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For those that order room service late at night

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Jillpie, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Jillpie

    Jillpie Can you package some Main St. music and send it to

    Aren't you still full from such a big dinner? I remember feeling, every night walking away from dinner, I can't eat for another three days! (Course yummy breakfast was calling my name first thing in the morning:goodvibes). But for the people that order cookies and milk, or even another meal at 11:00 pm, I'm just trying to figure out how you fit it in?
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  3. Justacruiser

    Justacruiser Military Veteran

    we order chocolate chip cookies and milk! The greatest!!!! order right after the show, can be a while for them to be delivered, but you MUST at least once! So worth the wait with a positive attitude. oh, I fit it in because I wear expandable pants!!!!!! Afterall, I am on vacation.
  4. Jillpie

    Jillpie Can you package some Main St. music and send it to

    Okay, yes okay I will!:thumbsup2:)
  5. DLBDS

    DLBDS <font color=red> Loves that Sweetened Condensed Mi

    I've decided to do this during our 7-nighter coming up at the end of March. Like the PP said though, I don't know how folks do it.... But I'm gonna give it a helluva try!
  6. NurseDave

    NurseDave Member

    That's how I feel. I can get a cheeseburger and fries right to my room at night? For Free!?! I can't eat another bite.
  7. DLBDS

    DLBDS <font color=red> Loves that Sweetened Condensed Mi

    Wanted to add... was looking at the room service menu and there's quite a bit on there that looks good. Might have to do try more than just once and for something else in addition to cookies and milk... not on the same night of course.
  8. Justacruiser

    Justacruiser Military Veteran

    Believe me, I get my monies worth of food, however my wife and I do not take the elivators at all. I purposely stay on deck 7 on any ship. Like the balcony and the right in the middle highth of the ship wise. Last cruise (november 2012) i walked an average of 80 flights of stairs a day. We also make a point to walk two laps on deck 4 before at least 1 meal during the day. Crazy, more intake but I tend to gain about 2 pounds over a 7-day cruise. By the way, the DW likes to grab a piece of pizza after the show each night. And, no we don't need it but it has been somewaht of a tradition for the past 11 cruses. Ready for number 12 (8-Day Galveston) in 14 days:banana:
  9. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 Mouseketeer

    We're from the West Coast so we're usually up until 1am or 2am.

    We order BLT & Tomato soup for me (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT), french fries for the kiddo, and a mickey bar for DH. If we get fancy sometimes we order a carafe of coffee for the morning.

    We tip $1 per item, but usually no less than $5 since we order so late at night. Kinda feel bad that they have to deliver food at odd hours of the morning.

    Have fun!
  10. DLBDS

    DLBDS <font color=red> Loves that Sweetened Condensed Mi

    For me, the cruise is ALL about the food. I don't get to eat that "bad" any other time of the year. I love hummus and salads but when I'm on vacation it's all about the fatty foods. Like you, we take the stairs as well.... but we like being on the 9th... closer to Cabanas and the ice cream machines! So, after a day of eating it's going to be a challenge to take on room service later in the evening. I'm up for that challenge. :thumbsup2 Enjoy your cruise!
  11. Capt_BJ

    Capt_BJ So Many Times

    don't forget that not TOO long ago cruises were notorious for their 'midnight buffet' which was a HUGE display of decadent foods . . . and everyone seemed to fill their plates HIGH
  12. Meghatron

    Meghatron Mouseketeer

    My in-laws did this on their last cruise, along with eating whatever they wanted. Came home and discovered they had LOST weight. ;D
  13. kcashner

    kcashner DIS Veteran

    And there are those people called "teenagers." Ordering pizza or burgers at 3 am is a huge treat....

    Mom, are you awake? I'm going to order room service. Do you want anything? No, I want to go back to sleep.
  14. Jareds_mommy

    Jareds_mommy Mouseketeer

    my kids order the cookies and milk, drink the milk and take the cookies up the next day and make ice cream sandwiches
  15. nzdisneymom

    nzdisneymom DIS Veteran

    What a great idea! We also are milk and cookie room service orderers :) Sometimes I'll purposely have a small dinner (we have main dining) so I can order something later. I have found that when we have cruised on itineraries where the sun is out late (Alaska, Baltic, even part of the Med) that it doesn't feel "wrong" to eat late because it's still light. When we came back from a late excursion in St. Petersburg, we got burgers and fries from Plutos and only after we were about halfway through did we realize we were eating that after 11 PM. Ay yi yi!

    We also like to have some of the snacks they put out in Diversions or have chips/salsa at Promenade Lounge - but that's always right before dinner, so what to do? what to do? We may indulge when we aren't eating at the main dining room but rather choosing to do Topsiders or something else for our "official" dinner.
  16. MissDaisyofTexas

    MissDaisyofTexas Mouseketeer

    DH and I were stuffed from dinner, but our kids weren't. They don't eat too big at dinner, and then go to the clubs and run off a bunch of steam. So by the time they get back to the room around 9 p.m. they are usually hungry. And even if they're not, they think it's such a treat to get ice cream or cookies at night!
  17. reagansmom

    reagansmom Member

    My hubby is a picky eater, so he doesn't always "stuff" himself at dinner and seems to have room for Mickey Bars and cookies & milk at night. He also loves to order the cheese platter for a mid day snack.
  18. jm106

    jm106 Mouseketeer

    Im more terested in the cheese platter:thumbsup2 DH would enjoy cookies before bed, that I just cant do(and dont drink milk.)
  19. This was my kids! They'd get in the room at midnight and want to order wings from room service. Why not!! It's vacation :)
  20. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 Mouseketeer

    Does anyone know if Silk soy milk boxes are now available on the ships? When we cruised in June 2012 on the Wonder it was not.

    Was browsing through the food pic thread and some people posted pics of these soy milk boxes as room service items.
  21. Jillpie

    Jillpie Can you package some Main St. music and send it to

    OP here, ok this turned out to be fun, my DH just said, sure lets try cookies and milk!:thumbsup2

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