HOLLYWOOD Facts and Helpful hints for Tourists from Locals

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    Hurray for it and all that :)

    To help find what you need at a glance here is some helpful links

    Hollywood- Walk of Fame, Hollywood Blvd., El Capitain and Chinese Theater
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    Quick Hints from Corpse Bride- Restaurants, Activities and other local favorites
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    Griffith Park- The View, Observatory, Museums and more
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    Television Audience Tapings- Helpful hints, sites to find tickets, and information on how to pick a show
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    Cemetaries- See history and the stars, both above your head and below
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    Los Angeles Traffic- hints from a local for dealing with traffic to and from LAX, Hollywood and even on to Las Vegas.
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    Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood- Food, Sights, Star Sightings and shopping
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    Sunset Blvd. beyond Hollywood- Gladstones, the Getty Museums, and Gardens down to the coast
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    Melrose Ave- Lingerie, Pink's Famous Hot Dogs and more!
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    Pasadena - Shopping, NY's and Food Post #37
    Architecture, Back to the Future House and more Post #38

    Yamishiro's in Hollywood- I owe you one Corpse Bride, good food, atmosphere and what a view!!
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    Last night while driving through Hollywood I tried to look at it through a Tourists eyes and realised that it might be helpful for us So. Calers to offer a thread to help tourists coming in from out of town to get the best out of a very unusual city.

    First Los Angeles is not Hollywood. Los Angeles is actually about 10 miles away from Hollywood and though LA does have some nice musuems and Olvera Street what most people want to see is in Hollywood.

    The first stop for most people is the now famous Hollywood and Highland (named for the corner where the two streets meet). H&H has a new complex built in 2001 to revitalize the area, it offers, dining, shopping and the Kodak Theater home to the Oscars. You can walk around seeing the sites or look into a tour of the Theater. From one of the balconies at H&H you can also get a great view of the famous Hollywood sign on a clear day.

    When you walk out side of the complex you are now standing on the famous Walk of Fame. The Stars are literally under your feet as you walk by shops and onto the famous Chinese Theater. Here you can see all the footprints and more of the stars from today and yesteryear. Don't miss Trigger or Jimmy Durante's marks since these are extra fun, so is R2D2's! You can also get guided tours of the theater or go see a first run show here. Watch out for Premieres you are sure to see the stars and lots of people for these!

    I also want to take a moment to point out a few things. This area of Hollywood is still in the process of being revitalized. Some areas and shops are not "pretty" and do need work. But its not a terrible area. Also you will see people dressed as Characters, these people are not paid by anyone to be there. They will charge you to take pictures. Do not take pictures if you don't want to pay. Also make sure your kids know this since many of these people do have amusement park quality costumes. This is these people's jobs, they are just trying to earn some money. If you want a picture its usually a few dollars. They can be pushy so just move on if your not interested.

    This is also a high tourist area so remember to watch your stuff. Like any tourist high area criminals know that you are so involved with the moment and large crowds that they can find easy pickings. I have never in all my years ever had a problem but its better to be aware then a victim.

    Now across the street is the El Capitan, it is one of the original Hollywood Picture Houses and a few years back was bought by Disney to be restored and used as a special first run movie theater. If you have the time go see a movie here you will not regret it! Most movies include a special treat with the showing depending on the movie it can be a live show, extra film feature, a props display, or even a Tea Party. These activities are included in your ticket price. They also have one of the few working Organs, they have some one playing the organ before the show just like they would have when they opened the theater, they play showtunes and Disney classics and is always worth showing up a little early before the picture starts to enjoy this special treat!

    Next door is what I like to call "The Littlest Disney Store" inside you will find a small disney shop that does have some pieces that are exclusive only to this shop. Its fun to have a peek and then head over for ice cream at the Malt Shop which is part of this store. Note that on busy days you might need a reservation or have to wait but it is worth the experience.

    If you head up the street towards Vine you will see the Ripley's Museum, the Wax Museum and more.

    More to come about West Hollywood, Sunset Blvd., Vine and Melrose.

