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I want to try all new restaurants!

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by julie4423, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. julie4423

    julie4423 New Member

    I need suggestions on new places as we want to do nothing but new restaurants on our next trip. This is going to be tough as we have our favorites. We're open to any meal anywhere on property. We have free dining, so I want to keep most as 1 TS credit meals. The places we have been are Biergarten, Boma dinner, 50s PT, SciFi, Tutto Italia, Via Napoli, Le Cellier, Akershus, Rose & Crown, and GFC. As you can see we need to expand our horizons. :) Thanks in advance for any help!
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  3. magicbob

    magicbob New Member

    Sanaa (AKL)
    Captain's Grille (YC)
    Teppan Edo (EPCOT)
    Mama Melrose (DHS)
    Yak & Yeti (AK)
    Ohana (Poly)
  4. rteetz

    rteetz New Member

    You could try the new be our guest I haven't been there yet but its new.

    disney lover at heart
  5. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph New Member

    You could try the dinner buffet at Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club. It is our favorite TS restaurant. Just walk out the International Gateway located between England and France in the WS and you are a five minute walk from the restaurant. The food is delicious.
  6. sephorachick

    sephorachick New Member

    MK- Liberty Tree Tavern, Plaza
    DHS: Sci-Fi Drive-In is fun great shakes & burgers
    WL: Whispering Canyon is always fun
    Kona Cafe bfast! YUM
    I'm not help w/ AK I've never eaten here besides Ice cream
    Epcot: Tutto Gusto, Sunshine Seasons

    HTH! :wizard:
  7. julie4423

    julie4423 New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions so far! Some were already on my radar, and some were not. I should have said that this is a trip for 2 adults, but we act like kids at wdw. We love the character interactions and fun experiences, but not if the food quality is terrible.
  8. Windsor Princesses

    Windsor Princesses New Member

    We really enjoy Kona at the Poly. It comes with delicious bread to start with and the service is wonderful!
  9. julie4423

    julie4423 New Member

    Thank you for the reminder on this one! I totally forgot that after our last trip we decided we had to try this. We toured almost every resort, so I know exactly where it is. :)
  10. mom2AidanAndEli

    mom2AidanAndEli Active Member

    We're planning our 4th trip in August and my DS13 challenged me to come up with all completely new places for our TS meals. He's very adamant that we not do anything we've done before! I think it's partly because he's usually a creature of habit and I'm always after him to try new things!

    Anyway...for our new experiences we've settled on Boma, Mama Melrose (Fantasmic package), Wolfgang Puck, Teppan Edo. We're still holding out hope to get in Ohana one night. And the last one is still a toss up between Trail's End dinner buffet and Tony's at MK. I can't comment on any of them, since they're all new to us!

    I would totally recommend Whispering Canyon. Coral Reef is a great atmosphere. The Cape May buffet was very good, especially you really enjoy seafood. We had fun at Planet Hollywood. Liberty Tree dinner was delicious--think Thanksgiving dinner!
  11. Cafeen

    Cafeen New Member

    Sanaa (AKV), Jiko (AKL), San Angel Inn (Epcot/Mexico), and Artist Point (WL) were some of my favorites from last trip.

    For a bit more simple fare, The Plaza and Liberty Tree Tavern (Lunch) are both decent.

    (I did miss the 1TS preference, but leaving those up there just because)
  12. Itinkso

    Itinkso Faith.Trust.Pixie Dust

    Sanaa @ AKL, Jiko too but it is 2TS
    Turf Club @ Saratoga Springs
    The Wave @ Contemporary
    Kona @ Poly

    Teppan Edo
    Yak and Yeti

    And, if you are ever paying OOP, our favorite is bluezoo @ the Dolphin!
  13. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph New Member

    I've only heard good things about Trail's End and bad things about Tony's. We haven't been to either, but I want to try Trail's End on our next trip. The food is supposed to be really good and it is supposed the be the lowest price buffet (breakfast and dinner) at WDW.
  14. mom2AidanAndEli

    mom2AidanAndEli Active Member

    I've heard really good things about Trail's End, too. We're looking to do the dinner there, I think. Although people rave about the breakfast!

    I've heard very mixed about Tony's. That's one that I'm actually more interested in the atmosphere than the food! I love Lady & The Tramp and have heard the atmosphere and service are good---food leaving a little to be desired for many.
  15. julie4423

    julie4423 New Member

    Sanaa is another of interest. Boma was ok, but not a big deal for us. Seating at Sanaa is key though correct? Is there a way to score a good table?

    `The 1TS credit thing kind of sucks, but free dining is the pin I got for when I want to go. I'll take any discount I can get. We're going at the en of F&W as well.
  16. Princess MaryPoppins

    Princess MaryPoppins Cast Member 2008 - Magic Kingdom

    BOMA - Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Citricos - Grand Floridian (Get a 7.30 ressy so you can catch the 10pm fireworks after)
    Ohana - Polynesian
    Beaches and Cream - Beach Resort

    Magic Kingdom:
    No particular favourites, but Crystal Palace is always fun

    Chefs De France
    Le Cellier
    Morocco quick service
    The Tepenyaki at Japan is fun too, but you can go to Kobe off site and it's much cheaper.
  17. jjl181

    jjl181 New Member

    MK - Be Our Guest, Crystal Palace
    Epcot - Teppan Edo, Coral Reef
    Hollywood - Mama Melrose
    AK - Tusker House

    Hotels - 'Ohana at Poly
    Cape May at Beach Club
    Whispering Canyon at Wilderness Lodge

    Happy Dining! :goodvibes
  18. germ539

    germ539 Goofy is my favorite

    If you would like a good down home cooking buffet, you need to visit the Fort Wilderness buffet for dinner. We ate there twice last week and for the money (I think it's the cheapest buffet on Disney) it is worth it and filling.:thumbsup2
  19. Minniesgal

    Minniesgal New Member

    Sanaa, Kona Cafe, The Wave, Flying Fish, Narcosses, Artists point, California grill
  20. mommy2paisley

    mommy2paisley New Member

    Tusker House
    1900 Park Fare (breakfast or dinner, we liked both, though service wasn't great)
    Crystal Palace
    Narcoosee's (2 TS credits but sooooo worth it imo)
    Jiko (again 2 TS credits)
    CRT (even with no kids, I'd still go, lol)
    'Ohana (only been to breakfast and loved it but heard dinner is great too)
    Chefs de France

    We did all these in November last year and will be doing them again this November, liked them all.
  21. disneyhorselover

    disneyhorselover Rebel Spy

    I've enjoyed and would recommend...

    Tusker House Breakfast (AK)
    Yak and Yeti Dinner (AK)
    Garden Grill Dinner (EPCOT)
    Coral Reef Dinner (EPCOT)
    Crystal Palace Dinner (MK)
    Liberty Tree Tavern Dinner (MK)
    1900 Park Fare Breakfast (GF) The strawberry soup is amazing!

    Several of these are character meals as well.

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