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Epcot Rumors...

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by disneyworld1977, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. lockedoutlogic

    lockedoutlogic Mouseketeer


    Drdisney has fallen into the biggest trap/delusion on the Internet this time:

    The statement that there is anyway possible that Disney is looking to sink a half billion in construction costs and employee commitments in perpetuity to a movie that has done decent to well the past couple of weeks and will fade quickly once the next flick comes out...if it hasn't already.

    Ok...pet peeve time...
    Disney does NOT build rides based on new movies...nor does anyone else really for that matter.

    This doesn't happen.
    The last ride or show based on a new movie was its tough to be a bug...and that was at an animal
    Park that had its plans brutally slashed during construction and needed SOMETHING on opening day.

    Not just in Orlando...anywhere in disneydom.

    The rule of theme park tie ins is this:
    Wait five years and if its still selling junk at target, the Disney store and world of Disney...then it might be considered.
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  3. rteetz

    rteetz Mouseketeer

    I would really love for something incredibly new and different in Epcot. But will it come now? I don't think so. Disney just announced Disney Springs, in the midst of fantasyland expansion and Avatarland is still supposedly coming. That shoots it down for now. But I do think within the next 2-4 years we will see something new and exciting because disney loves spending money on construction. I just can't wait to see what or if something happens.
  4. Tekneek

    Tekneek Member

    And nobody has ever paid more to enter Epcot than they will pay today, while having less to do there now (in 2013) than you could do in 1990.

    So we pay 287% more for LESS attractions at Epcot than we got 23 years ago.

    PACVII Member

    The new test track was a big mistake. Yes it needed some updates and a good cleanup but the money they wasted was just that, wasted. They ruined what they had. They need to update word of energy. One big draw back is the time to go through the attraction.
  6. momof2intx

    momof2intx Mouseketeer

    What about Toy Story and Cars? They built a whole land in CA based on a movie....

    DRDISNEYMD *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* *+*~The Snow Queen~*+* ~A gi

    ~Hi yitbos! What do you suggest?!? Personally, I think the whole "future world" theme is impossible to "keep up" with -- at least OZ is timeless, in a sense and it's a classic that won't become dated.

    ~Hey logic, I'm speaking of OZ in general -- not specifically tied to the recent film, but the essence of the entire story. I would love to see a sparkly Emerald City, Yellow Brick Road, a fabulous show like Wicked or the like! How about that? What do you suggest for Future World? Or, are you satisfied with its current state?

    ~Yes. You make an excellent point! :goodvibes
  8. Alice Royal

    Alice Royal Nineteen, female, Florida resident, Disney addict.

    First of all, the Oz franchise would not fit in at Epcot. AT ALL. I'd think that if Disney ever wanted to use that for an expansion, it would work at DHS, but even so, that franchise is actually becoming dated now. My generation still knows of the film, but not as well as those before us. Star Wars is the obvious choice for that park because it is more recent and its fan base is actually growing because of the new TV shows and such they've been producing.

    Second, Wicked is a musical that is owned by completely different entities than those who own the L. Frank Baum Oz franchise. It also contradicts the original story in some places. I cannot see Disney using something it has NO stake in right now for an expansion.

    Not understanding how you could even hope for a totally random franchise to come to a park that it doesn't even tie into. At least Avatar has a conservation/nature message. :confused3
  9. Tekneek

    Tekneek Member

    I don't think Disney cares too much about what would "fit" at Epcot. They've been trying to undo the original mission/purpose of the park for years. They aren't able, or at least aren't willing, to try to maintain any of that. To them, Future World is just a generic theme park area, while World Showcase is a place they have eating and drinking festivities. No part of that place is really trying to be what it was once promised to be and Disney doesn't mind.
  10. Disneykidsdad

    Disneykidsdad Member

    Just what we need. Another reason for more people from Brazil to visit. :rotfl2:
  11. Disneykidsdad

    Disneykidsdad Member

    I ust threw up in my mouth a little.
  12. tjkraz

    tjkraz <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/silver.jpg

    Agree. Not to pick on Universal but they are much more aggressive in that area...and it's very hit-or-miss.

    Does anyone really care about properties like Jurassic Park, The Mummy, Shrek or ET anymore? They are fine films in their own way, but JP, Mummy and Shrek are franchises that were run into the ground while ET has lain fallow for 30 years now.

