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Disney Parks " Disney Time" Sweepstakes- Any Other Winners?

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Community' started by BridgetR3, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. doitforlove

    doitforlove x0x0 Disney Squirrel

    1. I would honestly flip a coin. I've never been to DL so leaning more towards that. But I looooove DW
    2. Grand Califorian for DL/Polynesian for DW
    3. Romance package
    4. October
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  3. suevr

    suevr One More Disney Day Sweepstakes Winner :)

    You should have just invited me Francie! ;)
  4. audrey2580

    audrey2580 Mouseketeer

    Well its now 5:00 in New York (Ventura Assoc Time) so I guess we have another day of no Dis winner. Reminds me of when they are announcing the Golden Ticket winners in Charlie & the Chocolate factory. Good luck to all tomorrow!
  5. camsmama

    camsmama "One More Disney Day" Sweepstakes winner 2012

    LOL Sue! You should have just stayed at DL until we got there since we were there at almost the same time! I'll bring you on the next one and all the boys can stay home!
  6. DisneyNutMary

    DisneyNutMary Mouseketeer

    Ok, here goes

    DisneyLand Hotel
    Romance package
    Spring break if possible, otherwise late June

    What fun, I hope another DISer wins soon.
  7. smkohn

    smkohn Member

    Another day another non-win for me :(
    That's ok, gives me more time to decide where I would want to go. I really can't decide between WDW and DL. I've been to WDW so many times, and I really do love it. Then again, I've never been to DL and I'd love to go see World of Color and ride Mr. Toad again. So, they're just doing me a favor by giving me more time to plan. :rotfl:
    If we chose WDW I'd pick the Poly. The themeing there is beautiful and I've always wondered what it would be like to stay there. Plus, DBF loves loves loves Ohana and it'd be nice to have easy access. I think we'd do the big thrills beyond the park, that way he can do the bass fishing that he didn't get to do last time.
    All this planning will probably be for nothing though, we don't win much 'round here.
  8. jennameowse

    jennameowse Member

    1) World! I'm a regular at DLR (I'm talking at least once a month) and have never been to WDW.
    2) I don't know much about the resorts. They all seem so nice! I've always wanted to stay at the AKL but I've seen photos from some other nice ones!
    3) Happy Happenings or Amazing Fun
    4) Christmas time.
  9. loveshak22

    loveshak22 Mouseketeer

    I've never been to DL so maybe...we don't have kids so for some reason I think it'll be easier to do WDW with 4 which would be either me, DH and another couple or parents and myself and a 12 year old they have custody of. All of us live on the East coast and my brother lives in FL so if I go with my parents then that'd be a plus to see him. Then I could save DL for some day when my DH and I to take a longer trip to L.A, just the two of us. with all that said I'll make my choices based on choosing WDW:

    1. WDW
    2. Contemporary, GF, or Poly
    3. Romance
    4. Early October or late January 2014 (assuming I can travel that far out)
  10. heathsf

    heathsf Mouseketeer

    1. WDW
    2. Poly, Contemporary, or Beach Club
    3. Grown up Fun
    4. Summer (<--- teacher)
  11. wlwilliams9

    wlwilliams9 "It's green and evil...I call it greevil!!" -Dr. H

    Grand Floridian
    Magical Makeover
    As soon as I got the paperwork done!!
  12. Jen12573

    Jen12573 Mouseketeer

    1. WDW (we love it there)
    2. Grand Floridian
    3. Romance
    4. Christmas season, around my birthday!

    And, since it's just me and DH, we would take our close friends!
  13. disneynan

    disneynan Mouseketeer

    1. Can't decide either. Have never been to DL so it would be nice to go with airfare that is roughly 70% off, but we love WDW and it would keep costs down for taxes.

    2. Poly with extended stay at POP if WDW (plus we could upgrade tickets). No idea if DL.

    3. Romance Package

    4. Mid- June - school nurse, so can't go during school year.
  14. audrey2580

    audrey2580 Mouseketeer

    Came home from work to find a fed ex at my door! Not from Ventura but I did win 52 coupons for a year supply of bread! lol, and I just restarted my low carb diet!
  15. HeartWishes

    HeartWishes Earning My Ears

    1. WDW!!
    2. DH says Grand Floridian, I say Polynesian or Contemporary (w/a view of the fireworks, of course!!)
    3. BBB Package for my 2 Princesses!
    4. Fall (MNSSHP) or Winter (Christmas Decorations!)

    We took our first trip as a family in Sept. 2012 to WDW. Ever since, my 3 yo daughter has been asking when we're going back. Planning for Oct. 2013! :cheer2:
  16. Karabee

    Karabee Mouseketeer

    This is a good way to express what were thinking all day long!

    1) World
    2) Poly but if there is construction then YC
    3) Romance package
    4) late Sept or Oct for F&W and the nice weather

    I'm hoping and dreaming... :)
  17. caralyn817

    caralyn817 Mouseketeer

    Since, we go to WDW a lot because we live so close...

    1) DL
    2) Grand Californian
    3) Character/Happy Happenings (We have a 2 1/2 year old. I think she would enjoy this one more. Possibly considering the Magical Memories.)
    4) Summer (Both DH and I are teachers. This would be the easiest time for us to travel.)

    We would also extend the trip to travel to other places. Really wanting some pixie dust.
  18. lthiesfeld07

    lthiesfeld07 Member

    1) Disney World (even though I've never been to Disneyland)
    2) Contemporary, Poly or GF
    3) Romance Package. I would love the Spa treatment!
    4) Since I am teacher, the week of NYE would be great!
  19. swebb0310

    swebb0310 Member

    1. Totally having a hard time deciding. Never been to DisneyLand, so probably there. But Disney World is my favorite place in the whole world!
    2. Disney land.. Grand Californian. Disney world... Another tough one, maybe Polynesian or wilderness lodge
    3. Character cuddles.... Totally want the Mickeys grand welcome, or romance
    4. Depends on if there are blackout dates and when they are. I would want to go around a holiday if possible. :)
  20. pwdebbie

    pwdebbie Mouseketeer

    Well, I've got two ideas in my head.

    If dh is willing to go (he refuses to fly but I'm not driving for a short trip, so he would have to fly), I would have our son and his son go with us and my choice would be:
    Cuddly characters
    AoA (Cars)
    May or November

    If dh won't go, then i would take my two adult daughters.
    Not sure which choice
    Poly or Boardwalk
    early December (oldest dd loves Christmas and youngest dd has a birthday)
  21. Lucky'sMom

    Lucky'sMom Mouseketeer

    I'd pick:
    Grand Californian
    Big Thrills


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