Disney travel use Purex ultrapacks stained laundry

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by disneymarie, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. disneymarie

    disneymarie <font color=blue>Its a rumour about the donuts...<

    Aug 31, 2007
    My brainy idea to purchase this easy to carry detergent spelled disaster. Anyone have this happen? Do you think there is anything else to try?

    On the weekend I decided to start laundry to pack for our Disney trip next week and did a load of laundry……I decided to use one of the Purex UltraPacks that I bought for traveling.
    Victims are; two white shorts, few nighties, short sleeve housecoat, new undies, and the tank tops type lingerie to provide sheer coverage. It was a Medium load.

    I guess the pack got open while under the housecoat and entangled, I put larger things in first. As the gentle cycle went through into the spin rinse, all the purple blue bleed into the pretty things I bought.

    I have been so sad. I called the hotline number to try something to get the color out I have not tried, but they only could ask if I tried Ivory soap bar.

    First put through a cycle with a lot of water, and Surf; two rinses. Then I tried Borax soak in the water. Desperate, Clorax II. Hand rubbed with Ivory soap, then did Fels Napa.

    Today I tried soaking in Oxy Clean.....So sad. I guess it is hopeless. They did take the information. I have most of the items, but the undies were sooo bad I threw out, them to buy more, so much color across the spandex material.

    So sad, I guess at this point it is a dye problem, not a detergent issue to remove. I do not have blue ink pens, etc, the color perfectly matches the Packs.
    Days away and all my newer things are ruined!
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  3. jenndisney

    jenndisney <font color=teal>Is this a tag? Am I dreaming? S

    Jan 15, 2005
    I use those all the time and have never had that happen. I wonder why it did. I use it with my whites and have never had any problems. hmmmmm....

    Sometimes soaking in vinegar will loosen dye... Good luck.
  4. minnie mouse

    minnie mouse Mouseketeer

    Nov 4, 1999
    The same thing has happened to me many times so I stopped using them. I used them just a few weeks ago on my daughters new white uniform shirts and they were beyond repair, I had to buy new ones. I really liked them at first, very convenient, but they were staining my clothes. At first I thought I was doing something wrong. I tried adding them before I put the clothes in, after I put the clothes in and happened either way. So I went back to use liquid tide.
  5. disneymarie

    disneymarie <font color=blue>Its a rumour about the donuts...<

    Aug 31, 2007
    Thanks for sharing that, I am going to let my son know so they don't think it was just me.
    I started looking online after a title caught my eye on the 3 in 1 sheets that left spots on work shirts. Finallly the person had the cost of the shirts reimbursed. I had a sample pack of the 3 in 1's that I do not think I will use on anything good now.

    The customer service opened a claim, I know it was not a lot of items, but I rarely buy anything new for myself. Many nighties were thread bare and faded. THe new undies and tank were a treat for comfort. I did not have the item labels as they were in the water soaking until I got someone from PUREX to hopefully have something that would remove the dye this time.

    It must have been the pack did not instantly disolve and dispurse throughout, there was plenty of water in the machine. I am just hoping for a cost offset for replacing the items.

    Biggest lesson learned. Buy my tide packets and take dryer sheets on vacations.

    Has any one used the washer added beads of fabric softener? I used a few bottles on general laundry, but my own I use Lavender liquid. No one else likes the lavender.
    They go in with the wash cycle....now I am concerned to spotting on fabrics.

    While I am on a roll, my Pooh size chest catches drips of anything. I have stooped to using a napkin either held in place or tucked in....but inevidable I will get a stain.
    Grease never seems to come out, making the family bacon, cooking hamburg for speghetti sauce, etc.

