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DIS Diva's **Old thread**

Discussion in 'Disneyland Community Board' started by mommaU4, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. QueenDoOver

    QueenDoOver Dis Diva

    I am pretty sure they just closed down the only interpreter cert program in Washington. Really a bummer!
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  3. kelmac284

    kelmac284 <font color=red>I wish I lived near one of the par

    Camo did you look at Cal State Northridge? Granted this was almost 30 years ago that I went there but I too wanted to be an interpreter out of high school and i took ASL in HS and then transferred to CSUN in their deaf studies program. I ended up coming back and getting my degree at American River college but it is something to think about. I would think they still have it since there is a large deaf community there and several deaf students that attend that school (or at least there was LOL).

    I went all the way through ASL 4 at the jc level so that is possible as well.

    Good luck to her!
  4. CamoMama

    CamoMama New Member

    I don't think we have looked at Northridge. We'll definitely look into that. Since I plan to move south after she graduates high school that could definitely be a contender, I'd like to have her somewhat close to me.
  5. LisaCat

    LisaCat Counting too many days till my next trip to Disney

    You did, but I couldn't find it. LOL
  6. kelmac284

    kelmac284 <font color=red>I wish I lived near one of the par

    Morning ladies.

    Jen I just had to say that yesterday we had lunch at the graduate in Davis during our break from the swim meet and I see a bunch of runners from the color run. I had never heard of that one but Katy does 5k's and she said that looked fun and she might want to do that one next year. Is it always the first weekend of Aug? Reason I ask is that is our Meet of Champs.

    When I saw those people in there I was looking to see if one of them was you but didn't see you. Hope you had fun!!

    Yesterday was HOT and Katy didn't have her best swims but today is a new day. She just did the 100 free and I guess didn't drop her times either but we are hoping for good luck in the 200 free relay this afternoon.

    Hope everyone is having a nice weekend and staying cool! :)
  7. MrsPinup

    MrsPinup 3 cups. cups, cups, cups, cups, cups

    CSUN does have an amazing program :) American River College also has an Interpreter's Program. Many of my friends took their training there. I was accepted, but decided I didn't want to be a terp for a living so I pulled out at the last minute. It is a great program, but the interview process is getting harder and harder. You have to have taken through ASL 5, have letters of recommendations from Deaf people, and be VERY fluent in ASL to be considered. Good luck to your daughter. Boston University and Gallaudet also have programs, BTW :goodvibes

    Nope, we headed back towards Roseville after the race. This was the first year, so I am not sure if they will always aim for the first weekend in August or not. Only time will tell. :confused3

    I have spent most of the day working on my annual plans for my classes and searching for classroom aides. It is really difficult trying to find posters for Deaf Culture/ASL that are not of the ABC's.

    Do any of you watch Big Brother? We have been watching for 9 years now - I am on Team Frank/Boogie this year. Boogie is a not-so-secret crush of mine :rolleyes1
  8. LisaCat

    LisaCat Counting too many days till my next trip to Disney

    Howdy all! Hope everyone had a good weekend. For those not on Facebook, Beth checked in. Also, Jill's mom passed away. Big hugs to Jill......

    Nothing interesting happening here. Which is usually a good thing. I'm scooting down to DL again in 2 weeks. Ssssshhhhhh...... A friend of mine and her daughters are going. Going to DL with her is on my bucket list. I so wanted to go this time, but they are going on DH's birthday. Um, no. Not an approved trip. LOL HOWEVER, I have a $50 credit on Southwest and she got the hotel on points, so it's going to cost me around $150 total (food, transportation, etc), PLUS, it should add JUST enough points to my Southwest account that my flight for the Diva trip in February may end up being FREE. Gotta love it! So, hubby said I could go the 21st and 22nd. He's a keeper. LOL
  9. MrsPinup

    MrsPinup 3 cups. cups, cups, cups, cups, cups

    Hugs, Jill :hug:
  10. kelmac284

    kelmac284 <font color=red>I wish I lived near one of the par

    Thanks Jen for the info on the race. I went to the website and it looks like a lot of fun. I didn't realize it was in downtown Sac because of so many people in Davis but it looks fun. A little pricey though. Katy definitely thought it looked fun though so have to keep it in mind for next year. :)

    And I used to watch Big Brother. Watched it for years but then got bored with it. I loved it when they used to have housecalls on and watched that every day and we used to watch the live feeds but guess I have too much going on now LOL.

    SO glad last week is over that was crazy. Girls get their class schedules tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what classes they have and I can't believe school starts a week from Thurs! CRAZY! Part of me is ready to have some peace again LOL but part of me always misses having my buddies around.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  11. cittycat

    cittycat New Member

    We watch Big Brother! My daughter & I go over to a friends house & watch it with her daughters (all are high school aged)....it's a little obsession...although I'm not a fan of this seasons 'twists'.

