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DVC+ ???

  1. DVC Only – don’t need anything else

  2. DVC Only - but may want to add others in future

  3. Also HGVC - Hilton Grand Vacation Club

  4. Also Marriott Vacation Club

  5. Also RCI Points

  6. Also Worldmark

  7. DVC + another timeshare, or a variety of the above

  8. Don’t own DVC, or any timeshare at this time

  9. Don't own DVC, but do own another timeshare

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  1. BoardwalkSuzy

    BoardwalkSuzy Mouseketeer

    Mar 2, 2010
    Who owns or doesn’t own other timeshares, and what do you like about them, or don't like?

    __ DVC Only – don’t need anything else

    __ DVC Only - but may want to add others in future

    __ Also HGVC

    __ Also Marriott Vacation Club

    __ Also RCI Points

    __ Also Worldmark

    __ DVC + another timeshare, or a variety of the above timeshares.

    __ Don’t own DVC or any timeshare at this time

    __ Don't own DVC, but do own another timeshare
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  3. dvc_john

    dvc_john DVC since 1993

    Nov 1, 2000
    DVC, plus HGVC, Marriott, and Hyatt.
  4. dnoyes

    dnoyes DIS Veteran

    Nov 10, 2001
    Just DVC.

    I can't even use all the points I have with DVC so any other would be a waste.
  5. alldiz

    alldiz DIS Veteran

    Oct 15, 2006
    So far only DVC....but ya never know;)
  6. bobbiwoz

    bobbiwoz I'm happy to dance with you!

    Aug 26, 2003
    Voted only DVC, but it really isn't true that I don't need anything else. In the years between the time we first heard of DVC and the time we bought, the period between 1996, and 2003, we bought a vacation home in Cape May NJ. Together these 2 purchases have provided us with many many vacations with family and friends. Not everyone loves Disney and the Jersey Shore just doesn't feel like a vacation to some. DH and I are very fortunate because besides these, we usually take at least one non Disney, Non Jersey vacation every year. We're headed to the Eastern Caribbean in just about a month. The Holy Land is in our sights for next year.

  7. Fatalbie

    Fatalbie Mouseketeer

    Dec 12, 2006
    DVC is my first and I like it for what it provides. I am also VERY interested in others but for some reason I'm scared of all the trading/gaming/planning involved with them. Sounds illogical now that I read that, but its true. I read posts by Dean and others and think there is no way I could ever figure it out.

  8. MinnieFan4ever

    MinnieFan4ever <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Mar 8, 2003
    We own DVC and just bought a vacation home in Breckenridge, CO. This is all we will ever need.
  9. Starr W.

    Starr W. DIS Veteran

    Nov 26, 2006
    DVC, Starwood, Wyndham and Bluegreen.
  10. SuzanneSLO

    SuzanneSLO DIS Veteran

    Sep 10, 1999
    The only timeshare we own is DVC, but we also own a vacation home. It is the perfect combo for us. -- Suzanne
  11. chalee94

    chalee94 <font color=green>I thought all sand was ground up

    Aug 14, 2006
    i like DVC for onsite at wdw.

    i like my other offbrand timeshare for traveling elsewhere. only $1 on ebay and much lower annual dues than 7 nights in a 2BR for DVC. so far i've booked reservations at hilton head (on the ocean, not like the DVC-HHI), las vegas and southern california. it definitely takes some time to learn how it works but the nice folks at TUG helped a lot...
  12. trampslady

    trampslady <font color=green>I stop and watch the Norway vide

    Feb 11, 2002
    We own 395 at BCV and 200 at VGC, and we also own the highest week possible with Hyatt. We like Hyatt too for the quality of resorts--truly first class and the great trading power with Interval International.
  13. Doug7856

    Doug7856 DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    Sep 29, 2003
    We own DVC and Wyndham in Myrtle Beach, SC. We just purchased the Myrtle Beach re-sale for pennies on the dollar. We are booked for Easter break this year. Hoping it's warm enough to enjoy!

    Wyndham uses points like DVC -- only highly inflated. Instead of 154 points, I own 154,000 Wyndham points LOL.

    We stayed in a Wyndham once in Williamsburg, VA and enjoyed it. Not happy with their sales practices and the real deal for Wyndham is re-sale.
  14. Finally DVC

    Finally DVC Earning My Ears

    Feb 8, 2011
    Disney is the only place all four of us are always willing to go to. We're DVC only. We bought where we wanted to stay.
  15. DVC Mike

    DVC Mike DVC & Photography for me! BLT/VGF/BWV DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Aug 25, 2007
    Just DVC.
  16. bwvBound

    bwvBound DVC SSR & other timeshare

    Feb 5, 2004
    We have, in order of purchase: Worldmark (points); a summer fixed week at SoCal coastal property; a fixed week in South Africa; a half-share at a San Diego ranch property and DVC.

    Favorite: Warner Springs Ranch in San Diego, CA.
    Reasons: The model has been a cross between timeshare and country-club offering day use of ranch property, equestrian center, golf, pools, tennis courts, lodge, etc. The cosy bungalows are so restful: no televisions, no telephones, no alarm clocks, etc. Nothing better than spending hours on horseback followed by a soak in the hot springs. We have formed many friendships through the ranch and love visiting "most weekends." Seriously, there is no place better!

