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Exactly where and when is "Jedi Academy" held?

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Buttercup Roberts, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Buttercup Roberts

    Buttercup Roberts Future Orlando Resident

    Hi everyone,

    My son, 8, would enjoy this. I've read the description that it's a vr game type set up, but when is it open and where in the Studios is it?

    We'll be there in late July/early August, so if it's only open for Star Wars weekends that won't do us any good.

    Thanks for any info,
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  3. OhMickey

    OhMickey Mouseketeer

    Several years ago it was located to the left of Star Tours.

    It was open only for Star Wars Weekends though.
  4. caz

    caz Earning My Ears

    It is only there at Star wars weekends i am afraid.It is on a staged area to the left hand side of the Star Tours ride.
  5. mom2aandj

    mom2aandj Mouseketeer

    I too wish they would have it there all the time like Disneyland does!
  6. lynninpa

    lynninpa <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/smilies/pop

    Are kids just chosen at random to participate? :confused3
  7. jayally

    jayally Mouseketeer

    My son LOVES star wars and I read about how to get chosen for the one at Disneyland. Unfortunately my son would probably not be chosen due to the fact he is as tall as I am and 13. They choose small children and my daughter was the tallest of the group. She was picked and was 9yrs old. The best way to be chosen is to be in the front area, wear something that is unique, my daughter had on a paper princess crown and jumped and screamed (along with all the other kids) until her lungs no longer worked! It was very COOL. My daughter battled Darth Maul, I think Darth vader would have been better as he talks some and the kids were on stage but it was still neat. I videotaped most of it so I only got a few pics. They characters really stay in character. Darth maul was very mencing to anyone who booed him. She was so serious and afterwards she got a certificate saying she was a jedi apprentice. Needless to say, my 13 yr old son pouted all day, I had warned him about the size limits. He wanted my daughter to let him have the certificate since she really is not into star wars but she knew it was a sore spot with him and she was proud of it and would not let him touch it. Such loving childrern. Eventually she agreed to let him hold it for 1/2 hour and later I made copies so they could both have one. Of course neither one probably knows where it is now. :rolleyes: My son was so thrilled he showed it to his star wars crazed language arts teacher! It is a very good, realistic show. I recommend it. DL has it everyday and I don't know wht WDW doesn't do it too. Both my kids will be too big for next time. I am sure the age/height restrictions are to keep kids from getting too confident and possibly cause injury.

    My first pictures:)
  8. Mickey Mania

    Mickey Mania Member

    Exactly what are the age and height restrictions?
    Thanks for your help.

    DAZY3BYZ Mouseketeer

    When we were there 2 years ago, both my boys got picked to participate but for different shows. My oldest was 12 at the time and tall for his age. They were dressed in Star Wars costumes, don't know if that helped. He got to battle Darth Maul. We stayed put for the next show, which began 15 minutes later, and placed our younger son (who was 9 ) right at the rope. Can't have one make it and not the other. He got to battle Darth Vader. It was an awesome experience for both!
  10. Selket

    Selket <font color=blue>Yes I AM being whiney about not g

    Last year it was set up in early April because my kids did it during Spring Break trip. Are they only doing it for Star Wars weekends or will it start earlier than that like it did last year?
  11. Mickey Mania

    Mickey Mania Member

    Okay, I started to panic when I heard there were age and height restrictions for the Jedi Training Academy. My son is so excited about this he would be devestated if he was too tall.

    Since they do this year-round at Disneyland I checked out the show description on the official Disney site.

    Here's what it says:

    As a Jedi Knight Padawan, you will:
    Take the Jedi oath
    Master lightsaber skills
    Learn moves such as the joust, parry and block
    Battle the forces of the dark side, including Stormtroopers, Darth Maul, and Darth Vader

    Additional Information
    Jedi Training Academy participants will be randomly selected from amongst audience members, aged 4-12, who volunteer to be part of the show.

    I didn't read anything about height restrictions.

    And by the way to a previous post--- At DisneyWorld it's only done on Star Wars Weekends.

    Can't wait!!!

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