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If you could speak to Bob Iger about DVC at the Poly.....

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Jennygt, May 13, 2013.


My thoughts about plans for DVC at the Poly

  1. Please dont!! This will ruin the relaxing atmosphere.

  2. One building perhaps, current plans are too much.

  3. I love all the plans as they are!!!

  4. Not sure how I feel

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  1. Jennygt

    Jennygt Mouseketeer

  2. Avatar

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  3. Jennygt

    Jennygt Mouseketeer

    I think that most people who look at what are the current plans ,it is a bit much for the size of the property. DVC will not change the current buildings too much, just crowd the property.
  4. carmie3377

    carmie3377 Hi, I'm Carmen and I'm a Disneyholic.

    Would love to see these too. We LOVE the Poly and it is our favorite resort so far. But unless we get one heck of a deal (like the $199/nt we got last fall) we will not stay there as I just won't spend the insane amount they charge. However, we have considered adding on and probably would at the Poly :thumbsup2
  5. Jennygt

    Jennygt Mouseketeer

    Some of the unofficial poly sites have them up. Looks like 2 new 5 floor buildings, Tahiti all DVC, 20 grand villas out over the water in front of Tahiti , and a new pool.
  6. buzznina

    buzznina Mouseketeer

    Put the $$ towards a complete re-haul of the monorail system.
  7. jw50

    jw50 <font color=purple>I might make it sound more emba

    I don't think anyone outside of Disney Imagineering, Disney management, and their contractors (if they have really gotten that far) have seen any real plans. I am not even aware of any concept art that has been leaked.

    Tikiman has a photoshopped resort map based on information that he got from his Poly "sources" that may or may not be accurate. Obviously he doesn't identify his sources and while they may provide him with whatever information they have been told that doesn't mean that they are in a position to have seen any official plans or know what they official schedules are. Their information may be second or third hand and we all know that Disney's plans and schedules are notoriously subject to change.
  8. kaysmommie

    kaysmommie DIS Veteran

    I totally agree! :thumbsup2 So glad I'm staying at the Poly once more before construction starts. We will probably go back to Beach Club for our next trip.
  9. Jennygt

    Jennygt Mouseketeer

    That is a very good point. Perhaps it will not be as extensive as reported, i guess we will have to wait and see. Historicaly is disney very tighed lipped about dvc plans? I remember being at wdw when BLT was going up and cast members claiming they did not know what it was.
  10. Jennygt

    Jennygt Mouseketeer

    I wish I could get in one more trip before this mess starts but I don't think so:( planning a back up for possible next Aug, DH and Ds are not happy about it.
  11. Sue M

    Sue M DIS Veteran

    I voted for 1 building only, the one at the end toward wedding Pavillion. Adding a hot tub and another pool would be nice, as volcano pool is too small.
    I think the current plans are awful, cramming more buildings, and adding the villas on the water will ruin what was once a beautiful, relaxing resort, with pretty landscaping.
  12. Jennygt

    Jennygt Mouseketeer

    That is just about what I am thinking as well.
  13. Jennygt

    Jennygt Mouseketeer

    I think right now I would also like to know the time table for construction, what will be down when. That way I can make some decisions about where we will stay next summer, don't want to get stuck in the middle of gch rehab or major stuff by the pool or beach.
  14. Jennygt

    Jennygt Mouseketeer

    Now I am wondering why they bothered to rehab longhouses that are going to be torn down?
  15. Missyrose

    Missyrose DIS Veteran

    Tikiman reported on Facebook that Phase 1 of Poly DVC will be completed in 2015.
  16. Jennygt

    Jennygt Mouseketeer

    Thanks, I did see that, I wonder what is " phase one" and when will "phase 2" start?
  17. tsme

    tsme Mouseketeer

    I really wish they would not add DVCs to the Poly. The resort is small & wonderful just the way it is. Adding DVC (IMO) will ruin the resort & take away everything that we love about it.
    I agree with the other poster who suggested a DVC resort on its own.
  18. I think it's a fantastic idea. The DVC at BLT did not add a significant load to the monorail. It remains to be seen what effect the GF will have on the load.

    I was not tempted to add on more DVC points at GF, but might be tempted for the Poly.
  19. Missyrose

    Missyrose DIS Veteran

    I *believe* Phase one will be the villas built into the pre existing long houses.
  20. Jennygt

    Jennygt Mouseketeer

    I just saw that Spirit of Aloha will be stopping shows as of Oct 1? I guess we could assume that is where they wil start construction?
  21. jakeybake

    jakeybake Mouseketeer

    I just wish they would leave well enough alone. I understand that the DVC is a big money maker for them and that is basically their bottom line, but why take away from the charm of resorts like the GF and Poly? Like a previous poster has mentioned, bulid something somewhere else. Lord knows you have the space.

    I thought they did it right with OKW and later on, SSR. Look at what happened with the BCV. They built it and now Storm Along Bay is jammed packed all summer. Think about all of the additional guests who now pile into these resorts.

    Getting a dining reservation at Ohana is hard enough. Good luck to anyone trying to get one once the DVC is built there. It will be a mess.

    We are BC fans first and foremost and only stay there. That being said we frequently visit the monorail resorts during our vacations. I have always loved the charm and feel of the Poly and the elegance of the GF (not a CR fan) and feel like some of that will be compromised with the addition of DVC.

    I think it's a real shame.


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