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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by jabead, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000

    I look forward to receiving your updates Valerie and hopefully we will run into each other during the days that our trips overlap. Thanks for posting a pic, I'll be on the lookout for you and your family. :thumbsup2
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  3. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000

    Hi diskam! You must live nearby. :thumbsup2 I've heard that the maple bacon cheesecake is great but haven't tried it yet. Have you checked out the cupcakes at Sugar Mama's?
  4. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    The bad news is that we received no "live from Disney World" updates today. :sad: But the good news is that Angebee sent us the rest of her updates from her trip at the end of February. I'll go ahead and post some of these now and save the rest for tomorrow, just in case we don't receive anything from Disney World again. ;)

    Angebee said, "After a long day at Epcot, we grabbed a late dinner at our resort's...

    Landscapes of Flavor


    "Ham & cheese sub, apple slices & Odwalla fruit juice; Turkey sub, brownie bites & Dasani water; Individual pepperoni pizza w/ caesar salad, Mickey cupcake & Nesquick chocolate milk"

    "The pizza meal was from the Make Your Own Pasta service counter and just tasted "okay". Kit loved Mickey's ears being oreos on the cupcake. The subs were taken from a wall of coolers near the registers and counted as an entree on the QS meal plan. They were actually pretty good. The brownie bites were rich and delicious!"

    "Then on Feb 27th we went to Animal Kingdom! It was everyone's first visit and my first time as well on the safari. We found a food cart selling fresh fruit just off the ride."


    "This watermelon was so fresh, ripe and GOOD that we almost forgot to get a picture." ;)

    Lunch was at...



    "Chicken Salad, Chocolate Mousse in a Glass, Barq's Root Beer"

    "Mom thought the chicken salad was MUCH better than at Electric Umbrella at Epcot. The menu online says 'Chicken BLT' but it was just a regular Caesar w/ chicken when we were there. Still yummy and she got a few tomatoes off the topping bar. There were a couple of different flavored lemonades on the menu (I can't remember them) but they weren't part of the meal plan."


    "Chicken Nuggets served with Fries, Chocolate Mousse in a Glass, Coke"

    "Dad thought these were good enough. You actually get the drinks yourself from a soda fountain by the topping bar."


    "Chili Cheese Dog, Cheesecake in a Glass, Barq's Root Beer"

    "Kit got hers without the chili and ate the 'mac & cheese' on top first then the hot dog like a regular one. It was good and different but not her favorite. The cheesecake didn't sit well with her, either."


    "1/3 lb. Angus Bacon Cheeseburger with Fries, Chocolate Mousse in a Glass, Coke"

    "My no-cheese-no-bacon burger still came with a surprise piece of bacon. Not that I complained. I just loaded it up with topping bar goodies."


    Burger with toppings

    "Tomatoes, onions and pickles for my burger. One of those tomatoes went to mom's salad. Everything was delicious but the pickles were a little sour."

    Landscapes of Flavor

    "We had dinner at the resort again. By then I learned my dad thought we only got one meal per day on the plan so we had to compensate for too many meals left by getting 4 individual pizzas and one Build Your Own Salad from the salad bar. I forgot pictures but they looked like generic pizza and salad from Disney. I did remember to take pictures of two of our desserts."



    "The frosting was rich and the fondant candy sweet. The grapes were a little better this time but most were still squished or sour."

    7 February Game Points Earned + 5 Bonus Points for only update for today
  5. roxysmum123

    roxysmum123 DIS Veteran

    Jun 1, 2011
    Not sure if you're still looking, but I'll be at WDW April 6-13 on a solo trip but meeting up with friends for a few meals as well as my solo dining. Send me a PM with instructions if you need the help!
  6. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Just a reminder that next up to the Disney Dining Plate is...

    :cheer2: DannysMom :cheer2:

    DannysMom- Valerie and family are there from 3/20 - 3/27 and she has offered to do live updates for us!

