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Dragging a grumpy DH back to the World ~ Single Digits!!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by WDWRocksMySocks, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o

    Okay, I'm going to try this again. I've wanted to do one of these, but I'm really bad about updating and remembering about it. I AM GOING TO DO THIS!


    Who? Me and DH -- it's a miracle I convinced him to go this year!!!

    When? Sunday, August 23rd - Saturday, August 29th, 2009

    Where? We're staying at the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge for five nights and Pop Century for one night.

    Airline Tickets? Southwest -- got a GREAT deal...$137/per ticket!!

    Car Rental? Enterprise (booked on their website, no codes), $145.10 (tax inc.), Compact

    Tickets? Undercover Tourist -- I subscribed to Mouse Savers and got an even better discount...love that site!


    About us
    How I convinced DH...
    October 2008 trip photos
    Grr...Apple (iPod related)
    Ways to beat the August heat...
    Is my iPod going to be fixed?!
    Tour Guide Mike subscription
    Airfare watch
    Winter wonderland
    Airfare Watchdog and Yapta
    Snow Delay for work!
    RIP evil iPod...hello cute, new pink iPod!
    Yes, I'm a pin-a-holic!
    Pin display board
    Counting calories
    Past WDW trip photos
    Diet - Week 1
    New pin
    Another new pin
    Keith Urban tickets!!
    Top ten must dos
    Diet - Week 2
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Downgraded to standard room at Pop
    Diet - Week 3
    To dine for free, or not?
    Airfare update
    If we do the DDP...
    Diet - Week 4
    DH's Birthday
    Rental car search
    Shopping, shopping, shopping
    Diet - Week 5
    Diet - Week 6
    More pins!!!
    My first tag!
    It's been a hard few weeks...
    Good news/bad news
    We bought our airline tickets...and the Unofficial Guide!
    Tentative itinerary -- first attempt
    No DDP for us
    New Haircut/Highlights
    Strongly considering renting DVC points
    Upgraded to Villas at the Wilderness Lodge
    Villas at the Wilderness Lodge
    Renting DVC Points -- the process and the money we saved
    Lost Wallet Returns
    More Pins!!
    Feeding the addiction even more
    Planning another WDW trip (December 2009)
    Where, oh where are the August park hours?!
    Park Hours!!!
    Wanted: Nice point & shoot camera
    Updates, updates, updates
    Memorial Day Weekend -- FINALLY BOUGHT MY CAMERA!!
    Found a cheaper rental car rate!!
    New bag
    So the obsession begins...
    New ADR -- made online
    USPS is evil!
    Baby clothes
    Weird trip related dreams
    OT: Baby Shower Help
    Prayers Needed
    Update on Erik
    Finally...our itinerary
    Food, food and more food!
    Packing List
    Universal and Updated Itinerary
    Itinerary Help!
    Which Bag to Bring??
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  3. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o

    Cast of crazies...er, I mean characters:

    Kirsten (that's me)
    I just turned 26 in December. I'm in denial that I'll be [GASP] 3-0 in just less than four years. :scared: I work in the not-for-profit industry, and enjoy it most of the time. I actually got my B.S. in Recreation/Tourism Management, but I'm obviously not using that right now. It sounded good at the time - and it didn't require math to graduate. I'm preparing to take the LSAT in June - I'm sure I'll complain a lot throughout this PTR about it. I love being around kids - especially my nieces and nephews; can be pretty sarcastic - which some people don't understand; love dry humor, but HATE slapstick comedy(unless it has Cary Grant in it); have no concept of an "inside" voice; laugh uncontrollably when I'm nervous; give my opinion very freely - even if it's not requested; can be very blunt (yep, it gets me in trouble); watch the same movies over and over again; hope to own a donkey at least once in my lifetime; can be VERY random at times (as demonstrated by this little blurb); can be extremely indecisive; love to wear heels - even if it makes me tower over everyone else; can't lie very well; think Starbucks is evil; LOATHE bicycle riders - especially when they're on the sidewalk and that pretty much sums it up.

    I've been to WDW at least 30 times and I still feel like I haven't been enough times! My first trip was in 1983, when I was just about 3 months old. I still count it, as I attribute this early exposure to the reason I'm currently obsessed. My parents used to take us down each spring break. We always stayed off-site.