    The first time a new top, I screwed up and bango salad dressing stains.
    I am the queen of tide sticks, shout wipes, and clorox stick in my purse. :worship:
  6. smitch425

    smitch425 DIS Veteran

    Mar 18, 2011
    It may be too late if you have already dried them, but there is a product I have used called Synthrapol. You can find it online or in quilting shops. I forgot to wash some red binding before I sewed it to a quilt I handmade and the red bled all over it. I was able to get it all out. You just add a capful to hot water and it pulls the dye out. I also use it when I buy new clothes that I don't want to take the risk of them bleeding. Good luck!
  7. meier56013

    meier56013 DVC Member

    Jan 12, 2004
    To get grease stains out, Dawn dishsoap. Put it directly on the grease spot, rub it in and wash. Works even after clothes have gone thru dryer before spots were noticed. I can't count the number of shirts it has saved for me.
  8. Kathryn Merteuil

    Kathryn Merteuil Barden Bella

    May 11, 2012
    I had heard that those things might do that. We have some of those, I have been using them on towels only to try to get rid of them.
  9. stitchfriend

    stitchfriend Mouseketeer

    Jul 15, 2009
    Sorry to hear about your problem.

    I have bought the purex 3 in 1 sheets for traveling. They work better. It's like a dryer sheet with detergent, and fabric softner, and static guard all in 1.

    I put them in a ziploc bag and put in my checked luggage.

    Not sure if they still sell them. I had found them at Walmart.

    Hope this may be a soulution for your trip.
  10. dsneprincess

    dsneprincess DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2009
    I believe RIT makes a product called dye catcher. Think it is suppose to remove dye from things. Also sometimes hairspray will if you cover the dye with hairspray & then rinse with cool water through the spot.

    Grease spots: Lestoil will take out the grease spots even after run through the dryer. I have better luck with Dawn dish soap if I catch before dryer. The Lestoil will remove grease & oil, just soak stain, then wash as normal.

    Good luck. Laundry stains take a lot of time & effort, but can usually be corrected.
  11. PrincessSuzanne

    PrincessSuzanne <font color=red>Guess I will be eating crow tonigh

    Jan 1, 2007
    I haven't used the Purex brand packets that I can think of. I use ALL and it's the dye free ones. I do use the 3 in 1 sheets (I think they alos come in the dye free) alot, especially on Dh's military uniforms, they are easy for him to pack and not have to worry about taking detergent, softener, and dryer sheets. I worry that the pouches with get damaged and cause a hug mess.

    For grease stains, beccause I always drip something on my chest, I apply Dawn dish washing detergent, the original blue formula, it takes grease out and doesn't ruin clothing. Just apply and let it sit for an hour, then wash as usual.
  12. HM

    HM My tag from the Tag Fairy is now too long to use.

    Mar 8, 2001
    Eek! I just started using them. I sent a bunch with my son to college and am using them at home. So far no problems, but now I'm worried. He's got some expensive clothes that I don't want to have to replace.
  13. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    Feb 18, 2005
    Can't help with the tablet issue but I might be able to help with the stains.

    First, grease stains - Dawn dish soap or chalk. I got a chicken grease stain on a new shirt. I rubbed a stick of white chalk on it, threw it in the wash and the stain was gone. That was after it had been washed and dried once with the stain.

    Pen, wine, and other dark stains - cornstarch, water, rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush.
    DH brought me a yellow shirt that got red wine spilled on it the week before (business trip). Granted it took about a week to work on the shirt but it all came out. I just scrubbed it with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush.

    Last month DS11 left a blue pen in his pants and he did laundry. Blue pen everywhere, Even on DD's silky lovey. Thankfully I noticed the stains on most of the stuff before I put everything in the dryer.
    I first made a paste of cornstarch and water until it was semi solid, not runny but not solid globs either. I put that on the stain to soak up the ink. When I was ready to work on them, I flaked the cornstarch off then used the rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush to work out the stain.

    I got ink out of everything. All the different fabrics. DS10 had one shirt I missed that got put in the dryer. But I got the stains out of that too.