    HAVE A GREAT TRIP, Valerie & family!!! :cool1:
  7. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    That would be great roxysmum! I'll be in touch sometime in the next day or two. :thumbsup2
  8. AuroraMeansDawn

    AuroraMeansDawn DIS Veteran

    Nov 3, 2008
    Aw Thanks Brenda! I am pretty blown away by Barb's kindness and encouragement. I was pretty uncertain when I started my review and by the end I was becoming much more confident and verbose! She's a great asset to this place and I cannot wait to hear where she's going to eat in the world!
  9. AuroraMeansDawn

    AuroraMeansDawn DIS Veteran

    Nov 3, 2008
    I have this fascination with Tony's too. I love the idea of an Italian themed restaurant based on Lady and the Tramp and I want to sing Bella Notte everytime I pass it but the reviews have scared me off. Maybe next time I'll bite the bullet just so I can have the tiramisu with the cute cocoa powder Lady on the plate.
  10. AuroraMeansDawn

    AuroraMeansDawn DIS Veteran

    Nov 3, 2008
    I'm looking forward to it and to your reviews and insights! Yay! This calls for a dancing banana or three for sure! :banana::banana::banana:
  11. Ginamarie

    Ginamarie DIS Veteran

    Dec 15, 2005
    Can't wait for the "where in the world" segment. It sounds like fun!
  12. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000

    April and May reporters will receive points for each and every update sent to me for posting on the Live Thread. The number of points which you will be awarded is based on how rare the featured location of your update is. For instance, those locations from which we haven't yet received an update, will receive 10 points.

    10 Point Update Locations
    Monsieur Paul
    Big River Grille
    Captain's Grille Lunch
    Olivia's Cafe
    Turf Club
    Cap 'n Jacks
    House of Blues (other than Sunday Gospel Brunch)
    The Wave lunch
    Trail's End Breakfast or Lunch
    Whispering Canyon Cafe lunch
    Any other location that I have overlooked that we do not yet have an update

    5 Point Update Locations
    Coral Reef
    Electric Umbrella
    Katsura Grill (QS meal)
    Kringla Og Cafe (QS meal)
    La Hacienda de San Angel
    Les Halles (QS meal)
    Lotus Blossom Café
    Nine Dragons
    Restaurant Marrakesh
    Rose & Crown
    San Angel Inn
    Tokyo Dining
    Tutto Gusto
    Cape May (breakfast)
    Captain's Grille (breakfast or dinner)
    Hurricane Hanna's (QS meal)
    All Swan & Dolphin restaurants (except for Shula's, which is worth 10 pts.)
    Flying Fish Café
    ESPN Club
    Kouzzina (breakfast or dinner)
    ABC Commissary
    Catalina Eddie's
    Hollywood & Vine (any meal)
    Rosie's All-American Cafe (QS meal)
    Starring Rolls Cafe (QS meal)
    Studio Catering (QS meal)
    Maya Grill
    Tusker House (lunch or dinner)
    Planet Hollywood
    Pollo Campero
    Rainforest Cafe
    Wolfgang Puck Café (TS, DTD West side)
    Liberty Tree Tavern (dinner)
    Tony's Town Square
    1900 Park Fare breakfast
    Garden View Lounge Tea
    Gasparilla Island Grill
    Grand Floridian Café (any meal)
    Victoria & Albert's
    Kona Sushi Bar
    Kona Café (lunch or dinner)
    Spirit of Aloha Dinner
    Chef Mickey's Dinner
    The Wave (Breakfast or Dinner)
    Artist Point
    Whispering Canyon Cafe (Breakfast or Dinner)
    Trail's End Dinner
    Any Resort Lounge Food
    Any Resort CL Food

    Worth only 2 Points due to their popularity
    Be our Guest (lunch and dinner)
    Cinderella's Royal Table (breakfast)
    Columbia Harbour House
    Cosmic Ray's
    Crystal Palace (breakfast)
    Liberty Tree Tavern (lunch)
    Captain Cook's (lunch, dinner)
    Kona Café Breakfast
    'Ohana Dinner
    Contempo Cafe
    Akershus breakfast
    La Cantina de San Angel
    Sunshine Seasons
    Tangierine Café
    Via Napoli
    Yorkshire Fish Shop
    50's Prime Time Cafe
    Flame Tree Barbecue
    Tusker House (breakfast)
    Yak & Yeti (TS) Restaurant
    Boma breakfast or dinner
    Everything Pop
    Landscapes of Flavor
    Riverside Mill
    Sassagoula Floatworks
    Earl of Sandwich
    Raglan Road
    Wolfgang Puck Express (lunch or dinner)

    All other restaurant locations (both QS and Full service) not listed above are worth 3 points.

