How long is system upgrade supposed to last?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by LovinPooh, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Oct 14, 2007
    Agreed 100%.
    Why would you buy airfare thru Disney anyway?:sad2:
    You will never get a better price that way, or a price adjustment if fares drop.
    As Frontier told you, Disney travel company are buying bulk tickets.
    Book your own airfare.
    Afraid you will just have to use this $1000 as an expensive lesson.
    By the way, the resorts, parks, travel company, etc, are all separate divisions.

    Edit to add quote from you, OP:
    "When I look online, I find that if you search for 3 tickets the price is in fact roughly $500 per ticket. When you search for an individual round trip flight, it's less than $175 per person."

    Disney looked for 3 tickets, not "search for individual round trip flight", as would any travel agent. So by your own experience, the lowest it would be $1500 ($500 X 3), so what you actually got thru Disney. If you want to do as you suggest, again, you have to book yourself.
    Airlines frequently advertise low prices---getting those to work for you is a different story.
    To get what you want, do it yourself.
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  3. bumbershoot

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    Mar 5, 2007
    I'm sorry; they owe you nothing. I went straight to the Frontier website and looked it up.

    You didn't buy your ticket through them. Therefore, your tickets do not qualify for their guarantee.

    When we buy tickets that do not qualify for a credit or refund, we owe it to ourselves to know this and to *stop looking*. If I book a ticket on Delta that's about $100, knowing that a change fee would be about that same $100, I'm NEVER going to look back once I book it. But if I book on Alaska, I will look, because they will give me a credit.

    But if I book, for example, a Disneyland package through Alaska, I'm fairly certain that I will not qualify for that credit, and so I will NEVER check the airfare after I've booked.

    I'm sorry you looked up the airfare. :grouphug:

    On the other hand, since they seem to only have one ticket in that lower price "bucket", you wouldn't have been able to get them all for that cheap price anyway. Maybe you could have gotten one at that $175, but the other two would probably have been at the $500 mark, and that wouldn't have been much different.

    It's just how airfares work. In the future, you'll know that you might very well be able to get that airfare for less by booking it yourself.

  4. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 DIS Veteran

    Feb 17, 2010
    Mimicking PPs with Disney not owing on this one.

    I don't fly, but what the other posters have said makes absolute sense. It is my personal opinion that what you pay for airfare is what you pay for it. Costs may go up or down from the time of purchase - like gas. You either get lucky with the lower price, or feel like you should have waited.

    But again, I don't fly. The reasoning posted above makes perfect sense for airlines that offer price changing.

    But if Frontier won't make those tickets cheaper for Disney, they certainly shouldn't eat the cost which is what they would be doing if they refunded the difference before Frontier gave it back to the... and Frontier doesn't want to do that.
  5. loveshak22

    loveshak22 DIS Veteran

    Dec 27, 2006
    Disney can't do anything for you unfortunately and neither can Frontier. You could get the refund if you had purchased from Frontier and the reduced prices are for the same itinerary - this is when the Price Match Guarantee kicks in potentially (I'd have to read the policy). Disney just booked based on what prices they found at the time they looked for you. They aren't trying to find savings for you. They just look up the cost and basically book it for you. And with airfares what you get is pretty much what your stuck with.

    I've never flown with Frontier but what I'd do is try to contact Frontier and tell them you want to change your tickets. You should be able to rebook your tickets at a cost of between $50 - $100 a ticket ($150 - $300 for 3 people) depending on what class ticket you have: Then you should be able to get the cheaper tickets and get the refund for the difference in fare after you pay the fees. You won't save the entire $1,000 but if they let you do this then you could still save $700+.

    Although they may also charge an external ticket handling fee if Disney issued your ticket: But it looks like that's $25. So even paying the fee for the changes you should still come out ahead.

    Worst case scenario, not knowing the airlines policies, you may not get the money refunded but you might get a credit for future flights.
  6. lylone

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    Jan 7, 2011
    MK was a press party event and HS was PopWarner event.
    Both were not open to the public and hence were PRIVATE. So, after 7p traffic was a mess and we sat on a bus not moving for 30 minutes in the HS parking lot.
    I think they should have had the events on different days. Only thing left to do was Epcot, DTD or run around screaming at the resort like most kids did that night.

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