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Exchange regular ticket for RFID

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by ckelly14, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. ckelly14

    ckelly14 Lurker

    Currently staying at the Dolphin and was handed regular paper ticket for 2 day park hopper. Wonder if this can be exchanged for RFID at the park or if there is any advantage in doing so...
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  3. Robo

    Robo Attention: There's a '71 Castle in the Hub with it

    1- Yes.

    At Guest Relations at AK, MK, or Epcot, it can be switched over to the RFID media (Plastic card.)

    (Since you are at Dolphin, I don't know if they can do it yet at the International Gageway.
    If you try to do it there, please post back with the info.)

    At least as of earlier this week, it could not yet be done at DHS or DTD, but that will soon be remedied.

    2- You can enter via the newer RFID park "gate-less" gates, and charge via the RFID system.
  4. ckelly14

    ckelly14 Lurker

    Thank you. I assume the advantages have been discussed ad nauseum elsewhere but I really haven't been keeping up.
  5. kmacht

    kmacht New Member

    Does the ability to swtich tickets to the RFID only apply for tickets from Dolphin or other disney approved resorts? What about if you buy your tickets from some place like undercovertourist?

  6. ckelly14

    ckelly14 Lurker

    I was able to switch- they did scan my ticket after saying they "will see" if I can change to the RFID card, so there may be some restrictions.
  7. mesaboy2

    mesaboy2 Using a certain word brings out a special kind of

    Good to hear. :goodvibes

    Did you do this at the International Gateway? If not, where?

  8. ckelly14

    ckelly14 Lurker

    No, MK entrance
  9. ghtx

    ghtx New Member

    Do we know yet whether this (switching to RFID) will be available for NE tickets?
  10. mrsxsparrow

    mrsxsparrow New Member

    All tickets except Annual Passes (and I THINK the Florida Res Discovery Disney ticket but I could be wrong about that) can be converted to the RFID media... In fact, if you come in to guest relations with a simple ticket question, they're supposed to switch your tickets over even if that's not what you came in for. This is for all day guests -- not restricted to just Disney resort guests.

    And it is now at all the parks and DTD as of yesterday.
  11. mrsxsparrow

    mrsxsparrow New Member

    It is.
  12. BEARCATS07

    BEARCATS07 New Member

    We are getting ready to book a package at a Disney hotel with tickets for a stay in May. Will we be able to get the new tickets?
  13. Robo

    Robo Attention: There's a '71 Castle in the Hub with it


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