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Did you make a reservation for the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party? Post it here

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by Hunclemarco, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. zales127

    zales127 New Member

    We were there for the whole thing. I believe from start to finish (not including fireworks) it was about 45 min.
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  3. spacepoints

    spacepoints New Member

    Sorry. I guess I was asking, did you go last month, summer?
  4. zales127

    zales127 New Member

    Oh..lol..oops..September 2011
  5. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco New Member

    I'm sorry you didn't find the Dessert Party appealing while there. I am surprised that you noticed the buffet doesn't stay open. When we were there they were doing some clean up during the fireworks, but food was still able to be taken. I'm wondering if this is a new standard change. :confused3

    Also, i'm sorry to hear of your expectations of the visual of the fireworks. When we were at the party a year or 2 back, i heard many upset because they had to stand to see the fireworks. That's why i started this thread with pictures at the beginning... to make people aware that the roof does not allow for many to be seated when seeing the fireworks.
  6. HM

    HM <font color=red>A tag from the TF is better than a

    January 20
    Party of 2
  7. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco New Member

  8. teheber


    Still not open for Feb reservations??!!

  9. teheber


    :confused3Will Feb ever open, starting to wonder with Main Street Bakery out.?
  10. can'twaittobewarm

    can'twaittobewarm New Member

    Very helpful thread!!
  11. Grandmaof2

    Grandmaof2 New Member

    Anyone having any luck with making reservations for Feb?
  12. suzzzze

    suzzzze New Member

    Just checked for a table for 3 on Feb. 5 and available times came up. I already have ressies for Jan. was just seeing what was going on with Feb.
  13. Grandmaof2

    Grandmaof2 New Member

    I also tried to make a reservation for Feb. and it must be open. Now have to wait to make my reservation in May.
  14. Viator80

    Viator80 New Member

    I just got a table for 4 on feb. 12. Woohoo!
  15. collections

    collections New Member

    I got reservations for 4 on Sunday February 24th. Hopefully we will be there with our Princess Half Marathon medals around our necks! Can't Wait!
  16. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco New Member

    February is OPEN!!!party:
  17. ErinsMommy

    ErinsMommy New Member

    We got ours - February 14th, Party of 3. :banana:
  18. LucyBC80

    LucyBC80 New Member

    Party of 2 to February 10!
  19. lelei

    lelei New Member

    Party of 6 on the 10th- so happy to get it on my daughters actual birthday :)
  20. ktnryansmom

    ktnryansmom New Member

    How on the new site are you making reservations? I can't even get a location lol
  21. DonaldTDuck

    DonaldTDuck New Member

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