    Locals feel free to add more of your helpful hints and must sees. If you want information of a certain areas feel free to ask.
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    Thank you for this infomation It will be very helpful to us when we come over in May. I would like to know as in the movie Fast and the Furious were do they get that great LA city lights scene?, As one night we would love to see this for ourselves and be able to take some photo's Thank you
  4. Corpsebride

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    May 9, 2007
    I have lived in Los Angeles for 17 years. 14 years was in the heart of Hollywood and now the last 3 years in West Los Angeles.I love this city. I absolutley love Hollywood, to me it is a very special magical place. Here is a list of things I consider to be DONT MISS things to do here:
    1. For that view you want to see, the best place to go is YAMASHIRO restaurant. It is very old and very beautiful. They serve sushi but also serve other dishes there too if you dont like sushi. Make sure you ask for a window seat at dusk. You can watch the sunset and watch the city below light up. Truly a wonder.
    2. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery. You can see the final resting places of Hollywoods greats like Valentino, and DE Mille.
    3. Musso and Franks Bar and Grille. This is where Hollywoods golden age greats used to come and eat. It is said to be haunted by ghosts! And they make a mean martini. The waiters are very "salty" and old but that is part of the fun.lol
    4. The Dresden to have a cocktail and see Marty and Elaine. The Dresden is a bar/restaurant . It is also the spot for a fun quirky couple of entertainers that were in the movie Swingers.
    5.Dont forget to bring your hiking shoes. Take a day to walk up Runion Canyon. It is a nice wooded area that us locals go to to see some nature and work up a good sweat. You will be able to see the original spot where the last 4 letters (land) were a part of the Hollywood sign, they were removed years ago.You may even see a famous face to two. Dont forget water and sunscreen.
    5. La Brea tar pits! Go check out this spot. it is also near a great park.
    6. The Tam O' Shanter. It is a Scottish themed restaurant that Walt Disney and other Disney folk used to go eat at back in the day.
    7. Melrose Ave. This where all the "cool folks" go to shop and be seen.
    8. The coffee bean and tea leaf ON SUNSET. You may see some famous faces here too!
    9. Greystone Mansion. It is a beautiful place owned by the City of Beverly Hills. It is right off the Sunset Strip and right in the beginning of Bev. HIlls. It was owned by The Dohenys. They even had a street named after them near by. So my sugestion is to go to Coffee Bean andTea leaf, get a drink, then drive down the street and check this place out.
    All of these places I have listed are all available on the web. You can also mapquest all of them. They arent really very touristy . To me, more like gems in this city.
    If you have any questions, just ask. I will be sohappy to help anyway I can.
    Ihope youenjoy your trip here. Dont forget to carry lots of change with you, there are parking meters everywhere!! And they dont mess around with ticketing and towing. So make sure you READ THE SIGNS!! Other than that, Have a great time!!:goodvibes
  5. MIDisFan

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    Jun 17, 2006
    I'm so glad to see this thread started by someone from the area. We will be going to DLR the week of the 4th of July and wanted to use the weekend after to do something other than the parks. I have 3 teenage daughters 19, 15, and 13. I think for the most part they are wanting to do some shopping and sightseeing and the youngest one has put in a request to visit the American Girl store in L.A. They will probably want to go to some trendy area. My wife loves sightseeing and is a big history buff. I pretty much just go with the program but would love to put my camera equipment to good use. We have never been away from the east coast so any recommendations of were to go or what to do would be greatly appreciated.
  6. fairycat

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    Jan 4, 2007
    I haven't seen the movie so I am not 100% sure of the view you are talking about exactly. But if you want a huge expansive view of the whole Los Angeles Basin head up to Griffith Observatory the view is amazing day or night! Besides the Observatory is amazing, it just got a huge restoration and remodel. I haven't been since they reopened it but from what I have seen and heard its amazing!!!
  7. fairycat

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    Jan 4, 2007
    My suggestion looking at the map is start with Hollywood & Highland mentioned above, they have great shops and you can see the sights.

