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Fish Extenders?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by 101DalmFan, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. AZKathy

    AZKathy <font color=darkcoral>We don't need to move to a w

    Wow, doing it by hand! That must have taken a long time!!!!! Upload your pic to photobucket and then get the address by right clicking the picture and going to properties. Copy and paste the address and put it under insert picture in the toolbar.
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  3. anewmac

    anewmac Ive got nothing planned whats an OCVP to do?

    Bettydau, emailed me her pics and I wanted to share with the group her great job on her 2

  4. JonasBrothersFan

    JonasBrothersFan oooh this is an s.o.s dont wanna second guess this

    ok sorry i am asking this but i am confused and need some more information..
    ok...can someone please give me a big explanation of:
    what fish extenders are?
    where do u get them?
    what do u get in them?
    How do u know how many gifts to bring to leave in them?
    im sorry to ask this but i really am interested in these and i want to find out more

    THANKS A BUNCHESS!:goodvibes
  5. zulaya

    zulaya <font color=006699>Certified Disney Addict & Kitch

    Where are you guys finding all the cute fabrics?

    I'm SO not a sew-ing person so I have no idea, but my MIL is probably going to sew one for us now.

    I know we have a Hancock Fabrics and a Joann Fabrics in the general area, but I can't say that I've ever seen that red and black Mickey head fabric. I LOVE that!
  6. Minniemiss

    Minniemiss New Member

    Read the first couple of pages of this thread, there's lot's of info. :thumbsup2
  7. Minniemiss

    Minniemiss New Member

    Check out ebay!!:)
  8. dahuffy

    dahuffy Always Be Nice To The Lunch Lady

    I found this one today at our local mall for less than $2.00!

  9. anewmac

    anewmac Ive got nothing planned whats an OCVP to do?

    OMG REALLY WHAT store?
  10. dahuffy

    dahuffy Always Be Nice To The Lunch Lady

    Hi sweetie! Got your email. I got it a Toy/Game store here in Oklahoma City called Kirby's World.
  11. anewmac

    anewmac Ive got nothing planned whats an OCVP to do?

    thanks! hmm I know we have a cheesey game store here ... Ill have to check Im sewing challenged and this would be great LOL

  12. dahuffy

    dahuffy Always Be Nice To The Lunch Lady

    I had seen it on ebay too and i know, they wanted like $12.00 shipping! :scared1: From china or Hong Kong I think.
  13. bettydau

    bettydau Sunny Cruiser

    $2.00-Wow, that's so cute! I spent a lot more making two. The Mickey Head red fabric was in the remnants at Hancock Fabrics. I had enough to make headbands for all the ladies in our group (six).
    Yesterday I bought some cute pirate fabric so I just may HAVE to try another fish extender.
    We have five kids in our group, sailing on the Wonder in January (15 of us), and we plan to take some trinkets and stuff to put in their pockets each day. It's just another fun thing to do, and there's sure lots of fun things to do on the ship.:rolleyes1
  14. Caitsmama

    Caitsmama <font color=darkorchid>Closet Hannah Montana Fan!<

    I got my tropical mickey/minnie fabric from joanns, probably over a year ago though.. don't know if they still carry it.. i bought tons of it (with a 40% coupon) and had my friend make me and my MIL both a purse out of it too! :)
  15. scottishwee35

    scottishwee35 New Member

    Hey, You got a good bargain!!

    I won bit (at UK) so 8 different mickey mouse style materials at ebay yesterday.

    I am waiting for it and start to sewing it myself.

  16. dahuffy

    dahuffy Always Be Nice To The Lunch Lady

    I was planning on making my own as well (may do it yet),I just happened to see this at the mall when we walked by.
  17. disneyjunkie

    disneyjunkie I'VE GOT MY EYES ON YOU!!!

  18. Mary Jo

    Mary Jo <font color=peach>Techarita<br><font color=royalbl

    A lot of people had really nice fish extenders on our cruise. I don't have a sewing machine, and really didn't have the time to hand-stitch one (plus, frankly, I'm just not that creative), but I wanted to participate in the fish-extender gift exchange. So, I went to Michael's and got two 6" canvas bags in lime-green for 99 cents each, and hand-stitched the handle of one to the bottom of the other one. I intended to put some appliques on them or other decorations, but really ran out of time, so all I did was put a couple of buttons that I had had made to give out with our cruise logo on them. I tied the bags to the fish outside with a ribbon from a gift that we had in our cabin, but I had also brought a cloth ribbon to use.

    This worked out fine for us. This is nothing fancy, but I wanted to show that you can put anything out there that has a pocket & it can be used. Someone on our cruise had paper bags, and they worked perfectly.

    Here's ours with some of the gifts we got hanging from it:


    And here's how it looked next to our door.


    You can click on the pics for a bigger image.

    We gave out magnets & pens that I had made especially for the cruise (we also handed out those pens at our DIS Meet - there were a plethora of them). We got as gifts - dice and beads from Vegas, pin from Oklahoma and some paper, post-it notes that said Rome-ancing the Mouse (our logo from our cruise), taffy from New York, magnets for our door, a UK flag, bottle opener from the Coliseum, more candy, shaped soap, postcards, and other gifts of that type. These were really nice to receive each day. I also got a postcard from a non-DIS neighbor who saw my magnets on my door and gave me a postcard from his native Gibraltar. I thought that was so nice, so I gave him one of our pens. All of the gifts were nice, and I especially liked the ones that represented the area where they were from, and the small gifts of the places we had been, and the magnets that were inside jokes (like the paper of Sally with her propeller hat sitting next to the Pope. :)

    Participating in the Fish Extender exchange really added to our trip.
  19. LoveMickey

    LoveMickey <font color=red>Can't wait to feel the "wonder" of

    So today I went shopping for the material to make my fish extenders.

    I'll make one for my nephew and wife's room too.

    Can somenone show me what the back looks like? Do you just take the base material and use it on the front and back?

  20. AZKathy

    AZKathy <font color=darkcoral>We don't need to move to a w

    I cut a 9"x27" piece of base material x 2. I put them right sides in and added a batting and sewed them together leaving a 2 inch opening and turned it right side out. I also included the ribbon in the sewing on the top leaving the ribbon on the "right" sides when sewing them in. I used the batting to make the base a little stronger; you could go without it if you want. Hope this helps.
  21. minnieandmickey

    minnieandmickey Queen of the run on sentence!

    Has anyone thought of making a 2 sided one? I am thinking about trying this, one side that we will use most of the cruise, the other for pirate night.

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