    Also, please remember that in order to receive full credit, you must include a pic of at least one entree in your update. If instead you send only a pic of your appetizer or dessert, etc. then it will be considered a snack update and will be awarded points accordingly.

    All snack updates will be worth 1 point per location. Also, all food and beverage offerings from the Flower & Garden Festival kiosks will be worth 1 point per item.

    Also, Bonus Points will again be awarded for the following:
    - First Update of the Day - the first update which is sent (by text or email) after 7:30 a.m. (ET) each day will receive 1 point.
    - All menu pics will receive 1 pt. per menu
    - Including a pic of you in an update (update must also include at least one food item) - 1 pt./per update
    - Including a pic of another member of your travel party in an update (again update must also include food item) 1 pt./per person/per update
    - All food updates from Universal TS/QS restaurants will receive 3 pts. each
    - Including a pic of at least one character at any character meals 1 pt. per meal (including the Beast at Be our Guest and Chef Remy at Chefs de France)
    - All new cocktails/wine flights/beer flights (those not yet seen on this thread) will be awarded 1 pt. each. Here is the LINK to the list of what we have so far.

    Also, a new addition - Send a pic of the restaurant's name on a sign, menu cover, etc. to use as an intro to your update from that location and you will receive a bonus point. (I think it's a fun way to introduce an update and saves me some typing. ;) )

    Also Miscellaneous Bonus Points may be awarded at my discretion. :thumbsup2

    emmebear & rachel09985 - 179
    PirateRachel - 125
    KMarston - 83
    roxysmum123 - 68
    MickQuinn - 62
    SmallWorld71 - 60
    jecskc - 58
    HoneyBeeM - 46
    mommakacie - 41
    mousiemom - 41

    MARCH 30
    KMarston - 12

    MARCH 31
    PirateRachel - 15
    KMarston - 11
    jecskc - 7

    APRIL 1
    jecskc - 10
    KMarston - 9

    APRIL 2
    HoneyBeeM - 21
    PirateRachel - 21
    KMarston - 4

    APRIL 3
    PirateRachel - 33
    jecskc - 23
    HoneyBeeM - 7
    mommakacie - 6

    APRIL 4
    KMarston - 17
    HoneyBeeM - 10
    PirateRachel - 9
    jecskc - 5

    APRIL 5
    mommakacie - 17
    KMarston - 13
    PirateRachel - 10
    HoneyBeeM - 8
    jecskc - 7

    APRIL 6
    PirateRachel - 37
    KMarston - 17
    roxysmum123 - 7
    jecskc - 6

    APRIL 7
    roxysmum123 - 9

    APRIL 8
    roxysmum123 - 21

    APRIL 9
    roxysmum123 - 11

    APRIL 10
    roxysmum123 - 2

    APRIL 11
    emmebear & rachel09985 - 14
    roxysmum123 - 6

    APRIL 12
    emmebear & rachel09985 - 59
    MickQuinn - 6
    roxysmum123 - 3

    APRIL 13
    emmebear & rachel09985 - 25
    MickQuinn - 5
    mousiemom - 3

    APRIL 14
    emmebear & rachel09985 - 44
    MickQuinn - 15
    mousiemom - 12

    APRIL 15
    emmebear & rachel09985 - 37
    MickQuinn - 7

    APRIL 16
    mommakacie - 18
    MickQuinn - 12
    roxysmum123 - 9
    mousiemom - 2

    APRIL 17
    SmallWorld71 - 20
    mousiemom - 16
    MickQuinn - 9

    APRIL 18
    podsnel - 35
    SmallWorld71 - 12
    mousiemom - 6
    Hannikins - 4

    APRIL 19
    Hannikins - 10
    SmallWorld71 - 10
    MickQuinn - 8

    APRIL 20
    buzz1121 - 16
    Hannikins - 11
    SmallWorld71 - 2
    mousiemom - 2