    Then head up Highland to Melrose make a right and check out the shops. This area is designed for you to park and walk, but its a long street with lots of shopping, funky shops and more. Eat lunch at Johnny Rocket's. Its a funky 50's style burger joint that you can sit outside and people watch. The people watching there is great!

    Then from Johnny Rocket's you can hang a left onto Gardner Street and head right to The Grove where American Girl is! The Grove has great shopping so I have heard you are also not far from the Beverly Center. You can head over to Rodeo Drive or head up La Cienega back to Sunset. Which down at that end has some great shopping, restaurants and clubs (though not for the kids). You can also find a Pinkberry on Sunset for yummy yogurt, more sushi and Indian places then you can shake a stick at and other funky stuff.

    Obviously you don't need to follow this plan exactly, but it does hopefully give you some ideas for things to do with your family. If you have anymore questions just ask!

    As for your camera you will find lots of great things to shoot between the archeticture, people and sights you will have a great time with your camera.

    I also have to add that cemetaries and musuems are also a great way to see more unusual sites.
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    Dec 15, 1998
    Great thread! :)
  9. darren123

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    Oct 10, 2007
    Thank you we have looked at the Griffith Observatory website that is the view we are looking for Thank you again
  10. fairycat

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    Jan 4, 2007
    I was going to do Sunset and Melrose next but decided to skip on to Griffith with the current dicussions.

    First Griffith Park is very large, it is a park, houses the Los Angeles Zoo, the Observatory, Train Museum and more!

    The Park- http://www.laparks.org/dos/parks/griffithpk/gp_info.htm
    Observatory- http://www.griffithobs.org/
    Zoo- http://www.lazoo.org/
    Travel Town (Train Museum)- http://www.laparks.org/grifmet/tt/index.htm
    Gene Autry Western Musuem- http://www.autrynationalcenter.org/

    This map not only tells you how to get to the Park from H&H but also how large it is http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl if you are coming from DLR its super easy to find you just take the 5 freeway to Los Feliz and the park is right there.

    There is a Golf Course, Horseback riding including the famous Los Angeles Equestrian Center home of the 1984 Olympics, Pony Rides, a Merry-go-round, a train that takes you around the park and you can just picnic in the park as well.

    If you love Concerts The Greek Theater is the place to go. This outside theater has a very interesting history and is just stunning to see. You sit in a bowl, surrounded by excellent sound and trees. I love this theater and try to see all my favorites play here. I don't get to do Hollywood Bowl until May, so right now I will say The Greek is my favorite place ever to see a show!!!

    As was mentioned above the must see at Griffith is the Observatory, this grand fixture sits high above the Hollywood Basin (and even above the Hollywood Sign) that just received a major restoration. This place was used for films like Rebel without a Cause and offers a great view of Hollywood and the Stars up above your head. They have shows and displays (though probably much more advanced ones since I went as a kid haha!) and the Foucault Pendulum, which is a stunning piece that demostrates the earths rotation. This is a must see for kids and adults.

    The best part is you can do the parks and fun stuff at the bottom of the park during the day and head up to the Observatory as the sunsets to see the lights and stars!

    If you like good Indian Food in a fun enviroment after you leave the Park head down Los Feliz to Vermont before you hit Hollywood you will find the Electric Lotus. From outside it looks like any strip mall joint but inside is very nice and they have really good Indian food! http://www.electriclotus.com/
  11. fairycat

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    Jan 4, 2007
    Want to be guranteed a way to see the stars?? I know of two

    #1- TV Show Tapings


    These are a few places to get tickets also check out the studios for tickets.

    First and foremost Tickets are FREE!!!! If you are asked to pay you are getting ripped off! Now if its a hard ticket to get like American Idol or such you might only get the date you want on Ebay but I think you are better waiting for free tickets.

    Second Read the Tickets!! Almost every show has a minimum audience age, some as low as 14, but if you can find kids shows taping it can go younger. Most late night shows are 16 or 18, they will check ID's so bring your childs school ID or something to show age. Some shows also have a dress code, especially the day time shows, make sure that you comply or they will not let you in.

