First time to DL-background info and arrival day Jan 3

Discussion in 'Disneyland Trip Reports' started by Lindsay's mom, Jan 23, 2001.

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    Dec 27, 1999
    Cast of characters

    Me(33)-stay-at-home mom,Disney fanatic
    Hubby(33)-college professor,enjoys Disney but is
    not a fanatic
    Lindsay(4 1/2)-Disney fanatic in training,goal is
    to meet as many characters as possible,
    afraid of "dark rides"

    Our main reason for heading to CA was for a conference my husband was attending in San Diego. Well a side trip to DL was high on my list as soon as he told me about the conference. He had been to DL about 12 years ago but really hadn't seen too much. Our last trip to WDW was Dec'99. We had a wonderful time but I tend to want to see it all-do it all and forget that our daughter doesn't neccesarily do well on that type of schedule. So I was very excited to visit DL and take our time and relax. I checked alot of hotels and finally decided on the Crowne Plaza Resort. It had just opened in October-I think-and we really liked it. It is about a mile from the park, directly across from Target. We also got a three day pass with our package and a character breakfast. My husband's aunt and uncle live in Irvine so spending time with them was also on our schedule.

    Jan 3-We flew out of Pittsburgh in 10 degree weather to land in sunny 70 degree California!! We were in heaven! We flew into John Wayne airport which was very nice and easy to get around. We got our rental car without any problem and were on our way. In no time at all-it seemed-I could see some of DCA from the freeway. Which was so amazing to me since at WDW everything is hidden. And then we actually drove past DL-I was just amazed! Lindsay was so excited. Well we got to our hotel which was really nice-sort of a mexican theme. We got settled and headed to the pool. Lindsay couldn't wait and we were the only ones in it. Afterwards we got cleaned up and headed to my husband's relatives for a very nice visit. The area they live in is really nice. Their grandchildren were there so the kids had a great time playing. Lindsay was just so excited to be outside playing in the grass-no snow and no zero degree windchill! But is was funny we had brought Christmas pictures to show the relatives and the kids couldn't get over the snow pictures. They had never seen snow and really didn't know what is was. Well we had a great time visiting and left around 8pm-which to us was really 11pm so Lindsay was exhausted. We made it back to our hotel and went straight to bed. Of course I was so excited I didn't get much sleep!
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    Jan 31, 2000
    Nice trip reports. :) I just read your first 2 days before I noticed this thread, so I thought I would reply on this one.

    Well done. Glad you like it. Isn't DL "charming"? :)

    <font color=red size=4>HAVE A DISNEY DAY</font>

    <font color=navy size=3>M-I-C...see you at The DIS Convention, K-E-Y...why? Because we LOVE Disney, M-O-U-S-Eeee...</font>
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    It's time to let the fun begin. Thanks for posting!

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