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Disney for DD’s 16th with her 6 GFs: Are you Stupid Nuts? (Updated: The End)

Discussion in 'DVC-Mousecellaneous' started by cj9200, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. cj9200

    cj9200 <font color=red>DIS Dad #412<br><font color=blue>D

    This upcoming weekend DD and I should be at WDW running the half marathon. Numerous injuries have derailed my training. First I busted up my foot pretty bad doing something stupid. After that was over and I could train again, I pulled my hamstring. The hammy is healing nicely just not enough to try to run 13.1 miles. The good news is that when I was training, I was up to 5 miles a run and have quit smoking. DD wanted a treadmill for Christmas which Santa gave her so now I am able to ease my way on getting back on the horse. Am a bit bummed, more for her than me but now my focus has shifted on DD’s Sweet Sixteen Birthday next week.

    The boring background information:

    This plan started formulating last year when DD was invited to be a “member of the court” for one of her friend’s Quinces party. Quinces is a Hispanic coming out party when a girl turns 15. Trust me, they take this seriously. There were numerous rehearsals involved in order to flawlessly follow certain dances, traditions and rituals. As a parent of a member of the court, how should I say this nicely, it was overly burdensome. The girl’s parents also spent a fortune.

    DD was a bit jealous that she was not of Hispanic origin. Italians have nothing like it. Or if they do, I am blissfully unaware. We are also not the debutant type of family. So what to do? Why not go to Disney? I told her she could invite a few friends for the long weekend right before her birthday. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

    Plans started to come together and I am about to embark on a weekend trip with 7 teenagers. Just thinking about that makes me want to take a Valium.

    Four of the seven participants are from the JV Soccer team. DD is number 15.

    This was taken just after she stole the ball. They are having a good season with only one loss.

    At the 11 month window I reserved a Grand Villa at the Boardwalk. Never stayed in a GV before so that alone should be interesting. I will pick up the kids after school next Friday, drive to Orlando and check into the BWV on Saturday.

    Boardwalk. Our Home Away from Home

    The plan:

    Friday is drive and chill day. We have reservations to spend the night at the Hilton on Buena Vista Drive. I was able to get a great rate ($90 on Travelocity). Dinner will most likely be off site.

    Saturday we check into the Boardwalk. I tried to volunteer the girls that morning to Give Kids the World but they were fully staffed that day. The idea came from a group on the Dis Board that got together and did this during the Dis meet weekend. For those of you that do not know, GKTW is a great organization that brings families with terminally ill children to Orlando so the whole family can have a special experience visiting the parks. You can check them out at www.gktw.org. Maybe next trip I can plan a little better and inquire about it earlier.

    So, don’t know what to do while we wait until the room is ready. Maybe miniature golf. Swimming is out because we are Floridians and no self respecting Floridian goes into a pool past September. They have tea at 2:00 at the Grand Floridian. DD had the choice between that or California Grill and she did not hesitate to pick the tea. I will probably do what has become the ritual when she has tea and visit the Tambu Lounge at the Poly for crab cakes and martinis. After that is the surprise, an Illuminations birthday cruise complete with cake and decorations. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

    Sunday I will let them loose on the parks. Heaven help all of you that run into them that day. We have lunch at 50’s Prime Time where I hope our “cousin” gives her a hard time. Most likely though it will be me suffering the brunt of the grief. After lunch, they will again be free to roam the parks until closing.

    Monday we will have breakfast in the room and then head home.

    Well, that is the plan. It is unlikely that I will bring the computer so there will be no live updates. If I make it through I will try to post our adventures here. I am actually pretty confident that I will make it but not so sure of the rest of them. We may “lose” one or two along the way.

    Hopefully soon after we come back I will start with the cast of characters and our first day. The title I imagine will be: I have duct tape and am not afraid to use it.

    Wish me luck.

    Here are the links to TR updates

    The Cast: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35092533&postcount=44

    Driving up and the Hilton: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35120222&postcount=57

    Checking in: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35130259&postcount=63

    Tea at 2:00: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35138722&postcount=68

    Finally the GV Part 1: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35148230&postcount=82

    GV Part 2 The Girls' reaction: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35182149&postcount=123

    The Surprise, our Illumination’s Cruise Part 1: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35206515&postcount=141

    Part 2: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35206698&postcount=142

    Short update post cruise: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35237930&postcount=154

    Leash of Shame: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35368224&postcount=163

    Park Day Part 1: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35382998&postcount=168

    Park Day Part 2: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35645550&postcount=186

    Finis: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=35759852&postcount=204
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  3. dgaston

    dgaston <font color=purple>Proudly wears a "Believes in Fa

    I am so glad to see your pre-"stupid nuts" report. You are definitely a brave man. I've never risked more than one friend at a time for each (adult) kid and that became like herding cats. I look forward to the rest of the story, and hope you find good martinis and/or Valium;)

    PS I've enjoyed each of your other reports, too.
  4. GoofItUp

    GoofItUp New Member

    Have tons of fun! (Well, the girls at least!)