    In 2005, I did a brief internship at Universal Orlando. I HATED IT. However, I got to go to UO for free, and wound up going over to WDW a bunch of times too. It was during this time I had my first taste of staying on-site. My sister's family came down and stayed at POR and I of course had to spend a few nights with them. I loved it! I couldn't understand why we never had stayed on-site before. I was hooked! Since then, we've stayed All-Star Sports (NOT A FAN -- there was POOP on smeared all over our toilet when we got there and mousekeeping wasn't too willing to clean it up) and Pop Century. While I loved POR b/c of the ambiance and the great swimming area, I have a very close fondness of Pop. I love the location, the rooms are fine, the lake on property is fun to walk around and I love Classic Hall. Plus, Pop is cheap!

    Here's an awesome picture of me this past Christmas:

    Aaron (wonderfully grumpy DH)
    DH is about to turn 27 in February. He could care less about his age. He's a full-time student, and has a crappy PT job he hates. He loves baseball like I love WDW. He's also obsessed w/ Italian food and cheese. He can be pretty grumpy -- especially when he told me to go at least one full day without talking about WDW (psh, like that could actually happen). He doesn't get WDW, but he does go along with it...most of the time. He's a semi-vegetarian who eats some hamburgers and chicken Parmesan from Carrabba's. Other than that, he doesn't like meat. DH is the type of guy who, as soon as he wakes up, immediately turns on ESPN and has to catch up on whatever he missed the night before. He claims he's not a huge fan of other sports other than baseball, but he sure does watch A LOT of ESPN.

    Aaron had never been to WDW before he met me. In fact, he had only been to Kentucky and that was it. His family doesn't travel. I knew I would have to break him in! Our first trip to WDW was in 2003 w/ my DSister and DM. It was bittersweet, as it was the first trip since my Dad died. It was really nice to experience something so fun (his first trip) during something that could've been really sad. Aaron thought it was just...okay [GASP]. Of course, that didn't stop me from dragging him back a couple more times.

    Here's an action shot of grumpy DH holding our grumpy cat, Bogart:

    How we met:
    Just b/c I wanted to throw this in. DH and I met on a blind date when we were 19. It was my first ever, and I really didn't want to go. A mutual friend of ours thought we should meet, and I figured he'd keep bugging me about it until I caved. We saw the "Scorpion King" and Aaron and I talked all the way through it. I was amazed that he was so cute and normal (I was use to cads). We started dating soon afterwards and got married four years and a couple months later. :)

    Here's one of my favorite wedding pics:

    And just a few random ones...

    DH absolutely HATES Epcot.

    During our last trip together in December 2007.

  4. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o

    Okay, so DH is not a WDW. He doesn't get it. He thinks the rides are too "kiddy" and he hates Disney characters. But, he does LOVE Florida, Universal Orlando, miniature golf and Giordano's (yep, that's a pizza place). He also enjoys making me happy.

    I had been bugging him a lot lately about trying to book a trip before I went back to school. He kept coming up w/ some lame excuses about wanting to go someplace that was NOT Disney. :sad2: Sad - I know. We actually argued over it a few times because I really, REALLY wanted to go. I figured it would take A LOT of convincing, or perhaps some luck. That's when I started hoping for a pin code offer. The current 4/3 promotion wasn't really beneficial to us b/c we have left over tickets from a previous trip. I thought about free dining, but we don't really eat at a lot of TS restaurants and DH is a picky eater anyway. And...how could he miss eating at Giordano's, Sweet Tomatoes and Flippers??

    So...a few weeks ago I opened up my email and found the elusive 40% pin code waiting for me!!!!!! :cool1: Needless to say, I was beyond excited. I knew this was my chance to win DH over. I was right! We figured out the only dates that we could go was the last week of August - right before classes started back up for him. I was hoping for December, as I love Christmas at WDW. But, I could deal with August...I mean, it's going to be H-O-T, but I'm going to be at WDW!!!!!!

    We wound up getting a preferred room at Pop Century for $65/nt (including tax). How sweet is that?! I put a request in for a king, so I'm hoping for the best.
  5. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o

    My sister and I celebrated her 33 birthday at WDW back in October. It was the first time I'd been around Halloween time. We went to MNSSHP and had a blast! We loved dressing up and trick-or-treating was so much fun. I went as one of the HM stretching room portrait ladies and my sister was a pirate wench.

    I can't remember her name, but we met the woman who sits out by the HM during MNSSHP -- she was awesome!

    I was BEYOND excited. I found one of my HG pins from a trader at DTD. SWEET!!

    Don't mind my incredibly creepy face...I adore Stacy and Aaron is terrified of her for some reason. :confused3

    What rope drop looked like at DHS on Sunday, 10/12 (the day before Columbus Day). I love the expression of the guy in the lower right corner.

    SSE -- I love how my sister's Mickey ears were apart of this pic.