    I also find it very important to arrive early. Depending on the popularity of the show you are seeing is how many fans will be outside also waiting to get in, since these are free tickets they tend to give lot of extras out to make sure they can fill an audience. We found half hour to an hour early is a good start for most Sitcoms. If its super popular an 1.5-2 hours is good. When we went to Roseanne years ago we were fine with 45 minutes early, but those in line for Will and Grace who showed up even 1 1/2 hours early didn't all make it in, it had the longest line I have ever seen for a sitcom.

    If you don't get in on the show you chose, often during the busy taping season you will be offered tickets for a later date for the same show or typically offered a brand new show or less popular show for that day. We did this once and saw a new show it wasn't as good but was still fun for my friends to see how shows tape. We also still got tickets to come back later for the show we wanted so we actually saw two tapings in the end.

    For late night shows arrive earlier depending on the popularity of the guests. Friends and I waited as long as 13 hours for one singer cause we were crazy and young and could :rotfl: Once we were lucky that we knew that one of the guests was Lucy Lawless, but her fan base did not so we did not have to fight both fan bases or it would have been very hard to get in. We have also been there when the guests weren't that popular and had little problem. For Jay Leno I heard if you do the NBC tour next door you can get same day Jay Leno tickets and I think a gurantee to get into the show (at least a few years ago they did). These are fun because late night shows shoot like it airs, no changes so it runs fast and only has "breaks" were the commercials would fit in. The quality of the guests does make or break the experience but its still fun.

    Jimmy Kimmel Live is one of the most unusual live shows (I have not done it personally but have friends who have) it has an inside taping and outside concert. You can get tickets for both or just the outside show, and have to be 18. This show is actually taped in an old building just outside the Chinese Theater, next door to El Capitan and the stage is out back, behind the theaters. Unlike other shows were you see one or two songs by the performers, you may see three or more songs for Jimmy Kimmel, they also do more then one take sometimes, so you actually get more time with the bands then on say Jay Leno where they do one or two songs. http://www.1iota.com/show.aspx?sid=1

    How to pick a show for you?
    If you like a certain star or performer that is going to be on a Late Night Show when you are there I say go do it, since its a bit like seeing a comedy show and see celebrities all in one. Its a quick taping and can be very fun. The only down side can be longer waits if the person is BIG and if the guests aren't good it can drag the taping on a bit.

    Sitcoms are so much fun if you get the right show. I tell everyone look for established shows (2-3 seasons under their belt) that you like on TV. A good cast that works well together makes you feel like you are watching a stage version of what you see on TV. A poor cast that is more confused causes many more re-takes and can be very dull. We saw Roseanne and 3rd Rock and these both moved smoothly and was so enjoyable. The taping took about 1 hour with breaks, set changes and potty breaks for the audience. At 3rd rock the cast interacted with us, let us ask them questions and were just amazing.

    I also went and saw Mad TV (a high breed of Sitcom and Late Night) and it was painful how terrible it was!!! We went for the band and after they did great in about half hour with extra songs for the audience and two for the show, the cast of the show took over 2.5 hours (we had been inside over 3 hours at this point) and were still not finished when we finally left. It was awful!!! This is why its important to pick a show you like since I actually never liked Mad TV anyway but wanted to see the band.

    Game Shows, Variety Shows and Others-
    Keep in mind the popularity of the show you are seeing, and what one you are seeing. My inlaws wanted to do that INXS show and because it was the judging/kick off show we had more talking and less performances but we had a shorter wait time, was easier to get into the taping and near the stage.
    But when we tried to do Price is Right, we would have had to be much earlier to get into that taping.

    Remember these types of shows more then any tend to require or be helpful to work with a dress code. Price of Right wants you to be exciting and eye catching, variety singing shows tend to want you to look "cool", look at the audiences of the shows you want to see and use these as examples. You don't have to go over the top but jeans and a plain t-shirt will not work for all tapings.

    Before you go make sure you eat, drink something and use the restroom. Most shows will let you break but it can be tough. You also can not bring food or drinks into the tapings at any show.