    Sounds like this will be much more fun than a Quinceanera! We have friends who are Hispanic that offered to plan the Q for their daughter or let her take a friend to Hawaii. Being the smart girl she is, she jumped on the latter offer and ALL were much happier. If a weekend in a GV at BWV is the Italian version of a Q, I'm listing myself as Italian! (Being the mutt I am, I have no traditions for a 15th birthday. And, since I'm well past that age and have sons only, it still won't do many any good. Nuts!)

    Anyways, looking forward to hearing about how the weekend went!
  5. Ham Ham

    Ham Ham We will take over from the mouse!

    YAY - So glad you have finally posted! I've been lurking since end of December to see if your plans were underway.

    I like the comment about swimming - -we Canadians look forward to swimming in Florida in the winter - the water is always warm for us!

    Happy Sweet 16 to your daughter.

    Wishing you lots of luck and anxiously awaiting your trip report.

    Kim :cheer2:


    :goodvibesLove your title!!! :lmao:

    Sounds like a Super Sweet 16!!! You could easily spend a ton on a Sweet 16 party and it would not be as cool or memorable as a Grand Villa at BWV and a day at the parks and all that you have planned. The Tea sounds awesome!:thumbsup2 and the Cruise!!:cloud9:

    DVC is not only about vacations but it is so nice to have for "life events" like this.

    We just hosted Christmas in a THV, Family Reunion at SSR in 2007, Family Cruise in 2010 and looking forward to graduation parties at DVC too!
  7. kikiq

    kikiq New Member

    YEA!!! The big weekend is almost here. I have been waiting for this weekend. Have to get my fix now that my DD has come home from her WDW CP. I'm in.

    Happy Birthday to your DD.

    DMKEDM New Member

    Just a note to say "hakuna matata"...I took six teenagers (DS and friends) a few years ago and it was just about the best Disney trip ever!

    Some tips that worked for us:

    DDP! With the DDP I was able to give the kids flexibility to roam w/out risking not being there to be fed on Mom's dime...I think we ate every meal except one CS together...the snacks were all over the lot. It really was a great way to give the kids freedom to roam while still controlling food costs...

    Check-in times enforced by a "nuclear option:" Ahead of time, we set up check-in times (generally, prior to heading out for the day; mid-day; dinner time; and end-of-day)...anyone late checking in (regardless of reason--waiting for a bus didn't count; slow food lines, long ride lines--NOTHING was an acceptable excuse) had to walk around til the next scheduled check-in time "tethered" to me on one of those baby "leashes"...

    Everyone agreed ahead of time, and no one came close to being late (they all "loved" me...but no one wanted to risk having to be "leashed" to me!) I assured all the kids (and my DS confirmed it) that I would absolutely enforce the punishment...and that they'd have to go where I went, do what I did...couldn't get out of it by staying in the room, for example)...we all laughed about it and no doubt it'd have been awful if I'd had to follow through...but I didn't. The discussion made the point that I simply wasn't going to deal with the stress of not knowing where kids were at the appointed check-in times...

    Noise levels: Everyone agreed ahead of time that I was the "judge" of what's "too loud" (teenagers can't tell)...especially at night...so when I said "pot it down" they had to comply...they did...

    It was a GREAT trip...3 of the 6 kids had never been before and we had so much fun...

    You'll love it!
  9. Goofy442

    Goofy442 New Member

    People might say you are crazy for taking so many girls but think of the memories you will be making. Before you know it the weekend will be over.
    Enjoy your weekend with the girls!
  10. Goofy442

    Goofy442 New Member

    My son did the CP twice and loved it so much that he changed to a college in Florida so he could still work part time at WDW.
  11. kid-at-heart

    kid-at-heart New Member

    You are an awesome Dad! Thank you for sharing your daughter's birthday celebration.
  12. cj9200

    cj9200 <font color=red>DIS Dad #412<br><font color=blue>D

    Brave maybe, dumb definitely. I have a tendency to open my mouth without thinking clearly. This was one of those occasions. Since the van will be parked while we are there, I will have no hindrance to having a martini or two. Thanks Debbie for letting me know you enjoyed the other trips.