    APRIL 21
    buzz1121 - 14
    Hannikins - 13
    Rumpletinker - 8
    Mommyof3inVA - 4

    APRIL 22
    buzz1121 - 10
    Rumpletinker - 9
    Mommyof3inVA - 7
    Hannikins - 6

    APRIL 23
    Hannikins - 17
    Mommyof3inVA - 16
    SmallWorld71 - 16
    buzz1121 - 15
    Rumpletinker - 6

    APRIL 24
    buzz1121 - 20
    Hannikins - 20
    MRYPPNS - 9
    Mommyof3inVA - 6
    Rumpletinker - 5
  13. Mommyof3inVA

    Mommyof3inVA Mouseketeer

    Dec 22, 2012
    I would like to find out how become a April reporter...We are going April 20-27 What is the email/text info so I can write that down :) Thanks!!
  14. Hannikins

    Hannikins Mouseketeer

    Oct 24, 2012
    oooo yay! good luck and safe journey to all other April travellers!
  15. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000

    That would be great, Mommyof3! I've sent you a PM with all the info. Thanks! :thumbsup2
  16. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    :cheer2::cheer2:IT'S RECRUITMENT TIME!!!:cheer2::cheer2:

    Here are the volunteers I have so far for April:

    KMarston - 3/30 - 4/6
    PirateRachel - 3/31 - 4/6
    jecskc - 3/31 - 4/8
    HoneyBeeM - 4/1 - 4/6
    mommakacie - 4/3 - 4/10
    roxysmum123 - 4/6 - 4/13
    emmebear & rachel09985 - 4/11 - 4/15
    MickQuinn - 4/12 - 4/18
    mousiemom - 4/15 - 4/19
    SmallWorld71 - 4/17 - 4/19
    Hannikins - 4/18 - 4/25 (WDW), 4/25 - 5/4 (US)
    buzz1121 - 4/20 - 4/27
    Mommyof3inVA - 4/20 - 4/27
    MRYPPNS - 4/21 - 5/5
    Rarity - 4/25 - 4/28
    diskam 4/28 - 5/1 (WDW), 5/2 - 5/6 (Wonder cruise)

    I've sent out a PM to all of the above with my info. If I have forgotten anyone who has previously volunteered, please let me know.

    Here is who I have so far for May and June:

    auntfrannie - 4/29 - 5/8
    aladdinsgirl - 4/30 - 5/10
    podsnel - 5/2 - 5/6
    carmie3377 - 5/4 - 5/10 (Disney Magic)
    RyMacJ - 5/4 - 5/11
    jimnlahaze - 5/7 - 5/13
    MrsBearcat - 5/11 - 5/16
    Chavaleh - 5/11 - 5/19
    CalSea12 - 5/11 - 5/21
    quietgirl - 5/13 - 5/20
    AvasMommy526 - 5/21 - 6/1
    dvc4life - 5/22 - 5/27
    smile4stamps - 5/25 - 6/2
    buzz1121 - 5/25 - 6/8

    chloesmommy - 6/1 - 6/8
    tammilynne - 6/1 - 6/10
    DisneyMamato4 - 6/2 - 6/9
    disnmooner2013 - 6/3 - 6/10
    phi2012 - 6/3 - 6/19
    sarabear - 6/5 - 6/12
    dutchdisneyfamily - 6/6 - 6/14
    cindymindy - 6/9 - 6/15
    AlohaAnnie - 6/15 - 6/28
    Goofyluver - 6/16 - 6/21
    JennyWren - 6/24 - 7/1
    KateB - 6/25 - 7/1
    Incredibleboysmom - 6/28 - 7/2 (Disneyland)

    Again, if I have forgotten anyone who has volunteered, please let me know. :thumbsup2

    So here is what we still need:

    April 9 thru 20 - 1 more needed

    May 17 thru 31 - 1 or 2 more needed

    June 11 thru 30 - 1 or 2 more needed

    So if you are taking a Disney trip during the next few months, please think about giving "live reporting" a try.
  17. diskam

    diskam Earning My Ears

    Dec 5, 2003
    My daughter and I will be at Disney from April 28th to May 1st, and on the Wonder from May 2nd through May 6th. We'd be happy to take pictures!
  18. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday. I again received no live from Disney World updates so I used the time to get caught up with my Table of Contents pages and putting together the details for the April/May Game. I did though receive the last of Angebee's updates from her trip a few weeks ago, so I will go ahead and post those now.