    Tapings with or without studio tours are a great way to see how "Hollywood" works and can be so much fun!
  12. fairycat

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    Jan 4, 2007
    And #2 Best way to see the Stars


    This might be too unusual for some but for history buffs and some one looking for something different this is a great way to spend a day.

    I will start off with saying my Mom loved to take us to old cemeteries when we went on Family vacations because they held the most history and were so interesting. In some of the cities we traveled it was the only connection to the past they really had anymore. Often we found one or two old buildings and a cemetery surrounded by modern skyscrapers. I was taught to appreciate them so I have a fondness for visiting them in any city I travel too.

    In the Los Angeles area there are approx 14 cemeteries of all different sizes and styles. The big three though are Hollywood Forever and Forest Lawn of Glendale and Los Angeles.

    To see what cemeteries are top on your list start with this website
    http://www.findagrave.com/ You can search by stars name or location.

    Hollywood Forever is very interesting because of its slightly hidden nature. The cemetery sits hidden between two strip malls, if you blink you can miss the stunning gates and small stone tower. The cemetery also backs to the Paramount Studios. You can actually see some of studio workshops from the back end of the cemetery. Hollywood Forever is stunningly beautiful and once you walk through the gates its easy to forget that you are in the middle of a large city. It is an older cemetery and most of the stars you will see here are from the old days of Hollywood like Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Cecil Demille, Don Adams, as well as Iron Eyes Cody.

    This cemetery also offers two unusual treats during the summer as a way to raise money to keep up the over 100 year old cemetery, they offer movies under the stars on Saturday's. http://www.cinespia.org/calendar/ The movie is shown on a Masoluem wall and movie goers sit on a large section of lawn that contains no plots. The movies range in genre (comedy, suspense, horror, classic, romance etc) but most are older films. To give you an idea we have seen Harold and Maude, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and The Shining. I have seen them offer Roman Holiday, Vertigo, a 70's psychedlic film and others.

    You can park free in the cemetery or on the street, but for the movies you should get in line about 45 minutes before the film starts, you can bring in all the food and drinks you would like, including wine and beer. You can have blankets or low sitting chairs. It is such a fun and different experience that if you have the time and want to do something very unusual you should try it.

    Last year they also started to offer Shakespheare in the Cememtery on Friday's in the summer. They did Hamlet and Mid Summer's Nights Dream. I sadly missed it and am so hoping they bring it back! I heard it was wonderful!

    Ticket's are $10 for movies and $15 for the Plays per person (at least for adults).

    The second big Cememtery is Forest Lawn Los Angeles. This cemetery sits up on a hill and can be seen from the Freeway. Here is a list of some of the people you will see
    You also have a interesting view of the city from the hillside. It is a current cemetery and is quite pretty.

    The third is also a Forest Lawn but is in Glendale not far from Griffith park between the 2 and 5 freeways. This is also not far from the other Forest Lawn. I have not been to this one but the list of stars is quite impressive

    You can find some tour companies that offer cemetery tours and some also double the tours with star homes if you don't want to drive.

    Most important bring lots of film, a picnic lunch and be respectful, both of the plots and the other people who might be visiting the cemeteries. Bring maps to find the graves you are looking for and feel free to ask grounds keepers for help, most of them are more then willing to help you locate the grave you are looking for.
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    Thanks for this thread, great info. I can't wait until our visit to Hollywood in the summer.
    I have a question though. I have been reading about how bad traffic can be. We will have a hire car and don't mind city driving. My question is more about how long it could possible take to get to places during the weekday in August (not sure if the month matters!)
    So how long would it take to drive from the Hollywood and Highlands centre to the Paramount studios? Then from Paramount studios to the Warner Bros studios at around mid day?
    Also I know Universal is only one stop down the metro line but we get free valet parking with our VIP tour so might drive. How long would that take from the H&HC?
  14. fairycat

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    Jan 4, 2007
    Ok to start I want to know why LA gets a worse wrap for traffic then say NYC or London?