    Smart parents and a smart child. The Quinceanera was a pain. The girls were stressed out and some of them almost revolted (DD included) and debated showing up or not. Consider yourself an honorary Italian. I am only half Pisan with the other half being a mutt. It could be worse. DD is ¼ Italian, ¼ German, ¼ Dutch and ¼ Mutt. Think of the conflicts there. One part of her being is always trying to invade another part.

    Thanks Kim, I will pass on your wishes on to my daughter. I used to live in Hollywood, FL and for some reason it was the Canadian Rivera. Many of our neighbors to the north vacationed over the winter and some of them had second homes there. When my friends and I went down to the beach we would marvel at the people playing in the ocean. We of course were more sensible and had sweaters and jackets on.

    I agree with you. While this will not be a cheap trip, there is no way I would have paid rack rate for a GV, even if I could get a reservation. One of our best trips was when both sets of grandparents joined us at the Boardwalk for DD’s 4th birthday. They stayed in studios while we had a 1 BR. They all loved the resort and dinner at the California Grill went over well. DD’s Grandfather on her mom’s side had throat cancer surgery and could not eat anything you had to chew. We went out to dinner with them at a nice restaurant the month before the trip and while we had appetizers, entre and desert, he had soup, soup and soup. Before our dinner at CG, I talked to the chef and he prepared a special menu for grandpa that was better than our meals. Talk about service. It was also where I found out that my dad loved IASW which he saw at the NY World’s Fair in the 60’s. Dad, come on, not IASW. Three of them have since passed away, but we have memories and pictures of that trip. My hope is that 20 years from now when they meet up, one topic of conversation will be, “Remember when your dad took us to Disney for your 16th birthday. That was a great trip. Too bad he had to be institutionalized half way through.”

    One of my goals it so stay at a THV. Ever since I was a kid I loved the idea of staying there.

    I will pass on your wishes to the birthday girl. Hoping that DD may sometime join the College Program. Good excuse to go up there.
  13. kikiq

    kikiq New Member

    My DD was there for 7 months and I visited her 4 times :) DVC REALLY came in handy. And one of those trips, we went to Epcot once. Spent the rest of the time at SSR relaxing while she was working and just talked in the villa when she was off, just like home.

    Will be waiting for your TR. Love how you are making memories.
  14. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    Possibly the best idea ever when dealing with a group of girls. And I say this, being a former young girl, LOL. We once nearly drove a dad to the brink of insanity b/c of noise levels during a slumber party, poor guy. And we were only 8 going on 9 at the time; he probably saved the universe by disallowing future slumber parties! (though strangely he truly seemed to think that *sleep* was supposed to happen at slumber parties...no one told US that!)

    With the exception of the going off the deep end part... My mom spent time with me and two friends our freshman year of college during spring break. My mom did the lovely thing of moving to Miami FL just as I started college, and this was '88, so of course it was still fun for Spring Break. :) Anyway, my friends still will talk about it, and other times they got to spend with my mom, quite fondly. :)

    Now I'm going to go read your other reports.
  15. cj9200

    cj9200 <font color=red>DIS Dad #412<br><font color=blue>D

    We looked into the DDP and decided against it. For what most of them eat, it would not be worth it. Breakfast will be grab and go in the room and most of the other meals we will be together. I did let them know that for snacks they are on their own.

    I love, love, love your nuclear option. Sorry, but I am stealing it. I intend to call it the leash of shame. Beats my duct tape idea. Although duct tape will be available if needed.

    Noise is my biggest worry. They understand consideration of others but they may not be able to contain themselves. I am sending a letter to each of them to go over the rules and one of them is about noise.

    Congrats on surviving six teens at Disney. Can I put you on speed dial in case I need advice? One added thing that you did not have to deal with boys is makeup. I have found that getting ready in the morning is infinitely more troublesome with girls. When I was that age, I would pick up a shirt off the floor and if it did not smell too bad, I was good to go. True story that I have written about before. DD and her GF spent over an hour putting on makeup to go to a water park. A WATER PARK! After the first ride, they looked like drowned rats. I had a chuckle over that one.