    Next favorite: Worldmark
    Reasons: So many locations -- several w/in driving distance of our home in San Diego. Flexible point system with easy-to-use Online Reservation System, generous cancellation policy and reasonable dues. Trades through RCI Weeks, RCI Points, and II. What's not to love?

    The fixed week products: my RCI traders!
    It is always fun to have a week or two banked with RCI for searching. These have been a blast to own and trade. The SoCal Coastal property also offers day-use of pools, fitness center (etc) in addition to plenty of owner-perks.

    DVC: a niche product
    Once we conceded that we were willing to travel cross-country each year on our own dime ... DVC was just the right product for our annual IBM conference. That DVC added Treehouses, the Grand Californian and Aulani since our purchase has truly been icing on the cake. Way cool gifts!
  17. bwvBound

    bwvBound DVC SSR & other timeshare

    Feb 5, 2004
    Shock! No! I'm in disbelief ... please say it ain't so!

    I'm sooooo hugely thankful for the effort and expense my folks invested renting a beach cottage each summer on Long Beach Island. Looking back, my entire childhood was formed by "vacation memories": the beach cottage, my Great Aunt/Uncle's vacation home on the Gulf, our RV trips, long roadtrips to anywhere/everywhere, ... the first family trip to Europe, etc. No wonder I vacation so often ... it all makes sense now.
  18. BoardwalkSuzy

    BoardwalkSuzy Mouseketeer

    Mar 2, 2010
    So far we just have DVC but thinking of adding elsewhere too. We've tried renting condos when we travel, but can be bit hit & miss. Been doing some research on options outside of DVC. Looks like it's good to sign up and join TUG, Redweek, and VBRO if own any timeshare to see trading options, get more info, etc.

    So far I've found that HGVC & Worldmark works much like DVC with point system, plus everyone raves about Worldmark points that sell for only $1 per point like on eBay to use for exchanges, etc. Worldmark offers mostly basic, not luxurious resorts, mainly situated pacific northwest. HGVC Flamingo Vegas has no ROFR so sounds good with low maintenance fee, luxurious pool for kids, right on strip. Also Hilton Club NYC @ 1335 Av of Americas sounds fantastic - dedicated two top floors all with city views and offers 2BRs. Just got off phone with Hilton, and they said HGVC is separate club from their Hilton Club. Hilton vacation club points also easy to use at any Hilton hotel as well.

    Disney offers through Concierge the Loews Regency NYC but biggest room available is just a one bedroom, not what we are looking for (need 2BR).

    Looks like both Worldmark and HGVC allows for stays more or less than the 7 day fixed week, just like DVC does. But Marriott and Hyatt doesn't seem to have enough options and are too resort and week specific, but particular resorts such as Aruba for Marriott may have good trading power through exchange services, but MF's high.

    Still we are leaning toward adding Hilton Club and Worldmark, at least at some point so kids can see more variety of places than what the Disney affiliations offer (and tend to be mostly beach, golf, or skiing oriented if not Disney). We are looking for more of the options that include metropolitan city stays, for museum visiting, theater, etc. If anyone likes HGVC or Worldmark, could you share experience? I've also read that many HGVC resorts offer childcare centers too, just like Disney but don't know which ones yet.
  19. PoohsFan1

    PoohsFan1 DIS Veteran

    Feb 19, 2007
    We just became DVC members this past September (BLT is our home resort) and also own at Westgate Smokey Mountain Resort, which we are currently trying to sell. We want to strictly be DVC members....DVC is more my family's taste.
  20. deerislemaine

    deerislemaine Mouseketeer

    Oct 28, 2010
    We own a vacation, and we've never been interested in a timeshare before DVC. The attraction for us was a Disney vacation without the expenses and responsibilities of upkeep of a vacation home. We still like the vacation home though. For other trips we'll just stay in a hotel or camp.
  21. bwvBound

    bwvBound DVC SSR & other timeshare

    Feb 5, 2004

    Although I rated our Worldmark as my 2nd favorite -- that isn't far off from "near perfect" for us. ;) Rather than go through a blow-by-blow of differences between WM vs DVC -- see if someone can send you a copy of the WM Owner's Education Manual (pdf file). I went to post the link for you -- but it now requires login to access :-)(). The copy I have on my computer right now is Feb 2010. A few things to specifically look for:
    • Housekeeping fees and tokens. (Every stay incurs a housekeeping (HK) fee. Each WM account receives at least one HK token per year; additional HK tokens are included with larger account sizes.)
    • Reservation Windows -- including the Red-Season rules.
    • Bonus Time, Inventory Specials and other cash-reservation options.
    • Reservation Cancellation policy.
    • Weekend-only policy.
    • Club properties vs affiliate/associate properties.

    As for "basic, not luxurious resorts" description -- I would agree but be advised that many properties now offer "penthouse" and even better "presidential" rooms. If you wish to spend the points -- these are seriously upgraded units! Our last penthouse unit had 3 master bedrooms, deep soaker tubs in each bathroom, and a private 8-seat hot tub on the balcony. Even most "basic units" include a gas BBQ on each unit's balcony/patio and murphy-beds instead of fold-out couches. Overall, I find WM units to be both functional and quite comfortable :)

    -- bwvBound

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