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Disney Designer Dolls

Discussion in 'Disney Collectors Board' started by *sarah*, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. glenpreece

    glenpreece New Member

    I know the UK and France site both had some available after they were sold out here in North America. And according to people who have stayed up they don't become available until midnight PST.
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  3. ReggieB

    ReggieB DIS Cast Member<br><font color=red>I don't kiss ca

    They don't ship outside of Europe :headache:

    I thought this could be an option, as I have family in UK. But I think I could only do it if they offered to bring it over in their suitcase when they next visited.

    Why? - I was on the UK website this morning and they appeared to have all dolls available. I was looking at shipping costs, it would cost around $30 for an unsigned/untracked package and about $48 for a signed package if you had it come from UK. The dolls work out to be $79 (UK has a huge sales tax!) I would not ship using their postal service without some tracking as things always seem to go missing from here to my Mum and back again on a frequent basis. I also looked at UPS, and nearly passed out, cheapest is around $116 just for shipping!!!! So it would be about $130 +. Cheaper than some of the Ebay sellers. Not cheap enough for me though!!!

    Okay I obviously have way too much time on my hand, and have become totally obsessed with collecting these dolls. Curse you Disney!!
  4. DizneyDogs

    DizneyDogs <font color=red>Mouseketeer<br><font color=navy>Sc

    I am on the west coast and my order was at 12:10 PST for Mulan, I think you meant to say 12:35 pst as they are released just after midnight pacific
  5. DizneyDogs

    DizneyDogs <font color=red>Mouseketeer<br><font color=navy>Sc

    with all the glitches ds.com has had over the years it wouldn't surprise me, for example they lost all my order history as is the case with several other people I know. It list one order from 2001 a few from 2005 and 2006 and then none until 2011 and I am someone who regularly buys pins on their website several times a month.
  6. berrybread

    berrybread New Member

    LOL love that xD My disney store ended up getting the post it notes recently and when I saw them in person, I was a little disappointed by how small they were. I ended up getting a rapunzel mug :)
  7. *sarah*

    *sarah* New Member

    Lucky! I am headed back into Houston on Thursday so I am going to swing by the Disney Store and see what they have in stock. Crossing my fingers for a Rapunzel mug and an Ariel journal.
    I also think the nail polish is pretty, so I may get that too....
  8. aprincess@mail.com

    aprincess@mail.com Princess Angie

    Nope it was 2:35am pst, we kept trying after midnight and the doll was not available. :( Not sure why? I just hope it doesn't happen again for Mondays doll. I will be disappointed if were unable to get the next princess.
  9. BigGreen73

    BigGreen73 New Member

    Looks like I'll be having some early Monday mornings the next 6 weeks. I am on the east coast. Looks like 3am wake -ups for me. :sad2: Oh well...If we can get them all, it'll be worth it. :thumbsup2
  10. DizneyDogs

    DizneyDogs <font color=red>Mouseketeer<br><font color=navy>Sc

    wow that is strange that is a good 2 hours after I placed my order
  11. RocklandPrincess

    RocklandPrincess New Member

    I haven't had any problems getting the dolls
    my sister in law and I have been waiting outside our local Disney store every Monday @8::30 am or so and we are usually the first ones.
    Our store has been recieving between 10 & 16 dolls and it's a limit of one per customer. It makes me angry because half the people who are online are ebayers. They go in as couples andpurchase one each . They are sold out before the store opens, possibly not allowing a true collector to get one. The rule should be one per household! We r collecting these for our daughters. It's our first time collecting:)princess::lovestruc
  12. berrybread

    berrybread New Member

    Hi there, sorry to hear about that! Unfortunately you won't have any luck getting it from Canada because I live there and they sell out just as quickly here. Line ups at 7am. :\
  13. berrybread

    berrybread New Member

    That's crazy! May I ask how early you got there to be 6th in line?
  14. xtremeroy

    xtremeroy New Member

    Hi I have an Ariel designer doll that sold for 350 on ebay but the buyer did not pay. Before I relist it Id like to see if anyone has a D23 Expo Cinderella they would trade for her.

  15. glenpreece

    glenpreece New Member

    Yeah Mulan sold out at the Eaton Centre in about 20 mins on monday
  16. glenpreece

    glenpreece New Member

    i highly doubt people will trade away the silver Cinderella they were literally flying off the shelf and people were buying at least 2 each which I thought was really unfair but oh well. Good Luck :)
  17. Alice28

    Alice28 DIS Veteran<br><font color=blue>I'm Doombah Fricki

    I got to TDS at about 8:50. There were 5 adults ahead of me (some had their children with me so the group looked bigger at first glance).

    At 9:00 TDS manager, who is the nicest lady, came out with the cards to pass out. We put ourselves in order of who got there first, and I was #6. There were 14 dolls, and between myself and the people in front of me, 11 were sold. The person behind me bought 2, so the person who was #8 lucked out. She happened to be an off-duty employee who showed up at about 9:00, so she had to wait with the rest of us.

    it was nutzoid.:eek: There were at least 12-15 people behind me that I could see while I was in line in the store, waiting my turn to pay. Some literally looked like they were going to cry, and I don't blame them considering at least 1-2 of the people in front of me were (from what I could tell) just turning around to sell on ebay.
  18. xtremeroy

    xtremeroy New Member

    I agree. Ebay value is fairly close, maybe some sort of deal can be made.
  19. gilliansmommy

    gilliansmommy New Member

  20. RocklandPrincess

    RocklandPrincess New Member

    Does anyone know when jasmine will be released?
  21. Aimey8808

    Aimey8808 New Member

    RocklandPrincess I agree. I have had no problem being the first in line at the Disney stores on Monday's to get my dolls. Just enough people show up and everyone that's there has been able to get one. But I do feel that every week more people are showing up! I might have to be at store at 7am for snow white! I will be very upset if I have to fight someone over her! Jk

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