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Cruise Design Thread **NOT TAKING REQUESTS**

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by goeva, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. goeva

    goeva New Member

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  3. goeva

    goeva New Member

    Here are the direct links. You should be able to save the image in your computer. Let me know if it works.
  4. goeva

    goeva New Member

    Here is your request.
  5. jjones144

    jjones144 New Member

  6. goeva

    goeva New Member

    Glad to help.
  7. goeva

    goeva New Member

    I can send you in PDF files if still doesn't work. Let me know.
  8. lisa702

    lisa702 New Member

    LOVE it! Thank you!
  9. AquaDame

    AquaDame Are we there yet?

    Thank you so much~! :lovestruc
  10. Minnie321

    Minnie321 New Member

    Love your magnets! Is there anyway you could make me the pink - Keep Calm and Cruise on with the Magic and the dates February 9-15, 2013. Thanks in advance. My daughter saw it and go so excited.:)
  11. goeva

    goeva New Member

    Here are your requests.
  12. belle1627

    belle1627 <font color=green>Mom was right!<br><font color=da

    Hi there

    I have to give you talented dis-ers credit. This is not easy to do and is very time consuming. Thanks for taking time to fill requests.

    I hope this is an easy request. Can I have a pink mickeyhead with black writing of your keep calm and cruise on with no personalization. I love it on its own then I can use it over and over again.

    Thank you so very much!
  13. Doodledisney

    Doodledisney New Member

  14. anjuan

    anjuan New Member

    These are awesome!

    Could you please do a pink and black keep calm and carry on with the dates March 23-29, 2013 for the Fantasy.

    Thanks so much!
  15. JSClemsonFan

    JSClemsonFan New Member

    Does anyone know the link to the blanks on photobucket?
  16. JSClemsonFan

    JSClemsonFan New Member

    I would like to kindly request the KEEP CALM Mickey head. I'm thinking the head in red and the letters in white might look nautical. What do you think? For the ears:
    February 28 - March 3
    Disney Dream

    Thank you!
  17. goeva

    goeva New Member

  18. goeva

    goeva New Member

    Here is your request.
  19. barbarasc

    barbarasc CruiseCrazy

    LOVE the ears :thumbsup2 Wish I had talent but alas I don't but certainly admire yours :cool2:

    Can you come up with something that includes the Autism Ribbon? We will be cruising on the Dream May 19th 2013

    Thank you!!! :goodvibes
  20. goeva

    goeva New Member

    Sure. I will work on it tomorrow.
  21. barbarasc

    barbarasc CruiseCrazy

    You're Awesome!!:love:

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