    It doesn't hurt to try these remedies.
  14. Tinker Pam

    Tinker Pam Stalker of the Whisperer

    Oct 25, 2009
    I had a whole load of work/school clothers go thru an entire dry cycle with ink from a blue pen. Someone told me to use meat tenderizer so the really bad spots I put it directly on and scrubbed it in using a toothbrush then I stuck all the items in the bath tub with more meat tenderizer and cold water. It got 99% of the ink out- I didn't have to toss a single item.
  15. disneymarie

    disneymarie <font color=blue>Its a rumour about the donuts...<

    Aug 31, 2007
    i never heard of that, I have a white skirt of dd that got next to a wet red T' shirt, I will give it a try,

    I found the 3 in 1 sheets at Walmart last Sept and packed for prior trips. But, now I am reading they no longer sell them because of spotting they leave on clothing. It looks like little grease marks on the photos I see so scratching that idea.
    Back to packing dry powder in a ziplock double bag it for me. I was buying the Tide in single bags, but now I am paranoid it will leak into my packed items.

    Gosh I remember when I was a hair dresser in my first career using hairspray on the white uniforms we were....back in the 60's beauty school you wore a white dress, no slacks to our Beauty School/Voc Tech high school.

    The Dawn I forgot all about, I use to buy Dawn in a foam pump to put on a sponge and was kick butt. Wonder if it is still around? Thanks for the reminder everyone that mentioned that.
    My "sometimes'ers" in my memory kicking in.

    Especially being a guy that may through the packet on top of the laundery instead of first he is at risk. I would call and warn to make sure the water is not cold, and watch the thing disolve in the water and swish before adding clothes. Better yet, I would throw them away.

    Sure won't hurt, I think I can try the mix on the white shorts as these, even though it is after Labor Day, I would hate to get rid of, and would like to wear. The two nighties the family is complaining about walking around in them with blue/purple tie dye. Then I put the housecoat on that looks like it is from an AC DC concert.

    Thanks for all the hints, and hearing about others that have had issues with the product. Perhaps as the 3-1 sheets it will dissapear. I will scoop powder into a few baggies with dryer sheets for next week.

    Curious to see if I find reimbursements for the pretty things I lost. Dang, why couldn't it have been a load of old towels? :faint:
  16. Leajess99

    Leajess99 DIS Veteran

    Jan 9, 2009
    I use the tide pods when I travel and have never had an issue with them. I'm sorry you had this issue with these. If you choose to continue using them than I would recommend throwing in a color catcher sheet to reduce the risk of the color staining.
  17. swilshire

    swilshire DIS Veteran

    Jan 26, 2004
    I bought some of these when they first came out, but heard a similar story from a friend and was afraid to ever use them. I should probably use them up on old towels or something else I don't care about.

  18. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    Jun 8, 2007
    Good luck with removing the stains, I agree with the majority of suggestions here. I'm sorry it happened to you. I use Tide Pods on vacations but at home I use my own homemade laundry detergent, works just as good as other detergents and is so much cheaper! Anyway, just wanted to wish you good luck. :)
  19. momof2twinboys

    momof2twinboys Mouseketeer

    Mar 8, 2012
    I picked up some Carbona at WM that says it is to correct bleeding

    I haven't tried it yet though

    Now I use stain catcher sheets in all my dark and new clothes loads - it really works!
  20. englishteacha

    englishteacha <font color=magenta>I've just gotten crazier over

    Apr 2, 2006
    Oh yipes. How awful. In regards to the Purex sheets, I cut the blue strip off of them. I didn't have any more grease spots after that. I hadn't tried the pods. I saw them in the store. I had wondered about the All ones...do they count as a liquid in your luggage?
  21. jewjubean

    jewjubean <font color=deeppink>You can call me Bean<br><font

    Jun 8, 2008
    I am in LOVE with the Tide Pods. A bit more expensive but being just one person who does laundry at the laundry mat once a week...THESE ARE HEAVENLY!!! I had the same problem with the Purex LD they left spots on my clothes. When I move into my new house with the washer and dryer I will most likely start using liquid tide...but until then...to make it easier I'll go Tide PODS!

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