    I guess I will start by answering my own question, first because both of those cities are also known for great public transport and everyone in the entire city doesn't relay on driving to get some where.

    Los Angeles county is as large as some states and even countries. Then you add in Orange, Ventura and San Diego counties where many tourists also want to visit and you are talking about a very large area.

    We Southern Californians especially think nothing of driving, we may complain, look into alternates but most of the time like it our not we have to relay on our cars to get the kids, buy milk or to even visit friends and that doesn't even count work. Most people I know drive one to two hours one way to work. This behavior does make two things more consistant in LA, first as much as others might tell you different there are patterns to the traffic, second never trust a local who says something is close. That could mean 30minutes to one hour away. The saying everything is only 20 minutes away in LA is a bit of a local joke.

    Traffic during the weekdays is slightly more predictable then weekends (this is year round since everyone is working) starting as early as 6am, but figure the worse at 7am-9:30am with traffic getting lighter from there and then restarting at 3pm getting worse around 5pm-7pm and mellowing from there. With no construction 8pm is the best time on almost any freeway to start long drives (except heading towards vacation destinations on Fridays and away on Sundays). Some freeways like the 5 do have some lunch hour traffic as well but its nothing like Rush Hour.

    Traffic is also directional with many freeways having busier sides heading in or out of the major cities depending on time of day, but don't relay on this to always help you, since it can change as you cross city borders or hit other freeways.

    Holidays can effect your driving and tend to make longer waits and mess up normal rules. On a Halloween a few years back that landed on a Saturday I had traffic add almost 3 hours to my drive home that usually take an hour and a half. Yes traffic can get this bad.

    Freeways to watch or avoid,
    the 405 near LAX plan on heavy traffic in and out of the area.

    The 101, it doesn't tend to be as bad around Hollywood but can be terrible in the San Fernando Valley (The Valley) if you are using this way to go to the Northern Beaches.

    The 15 heading to Las Vegas, this freeway is only two lanes once you get out to the desert, most of the way to Vegas. And you share it with truckers. They have expanded parts, including a truck lane but remember its the only road out there. If you can, avoid traveling to Vegas on a Friday or Leaving Vegas on a Sunday. If you can travel the reverse heading up Sunday, or leaving Friday and you will notice a huge difference in travel time. Traveling with the crowds can actually add 4-7 hours to your trip. Especially in the Summer or on holiday weekends.


    Use websites like this one to see how traffic is and a GPS is worth the extra money in your rental car especially for alternate routes. You can use city streets in LA and sometimes they help sometimes they don't, but you can try them with good maps or GPS. Driving your own car see if you can get a Los Angeles Thomas Guide through a local library or buy one they are amazing!

    Also remember we have lots of red light cameras, if you don't want an expensive ticket watch the lights. Oh and when there is no traffic we tend to drive a little faster then what some of you might be used to, so please use the right lanes and don't block traffic even if you think we are all maniacs.:rotfl: Seriously the average flow of traffic on most So Cal freeways (worse on the 5 heading way North to Nor Cal and on parts of the 15 to Vegas) can be as high as 15 miles over the speed limit. Not one person but the whole flow. Even most cops won't start to pull you over, past 85 (in a 65), but don't relay on that cause you know about Murphy and his laws ;)

    One last small note never leave DLR to head towards Hollywood till after 8pm on a Sunday, I know its hard to spend more time at DLR ;) but you will hit more traffic if you leave earlier and probably arrive at just about the same time if you had just waited and would be happier.

    I hope some of this helps and maybe some locals will have more to add :)
  15. fairycat

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    Jan 4, 2007

    Ok since my last post was so bloody long I thought I would answer the more specific questions here.

    First from H&H to Paramount should not be that bad since you would use all city streets. Here is a map


    I would add a bit more times for lights and stuff but you should not take longer then 15 minutes to get there. You also will be next door to Hollywood Forever since that sits backed up to the Studio and if you like Shopping you are already on Melrose, you should take it up further West (you go east to the studio) and check out some fun shopping.

