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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by kccmommy, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. kccmommy

    kccmommy New Member

    Can someone give me the quick description of how it works? I've been trying to piece it all together. Gift certificates are $25, then how do you get the credit. Does it go straight to your credit card or is it a credit for future purchase?
    I want to get our Park hopper passes, some meal vouchers and some gift cards for Christmas, and I know you will help me make sure I can get every discount available. Thanks!:wave2:
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  3. pplasky

    pplasky New Member

    The $5 credit for gift cards comes 2-3 months later on your credit card. You must still be an active member to get the discount. I joined, bought my PHP's and some movie tickets and cancelled. Our trip isn't until July, but I know the PHP's will be going up shortly after the new year. I am going to rejoin, after May, to get the meal vouchers. Good Luck.
  4. kccmommy

    kccmommy New Member

    Thank you, this clears up a lot!
  5. boucheresq

    boucheresq Mouseketeer<br><font color="dark green">Broke her

    I'm sorry, dumb me, I still don't get it - can someone tell me the complete process? I want to buy 2 4-day park hoppers for $208 each - how do I go about it? thanks!
  6. stacieps

    stacieps New Member

    The Gift Certificates have a 20% rebate credited back to your credit card the first week of the month following your purchase (not 2-3 months). Ex-I bought quite a few GCs at a couple of different times in October. On November 2, my credit card was credited with $110 (the total rebate for all Oct orders, not done separately). No problems at all with this - you can join sometime after the first week of the month, buy your GCs, get your rebate the following month and still have time to cancel within your 30 day trial if you want.

    Disney PHs--after you join there are several different sections to the site, Restaurants, Stores, Theme Parks, etc. You pick theme parks, then you pick Disney Parks and select the type of ticket you want and add it to your cart (all taxes are included in the price you see).

    Disney Meal Vouchers - again under Theme Parks, but then there is a separate selection for Disney Meals (not same place as park tickets). Again, select what you want and the price is as shown.

    Standard shipping is free. I received my orders both in less than a week, probably 4-5 days. I just made a third order today so I'll pay one month memebership before I cancel (but with the money I'm saving on GCs, well worth the $7.95). I've stocked up with $300-$400 for toy stores and a couple hundred for Target/K-Mart, so I can do my Christmas shopping and I've bought Olive Garden/Red Lobster to give as gifts as well.

    If you order GCs, your "shopping cart" will tell you how much you'll be getting back in the rebate.

    I'm new to HWSC, just joined in Oct, but if you have any other questions, I'll try to answer.
  7. mom23guys2

    mom23guys2 <font color=FF99FF>Longs to hear....."A table for

    Do they have Outback Gift Cards? and other restaurants? I'm just waiting another week before joining but though I'd try planning some Christmas presents.
  8. stacieps

    stacieps New Member

    The restaurants I can remember are Outback, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Steak & Ale, and Chuck E Cheese (these are only $10, everything else has been $25). There are a couple other restaurants but I can't remember them.

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