Credit Card Guarantees and Cancellation Policies APPLY TO ALL TS ON/AFTER 11/19/13

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    CANCELLATION POLICIES AND CREDIT CARD GUARANTEES will apply to ALL Walt Disney World table service restaurants for reservations made on or after NOVEMBER 19, 2013. if you modify a reservation made before November 19, the new rules may apply.

    In most cases, the penalty for a no-show or late cancellation is $10 per person (note: it is per person, not per reservation). Victoria & Albert's is $20 per person for a no-show.

    Some dining experiences are prepaid, i.e. you must pay in full for them at the time of booking. The best known are Cinderella's Royal Table and the three dinner shows, although there may be other special meals and events that are prepaid.

    At this time it is unknown what, if any, exigent circumstances will be permitted as excuses for cancelling a reservation at a restaurant on this list past the cancellation deadline (same day as the scheduled ADR). We do not know if Disney will have specific accepted excuses or if it will be up to the person who answers the phone whether or not to accept the excuse. We also cannot be sure at this time that any exigent circumstances for cancelling past the official deadline will be accepted at all.

    Be Our Guest lunch is counter service and reservations can't be made, so the policy does not apply at lunch for that particular restaurant.

    THIS LINK IS TO THE DINING FAQ PAGE ON THE WALT DISNEY WORLD WEBSITE. It answers a few questions about the policies.

    This is from the FAQ:

    PLEASE NOTE: the site says "each restaurant maintains its own cancellation policy." Note that some restaurants or events have a DIFFERENT cancellation policy - for example the Candlelight Processional packages have a 2 day cancellation deadline, rather than 1 day.

    The above wording also means the penalty will be applied if YOUR ENTIRE PARTY DOESN'T SHOW UP. If a partial party shows up, the reservation is considered honored. This policy may be different where it concerns a prepaid dining experience (which is paid in full at booking - Cinderella's Royal Table, or the 3 dinner shows - Hoop de Doo Revue, Mickey's Backyard Barbecue, Spirit of Aloha Luau - for example.)

    More information will be posted as it comes to our attention, after the majority of guests start operating under this policy. This thread is not for discussion and will be locked; there is a separate discussion thread.
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