    I just love the reflection in this pic.
  6. tazdev3225

    tazdev3225 <font color=darkorchid>I sucked my thumb up with t

    Love the pre TR so far. I was at DHS that Sunday but didn't think it looked that crowded. We got there right after the rope drop.
  7. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o

    Welcome...and thanks! I'd say all those people rushed right over to TSM as soon as possible. It was insane! I walk fast, but that was a bit much. I think it might look worse than it was b/c we somehow managed to get up to the very front of the line (for rope drop). I was determined to ride TSM!!! That ride is so fun. :thumbsup2

    Did you do MNSSHP while you were there?
  8. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o

    This is not related to the trip at all, but I broke my iPod. Actually, I think it came broken and I just got the bum end of the deal. I got a refurbished one off NewEgg.com around Thanksgiving time. It worked great and everything was just peachy. Well, it won't charge now. It says it is charging but it still winds up being dead. I've tried four four different computers and nothing! :sad:

    Unfortunately, New Egg only had a 30 day warranty so I can't send it back to them. They said Apple should be able to fix it b/c there was a manufacturer's warranty on it as well. That didn't work either. Sadly, I'm just out the $$ -- not to mention I have no tunes to listen to while I work out. Sad, sad day. :sad2:

  9. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o

    I've never been to WDW in the summer. In fact, I always swore I would NEVER go during the summer months. I was afraid of the crowds...the heat...the humidity...the hurricanes! All of those concerns flew out the window when DH said he would/could go the last week of August. It was huge to even get DH to agree to go, so I had to hump at the chance! So now, I'm left with collecting ideas on how to enjoy a trip to WDW during the "Oh my gosh, I'm going to melt" days of summer.

    I did a search using "August" as my subject and came up with A LOT of weather threads - I do mean A LOT! That quickly became depressing. Here are a few quotes I got from that:

    • "The heat and humidity are brutal. Bru-tal! We are walking around in shorts and t-shirts and melting..." :scared:
    • "...you feel you are being poached as soon as you step out of your room!" :crazy2:
    • "Hurricane season runs from June to end of September." :scared1:

    But, I did manage to find some good quotes too:

    • "I hate the heat, BUT it was still tolerable. With no lines, we didn't spend a lot of time outside..." :thumbsup2
    • "We didn't witness any large crowds either (we were there the last week of August)." :)
    • "I kept reading all the horror stories about the humidity/heat/hurricanes /etc.... and got myself prepared for the worst. You know what? It wasn't bad at all. " ::yes::

    Regardless of all the scary things I've noticed about August, I think we're still going to have a blast! I've also collected some great tips on how to beat the heat while at WDW:

    1. Drink LOTS of water
    2. Head back to your resort for an afternoon break
    3. Have at least one change of clothes available per day
    4. Carry a misting fan w/ you
    5. Wear sunscreen - apply before you head out for the day for it to set it
    6. Wear lightweight clothing that doesn't cling tot he body
    7. Take advantage of the AC and eat lunch inside
    8. Pray that a hurricane does not hit while you're there
    9. Ride TTA - it's a nice way to sit and try to cool down --- Thanks tinkgurl!

    I'm sure I'll be adding to this list later on.
  10. pipermae

    pipermae Member

    Jumping on the Grumpy DH bandwagon! :cool1:
  11. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o

    Welcome! :wave2:

    I'm really determined to stick with this through all 212 days that I have left, and then of course after we get back too.

    I showed DH the PTR, and he called me a nerd. Psh, he just doesn't appreciate DIS! He did agree with the title though, so at least we see eye to eye on something. I don't think that I mentioned how opposite DH and I truly are. A lot of people can't figure out how we wound up together. I wish we had more in common (at least WDW), but I'm glad we're different. He's opened my eyes to so many new and interesting things that I would never found myself enjoying before. It's funny how life works out some times.
  12. TxRabbit

    TxRabbit Mouseketeer

    Hi Kirsten,

    I came over to read about YOUR trip plans!

    I wouldn't worry too much about the heat in the end of August. The fact is that it's hot and humid. If it rains, then it can be even MORE humid. You just have to deal with it. The change of clothing is really essential, especially if you head back to the room for a rest in the afternoon.

    I tell you what. The BEST sunscreen is Blue Lizard. It can be really hard to find. You might have to buy it online. It isn't exactly cheap, but it is SO worth it. I have fair skin and DH is a red head, so naturally DS came out fair too. Blue Lizard is waterproof and rated for 4 hours! That FOUR HOURS! Most are only rated for 90 minutes. It's made in Australia which has higher standards for sunscreen than the US. We used it on our August trip and we didn't burn AT ALL.:thumbsup2

    It can be frustrating to not have someone share in your trip planning enthusiasm. DH really likes going to Disney, but all the planning can make him nuts.

