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Homemade FE gifts - Part 2

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by KarlaG4Kids, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Dream_2011

    Dream_2011 Member

    The key fob hardware only found on eBay last week I went to any places and the craft store didnt know what was that so I Orden them on eBay. And the ribbon It came very fast too.
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  3. GoofTroop

    GoofTroop Member

    Thanks guys! Finally found what I was looking for. Except I noticed the Mickey rings are gold plated, but I couldn't find the key fobs to match the color (they are silver)....So just doing the circular rings.....Bummer!
  4. wmharley

    wmharley Mouseketeer

  5. Dislaney4n6

    Dislaney4n6 Mouseketeer

    My July cruise only has about 8 cabins w/ less than 30 people. I think it is all just a crap shoot. I am leaving out of NYC... I have a feeling that there will be a lot of 'new to DCL' individuals.
  6. ranidayz

    ranidayz DIS Veteran is a....... Caribbean Amphibian

    I think the number really varies. On my upcoming cruise, we have 55 families, 61 cabins and over 200 people - some are really experienced Disney Cruisers and some are total cruise newbies. FE is fun no matter what!
  7. golfnsuch

    golfnsuch Member

    Hi there. Wow! It sounds like there will be a lot of key fobs going into FE's this year.

    Here are the suppliers I used:
    Ribbon - eBay: ribbon-scraps
    Mouse split ring - eBay: wholesale-charm
    Hardware & Webbing - sewphisticated stitcher or discount embroidery blanks

    As for tools, I started using pliers with a washcloth to protect the hardware from being scratched. Then I found a flat jaw welding clamp from Harbor Freight Tools which worked just as well.

    Have fun!
  8. DisneyDream2B

    DisneyDream2B Member

    I love these key fobs!
    Do you think these would hold up if I just glued the ribbon, without stitching? (I don't have a sewing machine).
  9. golfnsuch

    golfnsuch Member

    You could probably skip sewing the ribbon to the webbing if you used the Heat-n-Bond, however, I don't think they would hold up long-term without stitching the ends together. The webbing may fray or the side that the hardware teeth don't grab may come loose.

    Maybe do a test. Then tug, pull and otherwise give it some wear and tear to see the results.

    Good luck!
  10. postesf

    postesf Keep Pushing

    Honest opinion... My cruise leaves in 37 days so I'm majorly running out of time. This is my first Disney Cruise and first FE exchange. I am planning to do one per person. That's about 170 items. I can't go too big or I will go broke! :goodvibes With the help of the DISigns board, I was planning to do something like a matchbook(small from a restaurant) with an individual lifesaver or mint inside. It's the DCL theme with either Mickey, Minnie...on it. Is that too cheesy/cheap? Should I try to do something else too? All these gifts look amazing! I don't feel mine is adequate enough... :guilty:
  11. LemonPie

    LemonPie Member

    I think it sounds really cute. For us it is not really about the gifts (although some are great) My DD just loved that there was something in her FE and for us it was also getting out and around the ship. I say go for it.:thumbsup2
  12. clarefb

    clarefb Member




    Some key chains & matching American Girl doll & girl bows:goodvibes
  13. dolphingirl47

    dolphingirl47 <font color=green>I will post my goodies once I am

    They are all amazing.

  14. srauchbauer

    srauchbauer Mouseketeer

    I have so many ideas in my head that I can't decide on which one I want to make for the family gift. So my thoughts are either:
    a. a memory word book "Dream"
    b. an autograph/scrap book
    c. a 6x6 calendar that would double as a scrap book. The calendar would be for 2013.

    If you were cruising with me which one would you want? I know it's hard to decide without a pic but I have not created one of each yet.

  15. twokats

    twokats Mouseketeer

    May I ask where you got your charms from? You did a really great job.
  16. clarefb

    clarefb Member

    Yes! They are all off Ebay, shipped from China - so it takes a while. Then the bottle caps for the key chains are actually in the scrapping section at craft stores. I removed the sticky part & on the back side stuck a DCL logo (the same as the one on the bows) & covered with an epoxy dome :)

    I can probably trace back the seller name if you are interested?
  17. twokats

    twokats Mouseketeer

    That would be great. I have a partial idea for the future and they would work in just right.
  18. Diana Schulz

    Diana Schulz Earning My Ears

    I love the key ring! You did a great job!!!
  19. Diana Schulz

    Diana Schulz Earning My Ears

    Great job!
  20. wmharley

    wmharley Mouseketeer

    Ebay has someone selling 25 keyfob and hardware kits with either 5 or 10 yards (your choice of like 20 colors) of webing.

    I know the 5yd kit is $11+shiping.

    Luggage tags that you laminate, laminated bookmarks are fairly easy. For bookmarks, you can get a laminating pouches for like $20 that can easily accomodate various bookmarks per letter sheet. You can create it in powerpoint or Photoshop or something.

    Also, luggage tags are like 50ct for $15 on Amazon. That includes the loops too.

    Or you can buy from amazon or OTC or elsewhere, pens and put a clear label with the dates, or a flashlight with the info, etc.

    OTC has this cute treasurebox for like $12 or so and it was for 12. it came with jewels and other decorations. Perfect for a "treasure chest" theme. Too late for me to order it though. :(
  21. taximom00

    taximom00 Member

    Love them all!

    I have never made bottle cap anything before but have been inspired so my plan is to make necklaces and magnets. I found plain bottle caps on Amazon and conveniently, the epoxy coverings and magnets were right there :)
    However looking at your things, I realize I will need to buy jump rings (I think that's what they're called??) to attach the ribbon for the necklaces. However I have no idea what tool is needed to make a hole in the bottle caps! Would you be able to tell me what to purchase (and if you have a link to Amazon, that would be great, too!!)

    Of course I have to find someone to make the bottle cap pictures! I have no idea how to do that, either! I did stumble upon someone on the DISigns board but don't remember how I found that board and now can't find it!!

    We sail July 8....I think I have enough time!!

    Thanks for any advice!

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