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Is it hard to book a non-home resort 7 months out?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Kcags, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Kcags

    Kcags Member

    I am trying to buy a DVC resale for 55 points, but my budget is pretty tight. I am trying to stay under $5000. I would love to buy at AK or BLT, but they are more pricey than SS. I am worried if i buy at SS, the rooms at the other resorts will be taken if I try and book at 7 months out. Does anyone have trouble booking a deluxe room in the slower seasons (late september- early december? I don't mind staying at SS, but would like to stay at all of the other resorts more often, especially AK, WL, BLT, and BC. Thanks for the input.
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  3. momto3pirates

    momto3pirates New Member

    Those times are not slow times for dvc. That is food and wine, Columbus holiday, MNSSHP, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Not saying you shouldn't buy SSR,but studios go fast during those months. Will you be disappointed if you have to split resorts or wait list? I have always heard buy where you want to stay.
  4. bobbiwoz

    bobbiwoz <font color=darkorchid>I'm happy to dance with you

    At 7 months you could probably get AKV during your times, but not necessarily the cheaper, value rooms!
  5. rlovew

    rlovew Moderator Moderator

    If you are looking at wanting the cheaper rooms- standard views, value rooms, ect then you will be disappointed if you expect to get them at 7 months during the busiest DVC travel schedule which you are looking at. During F&W BCV, BWV go first then BLT and WL tends to go next but BLT during Oct can go quick for those wanting easy access for MNSSHP. Early Dec are the hardest weeks to get into DVC so most people expect to stay at home resorts and hope to change if they want something else. I know BLT is normally already waitlisted by owners by 7 months during this time.
  6. Kcags

    Kcags Member

    Wow, I never would have thought those were busier times. I guess I should look at buying 50 points instead of 55 and trying to get one of my more preferred resorts.
  7. drusba

    drusba <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/index.

    At WDW, what you will find at 7 months out is the following.

    1. First week of December is the highest DVC demand week of the year, followed by Dec 23 to Jan 2, followed by the second week of Dec. During that time it is extremely difficult to get anything other than SSR, OKW and savanna or standard view at AKV and even those AKV and OKW rooms and the Treehouse Villas at SSR have a risk of being gone first week of Dec and some risk the second week of Dec and time around NYE. NYE is the highest demand night of the year.

    2. Added to that, DVC's highest demand quarter by far is from the end of Sep, when Food & Wine begins, through marathon weekend in Jan. During much of that time, the near park resorts (BLT, BCV and BWV -- VGF does not have a track record yet but probably will be similar to those three) are difficult to get unless you are looking for no more than two and possibly three consecutive nights. Also the middle two weeks of Oct, Veterans Day weekend and Thanksgiving time approach in demand those high demand weeks in Dec noted above and there can days when AKV, SSR treehouses, and even OKW are gone; VWL is also usually gone tome around Thanskgiving and has a a risk in the middle of Oct and veterans Day weekend . There are three moderate demand weeks during that period when you can usually succeed in getting a near park resort (except for "usual suspects" noted below): the week before the week Thanksgiving is in, the third week in Dec, and the time from Jan 3 to the Wednesday before marathon weekend.

    3. In comparison to that high demand quarter, the rest of the year, mid-Jan through most of Sep is a piece of cake. Other than usual suspects, you can usually get a near park resort (such as BLT lake view, BWV pool/garden) at 7 months out including during holidays during that period (e.g., it is easier to get time around Easter and July 4 than it is marathon weekend in Jan). The once believed high demand spring break weeks are actually easy to get at 7 months out. The highest demand period during those spring break weeks when near park resorts may actually be difficult is the weekend in latter part of Feb when Disney has the Princess half-marathon. Particularly easy times during that period (when many things at near park resorts are open well beyond the 7 month window)include first two weeks of Feb, last part of Feb after the Princess half-marathon weekend through first two weeks of March, last week of April, and Sep until the last few days.

    4. Usual Suspects: there are certain categories of rooms that are gone at 7 months out most of the year: (a) AKV club level, for which there are only 10 possible rooms (5 2BR lock-offs that can become 5 studios and 5 1BRs), and those are seldom available except for a random night or two most of the year and in fact are often gone even before one's 11 month window opens (taken by those who have arrival dates shortly before yours who can reserve up to 7 nights from date of arrival); (b) OKW grand villas near the Hospitality House (a booking category) which are usually gone long before the 7 month window opens (however other OKW GVs are usually open at 7 months out except, peculiarly, for a short period in mid-June and except for the higher demand times during that high demand quarter; (c) BWV grand villas, although you can sometimes find those available during the particularly easy times mentioned in 3 above; (d) AKV value rooms except sometimes (and only sometimes) during those particularly easy times; (e) BLT standard view (with some but not much chance to get lucky during some of those particularly easy times); (f) BWV standard and boardwalk view except for some chance to get them during the particularly easy times and even possibly outside those once in a while between mid-Jan and end of Sep. Also, BCV studios and BLT theme park studios have some risk of being gone a day or two during holiday times from mid-Jan through Sep.