    Personally I would do WB first because as you can even see from this map you are going way out of your way from one to the other. From H&H depending on time of day it should take you about 15-30 minutes to get to WB.


    Paramount is the only major film studio actually in Hollywood, WB is actually in Burbank.

    As to Universal Personally if I am staying near H&H I would take the train. Otherwise do not take the freeway at Highland! If you get on the 101 there at Highland you will end up in the far left lane and it will be very tough to cross over in two exits. I would suggest using these directions so you can enter on the right side of the freeway or you might have a hard time.


    It shouldn't take you too long from H&H to get to USH.

    Hope that helps and if you have any more questions feel free to ask!

    Note: I use Googlemaps a lot cause on average it is not as terrible as MapQuest. I have only had Google be wrong on me once, and we will not discuss how many times Mapquest has screwed me.
  16. fairycat

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    Jan 4, 2007
    Some how I missed this the first read CorpseBride and I am now laughing my butt off!!!:lmao:

    We have a old saying in our group, in Hollywood the last sign is always the one that is going to screw you!

    In Hollywood especially but in some other cities when you park on the main streets or side streets you will see possibly meters and lots of poles with LOTS of signs!!! Read EVERYONE!!!! I am not kidding that little tiny one under ones about times, street cleaning and all sorts of stuff might just be "By Permit Only". The signs are clear (most of the time) but you seriously and I can't say this enough, need to read everyone! As CorpseBride said they don't kid around about ticketing and towing in the cities.

    Its alway that last sign :rotfl:
  17. Corpsebride

    Corpsebride DIS Veteran

    May 9, 2007
    :rotfl: It really is always the last sign!! And you dont get anything for it! I wish L.A. would hand out t-shirts for every ticket you get! I GOT A PARKING TICKET IN HOLLYWOOD AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT or something like that:rotfl:
    Im a pro now but when I first moved here,I swear, I would have collected tons of t-shirts! Oh and dont bother trying to bargain with the meter maids, they are like robots, once they have got your car in the cross hairs, IM SORRY IVE ALREADY STARTED THE TICKET blah blah blah!! They'll gitcha!:rotfl:
    But, you are going to have a great time here. I love this city and I hope you have a wonderful time. And yes! Griffith Park Observatory is just amazing! Definatly a must see!!
  18. fairycat

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    Jan 4, 2007
    Do you love to Shop?

    I always feel bad for my tourist friends who come in because most of my favorite things to do involve shopping or eating :rotfl:

    Sunset is a great place to cruise, see sights, famous locations, eat and shop!

    Starting from Highland you go right on Sunset on that corner sits the very famous Hollywood Highschool, many celebrities have gone to school there and they have filmed there as well.

    The first part of Sunset is "EH". You will see a few nice things and then one of the two very noticeable strip clubs. That is how Hollywood is, really nice stuff to old junky stuff they haven't revitalized yet. You will see many famous tattoo shops like Purple Panther. You will drive down a way and come to two of my favorite hidden treasure restaurants.

    Toi- This is a VERY Hollywood Thai place. They have a funky weird atmosphere, all the servers are probably actors or in bands, but the food is good, well priced and opened really late http://www.toirockinthaifood.com/sunset/

    In the same area hidden slightly behind Guitar Center is Moun of Tunis
    This place is only for the adventerous. It is Morracan and Tunisan food, you sit on low booths, eat with your hands (but don't worry they bring a basin so you can wash your hands first :) ) and while the food sounds weird most is actually not that foriegn and its so delicious!! You also can see very talented Belly Dancers here as well. http://www.mounoftunisrestaurant.com/client/mounoftunis/homepage.htm

    You also will find a HUGE Guitar Center. The rumors I have heard are that this is a great place to chance on star sightings. Especially of course musicans. The store is very noticeable off Sunset and if you love music and instruments it might be worth a stop. Wayne's World filmed the drum scene here.

    Pinkberry- This stuff is all the rage and who knows who you might see! It is a slightly sour yougurt with fun toppings. I suggest original with strawberries, raspberries and fruity pebbles its deliciously sweet and tart!