    I think most if not all of the kids have gone to WDW. Need to check on that though. It would be fun to have some first timers with us. For those that are unaware, DD will make sure Beverly is in their future. Anyway, my motto will try to be hakuna matata.

    Thanks. I think we will. Many pictures will be taken to keep those memories alive.

    Awesome? You are too generous. Stupid nuts maybe but I don’t think awesome fits. Part of writing a TR is to entertain myself and maybe those of you that virtually join me on the odyssey. The other part is to have a record that DD may enjoy later. Worth the effort.

    Molly, I have a feeling you would have been the one that I would need to keep an eye on. If I was that dad, I see the leash of shame being invoked. That or duct tape.

    Great story about your mom. Hope mine turns out as well. Be forewarned, read the other reports at your own risk.
  16. Tinks "SS"

    Tinks "SS" New Member

    Yeah! I can't wait to hear about the trip!! They are gonna have so much fun and so will you! I really wish my dad had been as cool as you are. Hopefully she realizes it, if not she will when she gets a little older.

    Yes take lots of pics! especially ones that can be used as blackmail for a later date. ;)
  17. DMKEDM

    DMKEDM New Member

    You can't steal the "nuclear option" (leash of shame) because I freely give it to you...it was, probably, the single most brilliant idea I've ever had!

    And phone calls/emails/DisBoard posts to share experiences (and get & give advice) are most welcome...

    You're right: I've escaped the make-up issues...instead, I got to deal with a bunch of boys dropping toy helicopters off the balcony to see if they might fly...sigh...but they had so much fun; did no harm (even managed to contain the noise level); and were prepared to cease and desist had it bothered anyone around us...

    Our group was "mixed" (3 of each)--but I'm happy to report I also escaped boyfriend-girlfriend issues. Truthfully, that bothered me more, ahead of time, in terms of potential problems, than anything else...

    I find I'm just a bit jealous reading thru this thread...it brings back such precious memories...I envy you your upcoming trip! I've done (and expect to do more) DS-friends trips since, but he's an adult now, and so are his friends...there's just nothing like the exuberance of teenagers at Disney...

    This trip is absolutely guaranteed to be a memory-maker...embrace it; cherish it; and take a lot of valium with you, too!
  18. kdzgon

    kdzgon New Member

    I just found your trip reports last night - I must say I have enjoyed them. As you said you were not likely taking the computer, you are probably reading this after your return. Thus, I hope the marathon went well (although in actuality it is on right now).

    I get the impression from your threads that you feel it necessary to use your FPs during the actual stated hour only. In case you are (or, for that matter anyone reading this is) unaware, under current SOP at WDW you can use your FP any time that same day after the FP start time. Hence, if your FP is for 11:20 to 12:20, you can use that FP any time after 11:20 until the close of that park that same day. I apologize if you already knew this, but it's a quite helpful hint so I'm posting it "just in case".

    Looking forward to the updates on this trip!
  19. DMKEDM

    DMKEDM New Member

    Just reread your original post...we may be there at the same time!

    We leave tomorrow (Sun, 1/10) for a week at AKV (Jambo)...zap me a PM if you want "supervisory relief" from the teenagers...I love 'em!
  20. cj9200

    cj9200 <font color=red>DIS Dad #412<br><font color=blue>D

    Helicopters off the balcony sounds like more fun than putting on eye shadow. There is absolutely no way I could take a mixed trip. Valium, martinis and the leash of shame would not be enough.

    Still here because I pulled my hamstring and was out of the race. Have to hand it to the runners yesterday and today because it is freaking cold in Miami. Add the rain yesterday it had to be miserable. Congrats to all that started, let alone finished.

    Thanks for posting the tip. It is a good one. I knew about it but there may be others out there that did not. We usually want to get on the ride as soon as the window opens, so we stop what we are doing and hit the attraction.

    If you see this, I hope you have a great time. Would not want to ruin your vacation in order for you to supervise the mob. If you happen to bump into 7 girls, with maybe one dad in tow, say hi, it is probably us. If it is just 7 girls running around chastise them for something. Tell them that dad has spies all over WDW.
  21. LSchrow

    LSchrow <font color=green>We're eating brussel sprouts & a

    that's so true...i love watching how excited teens get at wdw!
    yes, little ones can be cute to watch at wdw, but teenagers will actually remember the trip for the rest of their lives :)

    they can be very entertaining, tho never, ever look directly at them ;)

    it's great that you are keeping them in check, but allowing them to wander a bit too....bet your dd comes home saying you're the best parent ever!!

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