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DIS Diva's **Old thread**

Discussion in 'Disneyland Community Board' started by mommaU4, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. mommaU4

    mommaU4 <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/hl1

    Andrea, your weekend sounds fun. I'm glad you all enjoyed the reptile show.

    Tina, good to see you here!! We miss you. Congrats to Marty on his promotion. Glad things are going well with you both.

    Capri, go get those school supplies, girl! Around here things were getting really picked over. I hope Ryan does well with his lock! I'm glad to hear he's worried about normal middle school issues. That is good.

    Lisa, sorry about the laundry hell. Been there, done that....just about daily actually. LOL

    Kerri, boating sounds fun! Glad y'all had a good time. When I was a kid we used to go boating with my dads friends. Good times.

    Kelly, I love the Fall scents. Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, mmmm.
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  3. mommaU4

    mommaU4 <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/hl1

    It's fun! :cool1:

    OK, you probably want more info than that. Basically, every year we do different exchanges. We've done summer, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. I always host the Halloween and Christmas ones.
    The way it works is you sign up, then you are given a name of someone to send a Halloween package to. Also, someone will be given your name and will send one to you. There is a spending limit, and we ask a few questions to help your sender get an idea of what you'd like, but other than that it's up to you to put together a fun package for your Diva partner.

    It's just something optional, and fun that we do as a group to keep the excitement going when it's not trip time. In Christmas, we send out stockings filled with goodies for each other.

    It might make more sense if you take a look at the thread from last year's exchange. http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2794587
    Some of the photos might be missing, but the instructions are still there. Also if you skim through the thread you will see photos of previous packages that were sent out.

    I hope many of the new ladies will join in the exchanges. They are a lot of fun. And, who doesn't like to get goodies in the mail instead of bills for a change. ;)
  4. DisneyStitch626

    DisneyStitch626 New Member

    I would like to join in on the exchange! It sounds like lots of fun. Although, being in Canada, it might cost a little or a lot more for a sender, so I would feel bad getting someone to do that.
  5. VintageDisneyRules

    VintageDisneyRules <font color=royalblue>Why does candy taste so much

    I've sent to Canada before and it doidn't seem to cost much more
  6. debbiedoo

    debbiedoo New Member

    I have done exchanges in the past. I really enjoy them. My favorite is the cookbook exchange. I think that was is in the spring?

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  7. MyYearWithTheMouse

    MyYearWithTheMouse Disneyland In A Year!

    OMG, you are my new best friend. Looks like these glasses I have (in perfect unused condition) sell for $99! Who knew??? I'm contacting them tomorrow. Too lazy to deal with ebay buyers.

    And I'd love to regift, but all of our friends have already gotten married, and this isn't something you'd bring to a baby shower or whatever. "Hey, congratulations on your little one on the way--here's a cut crystal candy dish for you to put on a low shelf so Baby can teeth on it or something!" :rotfl:
  8. kelmac284

    kelmac284 <font color=red>I wish I lived near one of the par

    LOL Shelby about the baby comment. That's awesome that Lisa got you that link. Good luck to you!

    Tina and Capri good to see you on here. Tina congrats to Marty and Capri I am thinking of you guys with Ryan. I hope they get everything figured out about his weight issues. And good luck to the kiddos when school starts for them!

    It's funny I was never really into fall that much and spring has always been my fav season because of the great weather and I love all the flowers blooming and esp after a long cold winter it feels so good but more and more fall is becoming my fav season. I just love the leaves changing and when the air gets crisp and as I mentioned all the scents sights and just everything about it. I splurged and ordered myself a few fun things off the Disney site because we never seem to be able to make it down to DL during Halloween anymore and they have SUCH cute stuff.

    We haven't been at that time of year since 09 and we really wanted to go back and do the party but with Katy in cheer that is prime season but I am going to scope out how it goes this year and we may try to go at the very end of Oct next year. They have playoffs, champs and the all star game during that time and it doesn't sound like our team will make it that far so hoping for a chance to go! :)

    Looking forward to this weekend as the girls get out early on Thurs and then we have 4 days off. Wishing we could go somewhere fun but with the football looks like we will be stuck at home but hoping to find some fun stuff to do round here.
  9. cittycat

    cittycat New Member

    OMG! I love it!! I LOVE Halloween & Christmas! Decorating should commence soon! :)
    I'm totally in for this!!! Can't wait for the details!!!
  10. mommaU4

    mommaU4 <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/hl1

    Good morning, ladies! Happy Tuesday. :)

    You should do it, it's a lot of fun. In the sign-up questions, I always ask if they are willing to send to Canada, and there are always people who are willing to do so. Theresa and Angie, both of whom are in Canada, have done the exchanges in the past. :)

    You're probably referring to the exchanges they do over on the main DIS community board. They do lots of them over there, with all different themes. I used to do several of those. They are fun.