    Sunset Blvd
    7288 W. Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles CA 90068
    Sun - Thurs 11 AM - 2 AM

    As you drive you will see the strip getting ritzier and ritzier, you will also notice some of the famous clubs!! Roxy, Whiskey a Go-Go, Key Club, Laugh Factory, and more. These are fun to see shows at or just to take a few pictures of!

    You will also notice more and more restaurants including The House of Blues. I had to laugh the first time I realised just how many Indian and Sushi joints Sunset has to offer it was shocking!!

    Want to get a few snacks from the Grocery store to the stars check out Bristol Farms. This is a moderate sized store specialising in high end gourmet foods and is know for its high prices. But hey stars love to over pay :)

    As you move into West Hollywood the shops get swankier and swankier. If you want to know how expensive, exclusive and special a shop is see how much merchandise the store has. If they have two dresses and a nude manneiquin pull out the AMEX and don't ask how much.:rotfl:

    If you want more shopping take Gardner down to the The Grove http://www.thegrovela.com/ This place also holds the Famous American Girl Shop for your littler girls http://www.americangirl.com/stores/

    Or you can take Sunset to Santa Monica Blvd. to Rodeo Drive.

    Or if you want to do a long cruise take Sunset Blvd all the way down to the coast. This trek will take you through some very ritzy and famous areas and drop you right off at the famous Gladstone's in Malibu. Even if you don't want to take Sunset from Hollywood to the Coast. I suggest getting off the 405 at Sunset and taking this route to the coast. The sights are nice and I love this drive up and down the mountains and the traffic tends to be decent when the freeways are packed.
  19. fairycat

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    Jan 4, 2007
    It's funny cause its true :lmao:

    Even funnier since we were just moving cars and making this joke on Saturday in West Hollywood. "Sure you can park here till 7pm, but at 7:01pm the Terminator Meter Maids will get you!!!"

    I am lucky I learned early, but man I remember my friends North Hollywood place that I used to have to race out and move my car at Noon on Street Cleaning Days in order to move it to the other side of the street so I wouldn't get a ticket. Those Street Cleaners and their meter maids don't play games!!! :rotfl2:
  20. fairycat

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    Jan 4, 2007
    I still owe you guys Melrose but decided to post a few hidden treasures found just outside of Hollywood.

    As I mentioned in my Sunset post, I love to skip the freeways and take Sunset Blvd. off the 405 down to the ocean (even better if you rent a convertible!). This will drop you right into Malibu and near Gladstone's.

    If you love seafood you must eat here, but save this meal for sunset because a better coastal sunset view is really hard to find. The restaurant is right on the beach and you can take a romantic walk before or after your meal (hey don't worry the sand and waves will amuse the kids while you stroll hand in hand)

    If you like Gardens, and a little tranquality then check out the Lake Shrine, this garden surrounds a stunning koi pond (kids will love feeding the fish, they offer fish food), the gardens represent all the different world religions and climates. The place is snuggled into the hills and almost hard to find but worth a stop

    Ok if you even like musuems make this your musuem!! The Getty Villa!

    The second link also offers information for the Los Angeles Getty Center. The first Getty musuem was the Villa, a stunning piece of archeticture, that showed the artwork in such a unique and beautiful way. But over time it became too small for the large collection and they built the large moutain top Getty Center. As that one opened they closed the Villa in Malibu and began a large restoration of the old property. Not to long ago they reopened this ocean front gem and I couldn't be more thrilled.

    If you want to do this make reservations, it is free to visit but they have limited spots parking spots and no area parking. They have food offered on site and a beautiful view of the ocean from the upper gardens.

    Also for you Disney Lovers (When the Disney animators were looking for inspiration for the settings in "Beauty & the Beast," they took a tour of the 18th Century decorative arts here at the Getty.)

    The nice thing is the Getty villa is a short Drive to Santa Monica. Where you will find, the pier, 3rd Street Promande and more!
  21. michelle1

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    Jul 6, 2005
    Thanks to all for so much helpful info!! :)

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