    Some of the attractions are decent but anyone who has seen Mummy 3, JP 3 or Shrek 3/4 will have a hard time mustering enthusiasm for the theme.

    You could argue the money would have been better spent elsewhere. Thing is, Disney didn't pay for the refurb--General Motors did as pavilion sponsor.

    That's the financial model lockedoutlogic is referring to--most of Epcot is sponsored by corporate entities--or countries' Chambers of Commerce in the case of the WS. Disney is reluctant to spend their own dollars in the park for fear of setting a new precedent.

    They would break ground on a new WS country tomorrow if they could get someone else to fund the pavilion.
  13. skier_pete

    skier_pete DIS Veteran

    Not to be the one that drags this all down...but the original rumor is barely even a rumor. It mentions a "mystery project" for Epcot in 2015. Beyond that, every other comment in the story is speculation by the author's part.

    Not only could that be ANYTHING at all, in could be practically NOTHING. It could be a new exhibit in innovations. It could be a overhaul of Electric Umbrella.

    The one thing I think we can be pretty certain is in not a NEW pavillion or country in world showcase. These things take much longer than 2 years, so anything in that regard would not be coming in 2015.


    P.S. I am all for Epcot getting some love. I didn't understand the overall for Test Track, when there is so much in that park that desparately needs attention. I'm just saying let's not get too excited over this comment.
  14. Tekneek

    Tekneek Member

    I second that. Given the limited time left, it is unlikely an entirely new structure can be built. Even if it is a major rebuild of a current attraction, they can't wait too long to go after it.
  15. Yeah, its all rumors. Hope Epcot gets some love and in the direction somewhat of what it suppose to be about. If the tear down, renovate, or do whatever to a pavilion, keep the "future" in future world. To me personally, maybe thats what they tried to do with Test Track. I still enjoy the ride for what it is but it seems to fit at least better than the original warehouse, testing grounds look.

    Thats just my opinion, some may agree or not. I am not an Imagineer so I don't know what the thought was.

    Again, these are my opinions...

    Keep the Universe of Energy pavilion, just do some sort of refurb.

    Keep Imagination Pavilion and FIGMENT! Do something else here more exciting with it.

    As you can tell, I am all about trying to keep some nice retro Epcot stuff, I hope it can be done, just do something internally to make it better.

    And as for World Showcase, adding the ride to the Italy Pavilion may work or go ahead and make another pavilion. That seems like it would attract more people to World Showcase, I dunno. I am just shooting from the hip here.
  16. Tekneek

    Tekneek Member

    All for it. My fear is that somebody at WDI is already planning to pitch this as a Monsters University of Energy redo, playing on the old name but continuing with the trend to insert Pixar into as many attractions as possible.

    Reclaim all the lost attraction space on the second floor. Act like they care about this attraction again.

    I don't know if the problem is WDI, or the executives, but they have struggled massively with Future World and Tomorrowland over the years. It shouldn't have to be this difficult.
  17. Lesleyluvsdisney

    Lesleyluvsdisney Mouseketeer

  18. tmullane

    tmullane Earning My Ears

    Wasn't the cost picked up by Chevrolet. Isn't that the point of sponsorships.

  19. I could see where they could go with that I guess. I know they did it over at the Living Seas adding Nemo, but I dunno, it seems like that would have to rename Future World to something else if they do that, not that all the rides/pavilions are futuristic maybe but something needs to happen to understand this part of Epcot better. Might have to rename to Adventure World....Mission Space, the Land with Soarin, the Seas...those could be as adventures I guess. Hmm...I dunno.
  20. Tekneek

    Tekneek Member

    That would be the ultimate flushing of the past, I suppose. In a way I would welcome that, because I wouldn't have to look at it as a failure of WDI. They've not lived up to the commitment made to Epcot at all. World Showcase is close to what it should be, but parading has-been musicians and tribute acts through each summer is well outside of the box. Future World has largely been left to wither without any concern for the mission/purpose.
  21. carebee21

    carebee21 Mouseketeer

    I think I would put money on this either being Soaring Over the World finally coming to fruition, or something new coming to replace EO, if it's an attraction based rumor. Both would be fairly simple and fast, primarily revolving around swapping out the film. They would probably have to redo the theater a bit in EO if that was it, but I don't think either would take all that much time. So based on the limited timeframe, I would guess either of these.

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