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Does anyone wash the comforters?

Discussion in 'DVC-Mousecellaneous' started by tripletsmama, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. tripletsmama

    tripletsmama New Member

    Is it true that Disney hotels don't wash the comforters/bed spreads between guests? Does anyone wash them upon arriving in the room? We always get a 2 bedroom, so we have a washer/dryer, but would they fit in a standard size washer?
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  3. MouseMomx2

    MouseMomx2 New Member

    We do not wash them.

    They will not fit in the stackable washers that most DVC units have. I believe they are also too large for the full-size washers. You could call Housekeeping and ask for new ones if it matters that much to you.
  4. bighoo93

    bighoo93 New Member

    We usually take them off and put them in the corner or closet for the week. I kind of wish nobody had ever let me know how absolutely disgusting they are in the first place. But now it is too late to "unlearn" what I know...
  5. tripletsmama

    tripletsmama New Member

    I need to do some unlearning too! Love that word. :) I guess we'll go with the put the blankets in the corner of the room plan. Will they bring you extra regular blankets or is that one of the things they charge for?
  6. joeyrose

    joeyrose New Member

    i keep them on the bed for warmth, but try not to sit on them, lay clothes on them, etc. i think it is unreasonable to expect housekeeping to wash these things except periodically, but we all know that they're probably disgusting under close inspection.
  7. MouseMomx2

    MouseMomx2 New Member

    So are so many things we come in contact with on a daily basis. Personally, I've lived 40+ years not worrying about hotel bedspreads and I'm not going to start now. The only difference is that now all of the germs have been publicized...but they were always there. Of course everyone should do what makes them feel comfortable. As for me, it's not a big deal.
  8. fishermouse

    fishermouse DVC owner SSR/AKV

    Just spray a little lysol around, has not killed me yet
  9. bighoo93

    bighoo93 New Member

    This is really so true, in general. But it isn't the germs, per se, that get to me. It is more just the thought of what has been done and deposited on the comforter that I don't really want to think of. But no, I don't think you are likely to be harmed by it.

    Do check for bed bugs though. Those are a real problem if you encounter them.
  10. tripletsmama

    tripletsmama New Member

    I'm sure it's one of those things im just over thinking. Would love to know they're clean though. :)
  11. DisneyDudet

    DisneyDudet Disney Music Addict!

    When I see them cleaning between guests, I see the carts have clean comforters... I swear. Even at non-DVC resorts.
  12. tripletsmama

    tripletsmama New Member

    I assumed they change them on some kind of rotating basis. Let's say once a month. So yes, they would have to have comforters on the carts for the rooms due to be changed. This wouldn't mean all rooms are due to be changed, however. Obviously I don't work for Disney, so I'm not sure of the actual process. :)
  13. DonnaL

    DonnaL New Member

    Since we're on the subject of the comforters having all sorts of germs.......please do not use the jacuzzi tub in the one and two bdrm units w/o sanitizing them....the stuff in those is probably more dangerous to you than the comforters. They're really very simple to sanitize.......especially if you order groceries or stop for a grocery order before check-in since you do need bleach......simply add one to two cups of liquid bleach to a tub filled above the jets and turn it on......let run for about 15 minutes and then drain, refill and run a clean rinse thru for the same amount of time. If you don't do this.........you are literally taking a bath with whomever used that tub before you...YUK! At least that's what our hot tub repairman told me years ago.....sounds plausible to me.
  14. Deb & Bill

    Deb & Bill DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Honorable Mention

    So what do you do in the hot tub and pool?
  15. Firepath

    Firepath New Member

    I read a thread on another forum a year or so ago about this. Someone ended up calling housekeeping and verified that the comforters are changed out (and washed!) between each guest. This was at the resorts, not DVC, but I imagine they have the same standards. I'm pretty sure you can all feel safe to leave them on the beds.
  16. Sammie

    Sammie New Member

    The bedspreads are not changed out unless there is a major reason, stained, etc. between each guest.

    The new spreads that are duvet covers like at BLT, are.

    The heavy bedspreads would not hold up to that much washing just as no one washes them that much at home.

    They are cleaned, actually dry cleaned about once a month, unless needed due to stain or spills.
  17. dianeschlicht

    dianeschlicht <font color=blue>DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Hon

    I am sure those new ones at OKW would need to be dry cleaned. I would never expect that they would be changed between each guest, but more on a schedule. We turn them down, but leave them on the bed. FYI, if you want another blanket for warmth, most DVC resorts keep extra blankets etc for the pull outs in the master bedroom closet.

    As for the Jacuzzi in the room....I would NEVER use it without first cleaning it. I just follow the same procedure as I do for my Jacuzzi at home. Since I don't have bleach in my owner's locker though, I usually just use a little of the automatic dishwasher detergent. I run the tub using a packet of that for about 10 minutes. Rarely do I ever get any "crud" out of the jets, but sometimes I do. It usually depends on if someone ahead of you tried to use bath oil...a BIG no no in a Jacuzzi!
  18. DisneyDudet

    DisneyDudet Disney Music Addict!

    I've never stayed in a 1br... Until I go in 2 days!! Is the detergent supplied in the room? I'm clueless about anything bigger than a studio!
  19. Deb & Bill

    Deb & Bill DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Honorable Mention

    You will get a single use box of Tide or All on each service day (so every four days). No fabric softener or dryer sheets. If you plan on doing more laundry, bring from home.
  20. DonnaL

    DonnaL New Member

    As far as the outdoor hot tub and pool.....they are both sanitized regularly and maintained at sanitized levels....that's not to say you don't pick up germs there, however, they must be maintained at certain chlorination levels. A jacuzzi bathtub is another matter entirely......a certain amount of water stays in the tubing even after draining and is recirculated with each successive bath.....that's why you are literally taking a bath with whomever used that tub before you.....unless you properly sanitize first.....by running sanitizer/bleach thru the jets and tubing. We have had experience with disgusting clumps of "stuff" coming from the jets on a few occasions when we sanitized upon check-in.
  21. DisneyDudet

    DisneyDudet Disney Music Addict!

    I was actually referring to the dishwasher detergent she spoke about, but thanks for your info! I was gonna have rough clothes if it weren't for you!

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