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Howdy! FW Cabin FAQ Thread!!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by ConcKahuna, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. jwfla422

    jwfla422 DIS Veteran/Philly Native

    They do have internet access but not wireless in the living room area. As of right now, there aren't any rooms on Disney property that have wireless.
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  3. Lehuaann

    Lehuaann <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE> <img src=http://www.e

    Wireless isn't available for the cabins, however, high speed cable internet is.

    Cabins and Preferred campsites can rent a cable modem kit to have high speed Internet access. A Local Area Network (LAN) cable is required. The necessary modem kit is rented at the Front Desk in the Outpost. A $125 refundable deposit is required and the kits should be reserved in advance or will most likely not be available. Cost is $9.95 for 24 contiguous hours.

  4. sahbushka

    sahbushka New Member

    Does anyone know what hours the Meadow Trading Post is open? I will be there mid November!

  5. Lisa0620

    Lisa0620 New Member

    Are there any rumours about when the cabins will next be refurbed? We would stay there in a hearbeat if they would add a queen bed like they have in some of the other moderates... even if it was a Murphy bed :)
  6. Lehuaann

    Lehuaann <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE> <img src=http://www.e

    Lisa0620; The cabins were refurbished in 08 so not sure how long before it's done again. A queen might fit in the bedroom - but would be extremely tight. And the murphy bed would possibly require a lot of work. The bed frame, cabinets are all built-in, thus expanding might require reframing the windows.

    I will be say from personal experience that between staying pre-furb 07 and post-furb 08 there wasn't a huge difference; just fabrics/some furniture - possible the carpet which appeared to look like the same wooly plaid. The walls/flooring are wood so no changes there and everything else remained the same.

    Also wanted to share since we were there last week - 32" flat screens have been installed. :yay: Not sure how recent these were done, but they appeared brand new. That was a nice surprise upon returning. And the cabin was nice and clean. I'll try to post pics later. :thumbsup2
  7. GinnyBear's_mom

    GinnyBear's_mom I say we start with dessert & go backwards; its be

    We have an 8:05am ADR at Crystal Palace on a day when MK opens at 9. We are planning on leaving the cabins at 7am to catch the bus to the marina but will the boats be running around 7:30am? If not, how can we get to our ADR on time?
  8. Lehuaann

    Lehuaann <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE> <img src=http://www.e

    During our trip, the boats ran 30 min prior to opening. I was a bit shocked since it used to be 1 hr.

    Your only options are the internal-to-external buses or a cab.
  9. Colleen27

    Colleen27 New Member

    IIRC the loop to the Contemporary starts very early, like 6:30ish. We took that one to get to an early tour at the MK. The MK boat doesn't start running until 8 or 8:30 so it isn't good for pre-park opening meals or tours, but if you don't want to take the bus you can hop the boat to the Contemporary and walk from there.
  10. GinnyBear's_mom

    GinnyBear's_mom I say we start with dessert & go backwards; its be

    Thanks so much- I think taking the Contemporary boat and walking to MK might beat taking the bus!
  11. dato63

    dato63 New Member

    Okay, I know these questions may hit someone as really silly/stupid - but I'm just trying to figure this out.

    Has anyone ever stayed in the cabins that flew & took Magical Express to get there?

    We love FW Cabins. Just love them. In the past we would drive, and bring our own golf cart with us. But my DH no longer wants to drive. I'm just curious how people that might fly in get their luggage to their cabins. Do you use the internal bus system to haul your luggage there?
  12. Lehuaann

    Lehuaann <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE> <img src=http://www.e

    I'm thinking for a YES class? I wished they'd told us that at the marina...:headache:

    I've never used DME, but just wanted to add that you can have bell services hold your luggage at the front desk and call to have them deliver to your cabin once it's ready. We've done this when switching resorts.

    However, will you be renting a golf cart? You could also leave your luggage with bell services and pick them up later with your cart when your room is ready...or transfer yourself via internal bus.
  13. 02AggieGirl

    02AggieGirl New Member

    Do the all cabins have internet access? Thanks~
  14. Tinker12

    Tinker12 New Member

    There is Internet access but it is not wifi. I believe you will need to pay for the access.
  15. patclairesmom

    patclairesmom New Member

    We're all booked for the cabins. :banana::banana: It will be myself, my 2 kids and my father. I think this will be an ideal setup as my father can have the murphy bed and me and the kids will have the bedroom.
  16. patclairesmom

    patclairesmom New Member

    Quick question about the coffee maker in the cabins. Do they provide filters? If they don't, is it a basket or cone filter?
  17. hushupu

    hushupu New Member

    We have flown in and taken ME bags are delivered to your room. Last time I was there we used an offsite service to rent a golf cart. Sorry I dont remember the name but I do remember it was less than half the price they charge at the fort. It was delivered and picked up and was well worth the price.
  18. zuperdaave

    zuperdaave New Member

    When we went (granted it was almost 2 years ago), I believe it was the pre-filled packets (coffee inside a filter) that most hotel rooms have. You just drop the whole thing in the basket. So no need to worry about bringing your own filters. Have a great time!!
  19. Lehuaann

    Lehuaann <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE> <img src=http://www.e

    They offer pre-filled drop-in packages of coffee, no filters required.

    However, if you wanna bring your own coffee the maker uses basket style filters, and they're sold at the general store.
  20. dissybroad

    dissybroad MNSSHP 2014

    My experience with Orlando Golf Cart Rental:

    Seemed like a great deal, $700 for two 4 person carts for 10 days vs. $1200 for WDW carts.

    Day of arrival only one cart was in the overflow parking lot. Driver kept insisting that both carts were there. I spent hours on buses, walking the lot, and on the phone trying to obtain 2nd cart. It was a mix up between driver and office. Finally Danny delivered cart #2 the next day.

    Midweek one cart started slowing down until we could walk faster than cart could go. That was with charging all night. Many phone calls later got a replacement cart, a return that was parked in the overflow lot.

    By Saturday the other cart slowed down too and I returned it to the lot, but the promised replacement was never delivered.

    By Sunday the remaining cart slowed down so that we had to push it into the parking area.

    I called Danny on Monday and asked for a refund for two carts for the last two days of the reservation and for one cart for the previous two days. He said he would "get back to me to see what we could do", but he hasn't so far.

    I went to the website and it says "unavailable". Will try tomorrow to call and request refund.

    I'd avoid making reservations with Orlando Golf Cart Rentals at this point.:mad:
  21. MamaJessie

    MamaJessie New Member

    dissybroad - what a huge pain :headache: Thanks for the heads up!
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