    On Feb. 28th, Angebee and family had breakfast at...



    Angebee said, "Mom's birthday breakfast was a surprise at 'Ohana! Everyone calls you a cousin there but the surprise was our real cousins joined us. The food came fast which was surprising since the place was packed."



    "They gave us a corner table with a GORGEOUS view. You can't see it but the castle was visible to us just behind that frame on the right."


    'Ohana Welcome Bread

    "This was warm and a little sticky with what tasted like pineapple bits. Different but delicious."


    "'Ohana POG Juice: pineapple, orange and guava, I think?"

    "Whatever is in this juice spiked my migraine but I'm allergic to nearly everything. Everyone else downed it gleefully. The waitress was very accommodating in finding some milk for myself and our littlest cousin."


    "Fruit Plate with some kind of fruit/yogurt dip"

    "The pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew and raspberries were amazingly fresh. We ended up ordering another round because they were so good." :thumbsup2


    "Mom's Mickey waffle topped with the fruit/yogurt dip stuff."

    "Mom loved the yogurt stuff so much she tried it on her Mickey waffle. Delicious."


    "'Ohana Platter: pork sausage links, fried potatoes w/ caramelized onions & scallions, smoked bacon and 'hot & delicious' scrambled eggs."

    "Everything comes out 'family style' here and it was all scrumptious! Our only complaint was how spicy the fried potatoes and sausages were."


    "My plate"

    "I ate light. The Mickey Waffles are brought around by a server who puts a couple on your plate and moves to the next table. Sadly they were my favorite part of the meal. The eggs got cold very, VERY quickly. Definitely not 'hot and delicious'."


    "Stitch scared our poor littlest cousin so she wouldn't even have anything to do with the Big Cheese himself. She picked up later when we let her roam the beautiful resort."


    "I braided my lei from 'Ohana into my hair to meet Rapunzel later. There is your one and only pic of me."

    "Mom and Dad both got a free mini cupcake for their birthdays but we were all too full so we pixie dusted a couple of very excited young girls at the next table." :thumbsup2

    3 February Game Points Earned + 5 Bonus Points for sign and other misc. pics + 5 Additional Bonus Points for only update sent yesterday
  19. diskam

    diskam Earning My Ears

    Dec 5, 2003
    My daughter and I will be at Disney from April 28th to May 1st, and on the Wonder from May 2nd through May 6th. We'd be happy to take pictures!
  20. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000

    Excellent! :thumbsup2 I will add you to the list and send you a copy of the PM I just sent out to the April reporting team.
  21. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Another update from Angebee, this one also from Feb.28.

    She said, "We weren't hungry again until dinner and decided to try some place new to us."



    "1/3 lb. Angus Cheeseburger with Corn on the Cob, Apple slices or French Fries, chocolate or carrot cake, Coke products"


    "Burger again and Steak and Pork Platter with French Fries, chocolate cakes, Cokes"

    "We all love the Disney burgers and Dad really dug into his steak and pulled pork. The green stuff was some sort of parsley butter and the pork tasted delicious with the corn bread. I can't remember what the bean things are."


    "Mom's Burger"

    "The topping bar here is AMAZING but I forgot to get a picture. There's things for burgers as well as tacos so you can easily make a small side salad. Mom found lettuce, onions, pickles, ketchup, mayo and even lemon wedges for her drink."


    "My Burger"

    "What can I say? I love tomatoes. Pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard on mine. That's a banana pepper in the corner. We all agreed the corn on the cob was too soggy and chewy to be good this time of year."

    "As a side note, I couldn't find the description for Dad's steak platter anywhere on the internet except a site called "the mouse for less". Seems like the most updated at the moment for at least the Pecos Bill's menu."

    2 February Game Points Earned + 1 Bonus for sign pic
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