looks like the last couple years have been later. We are planning last week of August now too, hoping for free dining. However, it seems like discount patterns are kind of changing this year, so who knows. Anxiously waiting!

    BTW - where are you finding cheap flights? Every airline I have looked at recently doesn't even have schedules open that far ahead yet?
  17. adecker08

    adecker08 Earning My Ears

    Yeah...wait and see :) hope for the best. I have been able to find flights from Philadelphia to Orlando on Kayak for those dates.
  18. Soccer and Swim Mom

    Soccer and Swim Mom Stay at Home Mommy of 2

    Also looking to plan for August 2013. Watching for deals and specials!
  19. 2Pirates2Princesses

    2Pirates2Princesses Mouseketeer

    I agree. I am also not sold on this new stay, play, dine promotion. While it certainly is better than nothing and provides enough of a discount to keep staying onsite an attractive option for many WDW guests, it still wouldn't be as nearly great of a discount for my family as free dining would be. I am keeping my fingers crossed for free dining but I won't hold my breath cause like pp mentioned, it really seems like they are changing what type of promotions they are offering and the dates they offer them; and I think the FL expansion has something to do with that. The fact that there isn't a general public free dining offer for Jan/Feb really says a lot.
  20. Gorechick

    Gorechick Mouseketeer

    This is pretty early for August 2013 discounts unless you get a bounceback while you are there. We went this past August and initially had NO discounts for the week we were going, there was FD before and after our dates. Finally, a room only discount came out early summer for our dates. Expect to wait until Spring for any Summer promotions.
  21. Sofiesmom

    Sofiesmom Earning My Ears

    We will be going from 8/18-8/31 and have free dining. We will be staying at CBR. I am so excited! :woohoo:

    We are also going this December 10-16 with free dining!! :santa: Yay!

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