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Complex DDP Question

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by thornton0511, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. thornton0511

    thornton0511 New Member

    We are a party of 6 that will be on the DDP. Me and my DH, our DS(12), DD(8), and my DFIL and DMIL. We are renting points and staying DVC with two rooms, so it had to be two reservations (our family of four, then the inlaws). So since our credits will be combined the four of us on our KTTWC and the in laws on their KTTWC if my husband and I wanted to have a TS meal by ourselves and have the in laws take the kids and have a TS meal how will that work with the kids loaded on our card? I am pretty sure that their cards would not work for charging DDP credits right? Or would my son's card have that power since he will be on the adult plan? I am also assuming that giving them my card to use would not work since I am not physically there. Anyone have any insight into how to make this work.
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  3. sharonabe

    sharonabe New Member

    The easiest thing would probably be to give you DS12 charging privileges and then he could "pay" for his and DD's dinner that night.

    OR if you're not planning on going into one of the parks, you could just switch cards with your inlaws so they would have 4 credits, and you would have 2. In theory this should work, but someone may have a reason it won't.
  4. thornton0511

    thornton0511 New Member

    This is interesting because I was not sure if my DS would be able to have the charging feature on his card, but that would be great if possible. I thought about switching cards too but I was not sure of Disney's policy and if that would get us in trouble with CM's when it comes to paying time. But now that I think about it they do not check ID's so maybe just switching our cards would be fine. Thank you so much for your advice :thumbsup2
  5. partypa

    partypa New Member

    All your key to the world cards will have the DDP credits on them, your son won't "need" to have charging added to his card, he can use the DDP credits without having charging privileges
  6. FiggieFan

    FiggieFan New Member

    The above is correct. We went as 3 separate groups. One night me and my fiance (group 1), went to dinner with my parents (group 2), and my 6 year old nephew (part of group 3) while his parents went elsewhere. We just had my nephews KTTW card with us and there were no issues charging his meal to the appropriate dining plan with his card.
  7. thornton0511

    thornton0511 New Member

    Awsome :thumbsup2 thank you :):):)
  8. 6disneykids

    6disneykids New Member

    I often used one of my kid's cards to get snacks and even some QS meals. The charging privilege is to charge things back to the room which our kids did not have, such as tips, or merchandise.
  9. Denamac

    Denamac New Member

    I actually use my DD's card that doesn't have charging privileges to "pay" for our meals with DDP. This ensures that our server doesn't accidentally charge the dinner to our room and actually does use the DDP credits. I then leave the tip in cash. Never had a problem using her card for the meals.
  10. luvs2travl

    luvs2travl Dream BIG...Live GRAND

    Thank you!

    We're doing the samething - taking niece for lunch and was wondering if her DDP would be loaded on her card. Good to know! Thanks!

    MSSANDRA New Member

    Our boys always loved "paying" for dinner with their cards. I think you can choose when to add "charging" onto their card and I am pretty sure we started doing that with our older DS before he was 12. Maybe I am wrong but pretty sure this is right.

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