    But that's why we are here! We love it and can't get enough.:rotfl2:
  13. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o


    Thanks for the encouraging words about August. It's so easy to look for all the negative things about going in August, but who cares? We're going to WDW and a humid day there is still better than a gorgeous day here in Indiana! Plus, it gets REALLY humid here in the summer - not Florida humid, but humid. I'm sure we'll have a blast!!!

    Thanks for the heads up about Blue Lizard. I've never heard of it, but will definitely check it out. As you can see from my pics above, I'm extremely fair skinned. In fact, I think I could cause eye damage if you stare directly at my skin in the sun. :rotfl: I guess that's what happens when you have Irish blood running through your veins.

    It definitely is frustrating when DH doesn't share my enthusiasm for our trip. But, you're completely right -- that's why we have DIS! I'm so glad we all have each other one here to empathize w/ our excessive trip planning and ODD (Obsessive Disney Disorder). :disrocks:
  14. tinkgurl

    tinkgurl <font color=magenta>Life is what happens in betwee

    Those are all good tips. We always go in the summer because it's the only time we can all go. It honestly isn't that bad if you're smart and don't let it get to you and ruin your vacation.

    Going back to your resort for a break to swim/nap is a great idea. We always do it and that helps give us our second wind for the rest of the night. After we're done with our swim/nap we always change into a different set of clothes for the night because you do tend to get a bit sweaty/sticky! Try finding a nice sunscreen that won't be oily. I hate feeling all greasy all day on top of sweaty/sticky. The AC is always nice and we each had hand held fans. Want to take a break? Head into some gift shops...or at the MK: ride the TTA!
  15. autumnpalm

    autumnpalm <font color=blue>Hates dark rooms, is a big rule f

    Hey there!!

    Just wanted to reassure you a little with regards to the weather. My mother and I went in late July of this past year and were prepared for it to be absolutely brutal. After reading all of the warnings here on the DIS, I was worried that by visiting WDW in July, I would be taking my life into my own hands LOL.

    Honestly, yes it was hot. But we drank a LOT of water, took midday rests and swam (definitely the most helpful thing), mixed air conditioned attractions with non and brought a misting fan. We survived!!! Yes, we were hot, but looking back I don't remember the heat... I remember all the magical memories we made. If you do the things you already listed, you should be okay!

    Joining in for what looks like it's gonna be a great PTR!:goodvibes
  16. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o

    :wave2: Thanks! I figure I'd start an ongoing list, seeing as everyone seems so doom and gloom about going in the summer. I'm definitely adding "ride the TTA!" to the list. That's great advice!!! That's one of my favorite rides. It's supposed to reopen mid-August, so I hope it stays on schedule. I'll be so sad if that AND Space Mountain are closed during our trip.

    I used to do the parks like a commando. I never wanted to take a break and wanted to go, go, GO! But, we took breaks during our trip in December '07 and it made DH far less grumpy! :thumbsup2 Okay, maybe it made me a little less grumpy too. It was so nice to relax and just enjoy our time there.

    Hey! :wave2: Thanks for some reassurance. It's so nice to hear all the positive things about going to WDW in the summer. It's so easy to focus on the negative things in life, but hard to see the good. I'm glad you and your mom had a great time!
  17. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o

    I got some possible good news about my iPod. I work in an IT department (I'm not a computer person myself), and one of the guys here had the same problem with the same type of iPod. He suggested ordering a new battery and he'll put it in for me. He did it for his and it worked perfectly. So...there might be hope for it after all! :goodvibes
  18. pipermae

    pipermae Member

    DBF did the same for me! I told him it was either that, or he has to follow me around for the next 4 months and listen to my constant Disney talk! He decided that a PTR was no longer too nerdish. :rotfl2:
  19. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o

    :rotfl2: DH and I had lunch together and I was telling him how great it was that I started a PTR b/c people on the DIS appreciate the obsessive Disney chatter. It's like Mecca to me! He's just glad he doesn't have to hear me drone on about it...only 7 more months!
  20. autumnpalm

    autumnpalm <font color=blue>Hates dark rooms, is a big rule f

    Sometimes I think the DIS makes me talk about Disney MORE in real life!:rotfl:

    I hope everything works out with your iPod!! Mine break on me allllll the time... but I still can't live without 'em!
  21. tinkgurl

    tinkgurl <font color=magenta>Life is what happens in betwee

    Tell me about it...they're both gonna be closed when I'm there. :sad1: The TTA (I still call it the people mover) is one of my favs!

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