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Have You Ever Noticed...

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by WDWHeather, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    ...the incredible flushing power of those toilets at the value resorts and, if I remember correctly, the moderate resorts too?
    What's that all about?!
    Just a tap on those buttons and WOOSH!
    Anyone else shocked every time they flush the toilet?

    (I hope this isn't a totally inappropriate thread, but I've just been itching to ask this one!)
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  3. minnie61650

    minnie61650 <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Yes, In fact my BIL had one the first ones I ever saw. It was a test model and he put it the new home he was building for his family.

    They are often referred to as Turbo-toilets.

    The high performance of this pressure-assisted toilet is achieved by using compressed air inside the tank, which creates a turbo-charged flushing action.

    These toilets conserve on water and usually only one flush is needed-- to get the job done-- if you know what I mean. ;)
  4. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    :lmao: Turbo Toilet! I love it!!
    We always call the flush the "21 Flush Salute"! haha. (No disrespect intended here)
  5. minnie61650

    minnie61650 <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    :rotfl2: :rotfl: :rotfl2: :rotfl:

    Actually your name for it is very fitting since one of the Brand names of these toilets is........Gerber Ultra Flush 21-312 .

    How's that for coincidence? :laughing:
  6. punkin1763

    punkin1763 New Member

    Too funny! :rotfl: I knew they were loud but now that we know they are turbo toilets it all makes so much sense!
  7. catbertdave99

    catbertdave99 We Wanna Be There NOW!!!

    That's funny -- that is EXACTLY what my teenage sons call them too!
  8. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    hahahaha. I KNEW we couldn't be the only ones! Although, since it's me and my sister, I'm feeling a little boy-ish admitting we call it that.... :lmao:

    Oh... so many jokes, so little time!

    But seriously, I'm glad that they are environment-friendly. I had a feeling that was why the toilets had such gusto, but now I am certain.
  9. yankeepenny

    yankeepenny YANKEE Sock Crocker

    go ahead and laugh, i could not believe it last sept at CBR
    went to flush and said , whoa- who opened the hoover dam!
  10. seven dwarfs

    seven dwarfs New Member

    That is another cut back, less time spent cleaning them. LOL :rotfl2:
  11. SnowWtch

    SnowWtch New Member

    Strange question but is anyone else every afraid to flush those toilets at night? I'm afraid I'll wake the whole place up b/c it's so much louder than a regular toilet.
  12. Bondfan531

    Bondfan531 New Member

    Turbo toilet!!! :rotfl: I've been reading about toilet noise on different boards and sites at the Value resorts but hadn't heard about them being super powered.

    That's just too funny. :crazy:
  13. Marty Joe

    Marty Joe New Member

    I'm afraid to flush in the middle of the night... I hate waking everyone up with a shuttle launch in the john.
  14. maelstrom

    maelstrom New Member

    I hate these toilets. We don't flush them in the middle of the night and I have a hard time with the button. I don't know how kids manage to flush them because it takes a lot of force for me to do it.
  15. MickeyEars

    MickeyEars New Member

    My boys call them "turbo toilets" also!!! :lmao: It's guaranteed that one flush will do the job!!!

  16. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    haha. OH my gosh, I am totally worried about flushing them at night! Probably will wake up the whole complex, you know?!
    I, too, have a hard time pushing the button, but I'm not sure if it's because of strength or out of pure terror because I know what is coming! I kind of stand away a little and try to stretch my arm out to touch the button for as little time as possible. I wish it was kind of a tap and go situation, but it definitely isn't. I don't care how many times I use them and how many times I've been to WDW, they still scare the crap out of me(and you can take that as literally as you'd like)!
  17. heatherlynn444

    heatherlynn444 New Member

    they are like that at the GF, too. I am afraid I am going to break my finger trying to push down on those buttons! and so LOUD! As soon as i push it I run out as fast as I can so I don't go deaf! :rotfl:
  18. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    I was just thinking about it and the first time I saw one of these MONDO POWERED toilets, I wasn't even sure HOW to flush it. Had to look around for a bit before I found the button.

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