    Funny you like Boogie...I don't like him. I do like Frank though & REALLY wish there were no veterans! That's getting old! I think the newbies would have been a great cast on their own! Frank & Shane would have dominated the house!
  12. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    Did you know.....this is where I teach on Mondays and some Friday nights? :)

    Back from DL, it was hot and crowded and we had a huge group but man, it was fun! I LOVE RSR!!!! We did the SR line 3 times, best ride ever! LOL Ok not ever but it is my fave in DCA right now. Ate at AG & the BBQ, had the chocolate chip cookie sundae and the cobbler, both were AMAZING! :) Watched WoC but that was all we caught for the shows, we did watch the fireworks from the hotel one night, we stayed at the Red Lion Inn, Micah's Mom paid for it, we walked to the Toy Story lot each day and had no problems taking the shuttle from there to the parks and back, altho Saturday night the wait for the shuttle was at least 30 minutes so we just walked back to the hotel. It was definitely a long walk. We probably won't stay at the RL again, it wasn't that nice (it was $99 a night) and the staff was rude when we checked in. We also were supposed to have 3 rooms next to each other (504, 506 & 509) but they gave 509 to someone else so we had 517, same floor but we wanted to be closer as it would have been easier to share rooms (3 little ones who needed to rest, Grandparents who needed to rest etc) but we dealt with it. We got 2 free breakfast buffets per room but it worked out that we didn't have to pay for breakfast any day we ate, others didn't eat so we were able to swap room numbers around. The buffet was good, eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, pancakes, cereal, milk, juice, fruit, oatmeal, bread/english muffins/bagels, it was one of the best we've had. But again, the service was rude so we probably won't go back, maybe for $75 or less a night, but not for $99 or more, we will just stay at the API when we can't use our timeshare points. :)
    Glad to be back, but wish I was still there, Micah told me when the girls graduate he will transfer to the Test America location in the LA area and we will move, that way I can do DL every day if I want. LOL
  13. Grumpy Grandma

    Grumpy Grandma New Member

    FYI .... I had a room at the Hilton this weekend for $80 a night plus $5 for parking fee. Room was wonderful, staff friendly and we did the same thing .... walk to the Toy Story lot and take the shuttle.
  14. CamoMama

    CamoMama New Member

    Ha! It's a secret obsession of mine! I go over to my best friend's house and she and I and her mom watch together. I'm rather addicted to the UK version as well, I download that from the internet, it's very different, and somehow everything is funnier with an accent.

    I'm not a fan of any of the "veterans" either. Boogie makes me laugh, but he's not especially bright and he thinks he is. I haven't decided which housemate I actually like this season, the twists are kind of taking away from getting to figure out their personalities. I'm just glad that whatsisface was booted out, he's just like his brother but with less self control, that was obvious from the beginning.
  15. cittycat

    cittycat New Member

    It's funny it's become an annual tradition with myself & my friend. Our daughters are at marching band camp & as soon as it's over we all sit down to watch! We liked it better when it was Sun/Tues/Thurs....Wed/Thurs is hard...too long in between & then we've just ended up watching Wed on Thurs before the live show.

    I really think they had some great houseguests this year that could have been really fun to watch. Danielle is cracking me up with her obsession....If only she knew! :)
  16. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    Micah's Mom booked and paid for the hotel so we didn't have a say, if we had chosen we would have been at the API or CCI. :) It was extremely easy to use the shuttle service tho!
  17. cittycat

    cittycat New Member

    So a little birdie told me that there is a Facebook page for the group...how do I find you on Facebook?
  18. kandyk

    kandyk New Member

    You have been added, I couldn't figure out how to do it from my iPad but got it done from my computer. It was great to meet on Saturday at the Mousemeet, I had a lot of fun and will for sure go next year. We really need to plan to get together again soon. Are you going to go to the Mountainears meeting on Sunday the 19th, I'm thinking about going and would love to see a familiar face.
  19. cittycat

    cittycat New Member

    It was great to meet you too!! I think the Mouse meet will sell out pretty fast next year. They also have little 'mini-meets' throughout the year. Usually in Lynnwood at the Spaghetti Factory (it's easy to get the big room). It includes dinner & some type of presentation...sometimes they have a vendor with stuff to purchase usually not. He's branching out though and has done a few little "mouse treks". Like them on FB & you'll be able to keep up to date :)

    I would LOVE to get together with you sometime!! Thank you for adding me to the FB group! (What are swagbucks??). I will probably head to Southcenter later this month with my daughter; I want to show her the Fireworks store & we'll do Rainforest Cafe...maybe we could meet then. I'll let you know when we are planning to go.

    I am waiting to finalize a few things for the weekend of the 18th, but I think I will be going! I will let you know for sure though later this week.
  20. stacielee

    stacielee <font color=green>Why do I go to Disneyland? <font

    Wish I lived up there, I would love to do MouseMeet! And it would be cooler than here in Phoenix. Although I don't want to do winters again!!!

    Oh, swagbucks... How to explain?? Here's a link to my blog that's a little outdated but hopefully you get how it works: http://shopping-and-saving.blogspot.com/p/swag-bucks.html. This is what I've gotten since I started about 2 years ago: about 65 $5 Amazon gift cards and 5 $50 Southwest gift cards. My DD and DS also do it, though not as much as I do, and they've gotten $5 Amazon gift cards and $10 (I think) Starbucks gift cards. I started off really working it, then didn't really use it much other than to search. Now, I'm at least trying to get the Daily Goal they set every day to get some extra bonus swagbucks.

    Hope everyone is having a great week. Vicki, Becci and I are going to Destination D this weekend. I'm leaving on Thursday, returning on Monday. Let me know if anyone will be in the parks Thursday or Friday.

    Also, the Dashing Divas are participating in MouseAdventure in Disneyland at the end of September with 2 newbies!! Kandace and Bridget don't know what they're getting into to. Mary Jo & Chris, is your team going to be there?
  21. MotoXPrincess99

    MotoXPrincess99 <font color=darkorchid>Yep, mine is new too<br><fo

    Drive by Hi!:drive:
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