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Homemade FE gifts - Part 2

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by KarlaG4Kids, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. LemonPie

    LemonPie Member

    We were on your cruise and love these (and everything else) my coasters are on my bar right now. Thank you! We had a very creative bunch cruising with us. I am still amazes at what everyone made and gave. Getting so many ideas for our cruise next year.
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  3. LemonPie

    LemonPie Member

    My DD made bookmarks for our cruise and we used pouches that were 8.9inches X14.4 inches (legal document sized) I think we fit 6 bookmarks per sheet and our laminator says NOT to cut any sheets before putting them through or they may jam. DD then used eyelets in the holes and ribbons. She was pretty proud of her 9 year old self. Now I am looking at all kinds of stuff to laminate for our next cruise :idea:
  4. flcruiser69

    flcruiser69 Member

    I wanted to say THANK YOU !! For sharing pictures and ideas!
  5. maleficent esq.

    maleficent esq. If you are not on a Disney Cruise you should be pl

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful ideas. The only problem is most of you are 100x more crafty than me. I would love to make some of these things but I promise they would not look like this, but it is fun to look at them. Again, thanks.

    Best to All
  6. strega7

    strega7 Member

    We just got back from our fabulous cruise. Here are the gifts I made/brought for our FE group. I hope everyone enjoyed them. I recieved some very neat gifts from our group, there are some extremely talented people out there.

    I made a mat that would fit in an 8x10 frame that people could put two of thier own photos in, it has the date of our cruise in one little square:


    There were only three girls 5 and under in our group, so I made them a hair bow. I was pretty excited when I saw one of the little girls wearing hers later on in the cruise:




    And then for the older kids, I was stumped, so I gave them a gift that represented where we live. We come from a wet, cold, climate so we have many slugs running around here. One of our local candy shops makes a chocolate slug, I know it is kinda gross, but I thought the kids might like it, and they are pretty yummy too.

  7. Cruise

    Cruise <font color=blue>Wake up, your month is up!;)</fon


    When I saw the picture, I thought "why would someone give a gift of a half decomposed banana?" :banana: But then I read your description and it was so much better. :rotfl: That's awesome. I would have loved to get a chocolate slug!popcorn:: :snail:

    And your photo mats are beautiful. :)
  8. Sereina

    Sereina Member

    Love the photo mat! Creative idea. :goodvibes
  9. Dislaney4n6

    Dislaney4n6 Active Member

    I saw a 'banana' as well!

    The bows look great and love the photo mat idea!
  10. Amunet

    Amunet Active Member

    Is that a Banana slug? Would you be on the west side of Washington state, or perhaps in oregon?

    My friend is obsessed with banana slugs :lmao:

    The bows are adorable! I really love the matte too!
  11. hardingk

    hardingk DVC Member since 2007 AKV & BLT

    I love the photo mat and hair clips!!!
  12. LemonPie

    LemonPie Member

    If my 9 year old can make bookmarks I have faith you could too. We just cut paper into strips and then she decorated them with Disney stickers. I printed small labels to put on the back that had the ship name and cruise date and then we laminated them put holes and ribbon. There you go. I found a website that had a real easy "how to draw Mickey Mouse" I thought I would laminate that with a blank space at the bottom for kids to practice drawing and get some dry erase markers to go with and maybe a tick tack toe board on the other side. Super easy. :yay:
  13. jpeka65844

    jpeka65844 Active Member

    How many people are in the typical FE group? I'm seeing people make multiple gifts for one cruise and fancy things such as t-shirts and personalized tote bags!

    There's twenty some staterooms and 138 people total in the FE group for my cruise and I'm just wondering if that's more than the usual FE group.

    There's no way I could do all that for 138 people!!!!
  14. uftracy

    uftracy Member

    Wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing!
  15. 1153rsmith

    1153rsmith Active Member

    My wife wanted me to ask where you found the supplies (ribbons and mickey buttons) for your hair bows? She absolutely loves them.:banana::banana:
  16. Pixiegran

    Pixiegran Active Member

    From the great PNW??? DD used to take those as gifts from here when in college in Louisiana...always had to give an explanation of why snail did not have shell:lmao:
  17. alikat99

    alikat99 <font color=red>NO! Don't make me go to Super WalM

    I've seen that ribbon at JoAnn's before.
  18. strega7

    strega7 Member

    Thank you for all the great compliments. I purchased the mickey ribbon for the hairbows at Michaels. I think they just started carrying a line of disney ribbon because they weren't there the first time I went, but were there at my second visit. As for the mickey buttons on the front of the bows, they are actually scrapbooking embellishments that I found in the sticker isle also at Michaels. I just hot glued them on. As for the Banana Slugs, yes, you got to love the Pacific North West. We actually live very Northern California, we are about an hour from the Oregon boarder, right on the coast. At first I wasn't sure if they were appropriate, but they definately are a little piece of home I could share with the kids. On some days these little guys are everywhere ewwww.

    I had a great time with the FE, I was amazed at what people gave out. There are some very talented people, and we had a terrific group of people on this cruise. I had a great time communicating with all the Dis'rs before we left for vacation together. It was a great experience.

  19. wmharley

    wmharley Active Member

    I've seen that ribbon at Joann's and Walmart. its a 1" ribbon. Walmart had the pink Minnie one and several others. more than Joann's.
  20. GoofTroop

    GoofTroop Member

    Could you please tell me where you get the hardware for these? What is it called? And do you need to use a tool to clamp it?

    I know I sound clueless, but it's because I am....lol

    Thanks a bunch! Love these!
  21. wmharley

    wmharley Active Member

    Ebay has them from someone. 25 keyfob hardware kits with 5 yards of webbing. is $16

    various color webbing in 1 yard incriments.

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