    These are the same concept, but they are only for members, past or present, of the Diva trips, and our packages tend to be a bit....uh, bigger than the ones sent on the CB. :rotfl:
    It's a fun way to build up camaraderie in the group leading up to the trips. Plus it's neat to send to and receive from someone you know you are going to meet in a few months. :)
  11. mommaU4

    mommaU4 <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/hl1


    Just as an FYI for all of those who are new to the exchanges, and are considering it, the Halloween one also includes kids. So if you have a child, or niece or nephew, grandkid, etc who'd like to get a package you can sign them up as well. (I do try to have adults send to adults, and kids send to kids as much as possible)

    The Christmas stocking one however is for adults only. I figure kids get a stocking from Santa but we usually don't get anything, and who doesn't love getting a fun stocking to open up.
    Also, when you receive the Halloween package you can open it immediately. But, the Christmas one has to be put away until a certain date that I set when all packages will have arrived and we then open them all on the same day and time. It's fun.

    Here is the last Christmas stocking exchange if anyone wants to read through that:
  12. cittycat

    cittycat New Member

    OH this is just so cool!!! I would love to sign my daughter up too...she will be so thrilled!!!

    And the Christmas stocking idea...LOVE it!! Especially as a single parent...there's not usually much under the tree that I don't know what it is!! ....I think that's usually the case for most moms though! :)
  13. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    I can't wait for the exchange, I'm super excited for it this year. :) I've already started picking up a few things. :) :)

    I'll be signing the girls up again this year, they missed it a lot last year! LOL So I'll definitely be signing them up again. And yes, I love the Christmas stocking because I usually know everything I'm getting for Christmas before I open my gifts, the things in my stocking are truly a surprise and I love that! :)

    So school is back in session, even college, I could tell last night at the bar, it was definitely slower. Good news, I've been asked to teach Fridays, Sundays and Mondays (Saturday nights are UFC nights so there isn't time for a lesson), I'm going to discuss it with Micah tonight and let him know I'd like to do more nights, helps keep me in shape! LOL :)
  14. kelmac284

    kelmac284 <font color=red>I wish I lived near one of the par

    I agree the exchanges are SO fun! I did halloween twice I believe and the christmas one once. We also had a fav character one that I did and that was so fun. I haven't been able to do any in the last few years and I SO miss it. Really hoping to be able to do at least one this year. As the gals have said it is SO fun to get a package and see all the fun surprises. I can't afford to have my kids do one but I usually share what I get with them and they LOVE it! DEF recommend doing one if you are able!! :)
  15. DisneyStitch626

    DisneyStitch626 New Member

    The exchanges sound like so much fun. I would love to join in on these! I would love to sign Seth up for the Halloween one as well, but it might be a little tough getting Halloween things for a 16 month old!
  16. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    You might be surprised! LOL
  17. cittycat

    cittycat New Member

    Oh....16mo old Halloween stuff could be TOTALLY cute!!! :)
  18. DisneyStitch626

    DisneyStitch626 New Member

    I am so looking forward to costume shopping for him this year, cause I think we could find something really cute for him to waddle around in! Haha.

    So I got approval from my boss today to take the days off for the girls trip! I was a little worried about asking her as I just started a month ago, but she was totally fine with it!!! I will be coming in Wednesday evening and staying until Sunday sometime, depending on when I can get flights.
  19. VintageDisneyRules

    VintageDisneyRules <font color=royalblue>Why does candy taste so much

    Does anyone know if Mel posted the blue tee shirt, not the design but the color she has chosen? I asked her awhile back but never saw an answer. I really want to find a shirt before the stores have nothing but winter clothes.
    Beth, while you were gone some of us discussed a group photo in CA since we can't do the Princess one. What do you think about a photo there?
    Lisa wants tie dye in the hippie stand in Carsland. LOL
  20. LisaCat

    LisaCat Counting too many days till my next trip to Disney

    You betcha! LOL The photo spot in front of the waterfall would be nice. Or down in front of the water with the Death Wheel in the background?
  21. debbiedoo

    debbiedoo New Member

    Yes they were on the main board. Exchanges are always fun. :). I also have an almost 14 ur old that would enjoy as well. She has done one in the past where they allowed kids.

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