    5. 1BRs are usually the last to be reserved and can often be found when nothing else is open at 7 months out even for some of those usual suspects and at times during the high demand quarter. GVs except for BWV and the OKW ones at Hospitality House are usually open during the mid-Jan through end of Sep period (except other OKW GVs may be gone in mid June and BLT lake view GVs can sometimes be gone).

    6. SSR is open year round at 7 months out except GVs can be gone first week of Dec and time around NYE and Treehouses can be gone during middle two weeks of Oct. Thanksgiving time, marathon weekend and the three high demand weeks in Dec. AKV standard and savanna view and OKW except Hospitality House area are also usually open most of the year at 7 months out except for some risk otherwise noted above (similar to treehouses). When looking beyond 7 month window, SSR, AKV and OKWE often stay open well beyond the 7 month window and SSR is usually the last to fill.

    7. If you intend to use the 7 month window it is wise to make reservation exactly 7 months out particularly for any near park resort. Waiting a day can often mean the difference in getting what you want and not at a near park resort during busy periods. Moreover, if something like a usual suspect is open, it is wise to reserve on-line at exactly 8 a.m. eastern 7 months out because waiting for the phone lines to open at 9 may be too late. Also, even for hard to get reservations, wait lists have worked for many. Moreover, you can sometimes get lucky after the 7 month window opens by just checking often to see if what you want might have opened because others have cancelled or changed reservations.

    VGF has no definite pattern yet but I am guessing it will follow BLT as being difficult during the high demand quarter but open many other times of year except for the studios. It has only 47 studios and thus there is likely going to be a risk those will be difficult much of the year.
  8. disneynutz

    disneynutz <br><img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/i

    If it was easy to book at non-home resorts at 7 months, everyone would own only SSR.

    We own at 6 resorts for a reason. :thumbsup2

    :earsboy: Bill
  9. IggyLans

    IggyLans New Member

    We own SSR, but we never have had a problem booking a non-home resort at 7 months out, even for the busier times.... We even got BWV for NYE and F&W... We go to Vero every year for Spring Break, and went to HHI for the 4th of July this year....
  10. bobbiwoz

    bobbiwoz <font color=darkorchid>I'm happy to dance with you

    You are extremely lucky! We own at BWV for NYE and HHI for our every other year 4th of July trip. I do not regret owning at those resorts, we have never not gotten what we want, when we want to go. Now, VB, we own for BCs...those are fabulous!

    I think for sure there are more reports of people NOT getting what you have gotten, when you got them.
  11. wildernessDad

    wildernessDad New Member

    You would be searching for quite some time before you found a 55 point contract. I mean, there are probably some out there, but to find one for sale would probably be a rare thing. Even 50 point contracts go quickly, so make sure you get on a mailing list to be notified when those contracts become available.
  12. Kcags

    Kcags Member

    Thanks for the help. I am on mailing lists already. Once I get an email of new listings, they are usually sale pending by the time i get home from work at 4. Can i still put in an offer at this point?
  13. Deb & Bill

    Deb & Bill DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Honorable Mention

    If you offer more than the first offer. Highest offer usually gets it.

    But 50 points isn't going to get you much, even in a studio. Even OKW requires 76-152 points for a week in a studio.
  14. Kcags

    Kcags Member

    Ok, i didnt know if sale pending meant if the offer was accepted or not. And yes i know, we were going to visit every other year with 100 points.
  15. chalee94

    chalee94 <font color=green>I thought all sand was ground up

    It does mean that the offer was accepted but it might still fall through...
  16. Deb & Bill

    Deb & Bill DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Honorable Mention

    If you want to use the least number of points, you need to buy AKV. A AKV Value studio goes for 69-118 points for a week. And you need AKV to book those villas.
  17. bighoo93

    bighoo93 New Member

    Unless they didn't know it was easy...
  18. cel_disney

    cel_disney New Member

    We own at BLT and travel the first weekend of F&W (end of sept/ early October).

    In 2012, we had a BLT Standard 1 bedroom booked and on our 7 month window I checked and we could have moved anywhere - including BW, BC, and AKL. We opted NOT to change because we figured since we snagged a standard room at BLT we should enjoy a trip on low points there, but going online RIGHT at 7 months, I could get a one bedroom at those places. As discusses earlier by dsruba - one bedrooms are usually the last to go so YMMV.
  19. misskari

    misskari New Member

    I'm thankful to have found this thread, lots of great info!
  20. bakerworld

    bakerworld New Member

    AKL is our initial contract. We reserve at the 11-month mark to get the value studios and then switch at 7-months. Consequently in 5 years we've only stayed at AKL 3 times - one was the day before a cruise so I don't know whether to count that. We've had no issue switching to our preference at the 7 month mark between January thru September. October has been an issue so we actually bought a small 55 pt contract for BCV this summer which we plan to use every other year.
  21. tomandrobin

    tomandrobin New Member

    Ouch.....That hurts!

    Do you know what the cheapest resort to own and stay?

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