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College Program Questions Thread, Pt 4

Discussion in 'The College Board' started by RogerRadcliffe, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. RogerRadcliffe

    RogerRadcliffe Imagineering

    Hello everyone! Since the last thread was quite helpful, I thought that it's about time to start another Question thread. As a current CM, I am more than happy to answer any questions.

    No matter how simple, or how detailed an answer you need, this is the place! I figured it would save on creating new threads for simple questions/answers.

    LINKS to Previous Question Threads:
    College Program Question Thread 1
    College Program Question Thread 2
    College Program Question Thread 3

    Helpful Resources:
    Disney Programs Blog
    Character Heights/CP Auditions
    Character Performer Auditions
    Disney College Program Phone Interview Questions
    CP 201 (College Program Hopefuls)
    Older CP Hopefuls

    (Please Let Me Know if I Missed One!)
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  3. Joanna71985

    Joanna71985 <marquee><font color=green>Characters are my frien

    Good idea to start a new one (as the last ended last summer). I am also an alumni, so I can help out with questions as well
  4. RogerRadcliffe

    RogerRadcliffe Imagineering

    Hey Jo! I just thought it was a nice continuation of your last thread as it keeps everything in one spot instead of having to search through all the different posts.

    I have a question regarding the College Program, What are the most popular roles? Also, what roles have the higher capacities such as QSFB?

    Thanks, and Have a Magical Day! :smickey:
  5. Tar Heels

    Tar Heels New Member

    Aside from the obvious spiel attractions such as KSR, GMR, EI, and JC; what are some of the more underrated/exciting/challenging attractions you guys have either experienced working at or have heard about from others?
  6. digsbyloft

    digsbyloft New Member

    What's the social scene for the over-21 crowd like?

    Like is there good nightlife in the area and a party culture?
  7. Nensense

    Nensense New Member

    So I'm 19 (will be 20 by the time the CP would start for me though) so I'd be place in one of the dry-wellness apartments which means no alcohol right? One thing I'm terrified about is if I get accepted is that I might get placed into a room with room-mates who have smuggled alcohol into the room, and I know if they get caught then everybody in the room gets expelled from the program. If I was to find out somebody was smuggling something into the room would I be able to report it so that I personally would not get terminated from the program due to some other kids inability to follow the rules?
  8. psherman42

    psherman42 New Member

    Are we allowed to have nerf guns in the apartments?
  9. leeg229

    leeg229 New Member

    Nope. No nerf guns, paintball guns, airsoft (?) guns, toy guns, water pistols, plastic swords, and lightsabers. Yup they even specified lightsabers. Anything that looks like a weapon, even fictional, you can't have.
  10. RogerRadcliffe

    RogerRadcliffe Imagineering

    Thanks Gerry! Trying to get this thread off the ground to answer questions, and clear up the threads.

    I've heard great things about Fantasyland, mainly Dumbo, especially with the new expansion. Tomorrowland has been quite popular amongst my friends as well.

    Personally, my favourites are PotC, HM, and ToT as I've all had friends that have absolutely love their time there!

    It really depends on what you're into. There's the Universal Orlando CityWalk near Universal Parks & Resorts. There's a lot to do in Downtown Disney such Splittsville and the ESPN Zone. There's also drinking around the world at EPCOT, and other park activities. My personal favourite is the resorts and hotels, including a special restaraunt with a magnificent chandelier and a perfect view of The Magic Kingdom.

    There's a lot of reports written by blogs about great things to do!

    There are wellness and non-wellness apartments. The requirement for non-wellness are that you must be over 21 years young. The wellness apartments are for those under 21, and those that decide they'd rather not be amongst the wellness crowd.

    Hakuna Matata. When it comes to your worries about potential problematic situations, address the concern, and find a resolution. Plan ahead in advance for roommates that you know and can trust to make the proper decisions if that is your main concern.

    Have a Magical Day! :smickey:
  11. Nensense

    Nensense New Member

    Do I qualify for the DCP? I technically am in my second semester of college as I took one 3 credit class last semester, and am taking two 3 credit classes this semester and so I applied for the DCP. But do they count semesters just as how many semesters you've been to the school? Or do they count semesters in terms of credits earned? Because by the end of this current semester I will only have 9 completed credits which worries me as I really want to do the college program, and are they lenient at all with the credits thing as well?. I also have my phone interview scheduled for next week
  12. RogerRadcliffe

    RogerRadcliffe Imagineering

    From the Careers Site:

    In terms of qualifying for #1 on the requirements list, you have completed a semester of college as semesters are typically broken up into Spring/Summer/Fall Semesters. The other thing you might want to look into for your University is the requirements that your school may have, which you could easily find out by talking to your adviser.

    Given you meet the rest of the requirements (18+ and unrestricted work authorization) you should be fine.

    Have a Magical Day! :smickey:
  13. ArielinWonderland

    ArielinWonderland New Member

    If anyone has questions specific to the program in Disneyland, I can also help! It seems that most people on here are referencing Florida.

    I did the program in Spring 2012 in Disneyland, and I'm awaiting my interview for the Fall 2013 program at either resort (though I'm hoping for WDW this time)
  14. Nensense

    Nensense New Member

    I heard the initial deposit is much higher for the Disneyland Program compared to the Disney World program, how much of a difference is it? Also doesn't Disneyland only accept about 250 people compared to the couple thousand Disney World does for the College Program?
  15. olikyu

    olikyu New Member

    If I remember reading it correctly, the Disneyland deposit is around $860 and the WDW deposit is $300. Definitely higher, haha. :guilty:
  16. sephorachick

    sephorachick New Member

    Granted that I was a CP in 1999 & 2000 I worked in FantasyLand Attractions at: Dumbo, Pooh, Ariel's Grotto,Snow Whites Scary Adventure RIP :( & the Tea Cups.

    I'm actually going to write about my training for fantasyland attractions this week for my blog & how extensive the training was. :) Check out my blog sometimes if interested:

  17. Joanna71985

    Joanna71985 <marquee><font color=green>Characters are my frien

    Well, popular roles will vary by person. But as a whole- character performer, character attendant, photopass, concierge, attractions

    Roles that accept a lot of people include attractions, merchandise, custodial, QSFB
  18. kyza19

    kyza19 New Member

    A couple questions I can't find the answers to anywhere else online...

    When do applications typically close? I know nobody knows for sure. When did applications open/close for fall apps last year? They opened about Feb 8th this year I think. When did apps open/close for spring? I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to apply for Fall or Spring and it'd be really helpful to know these things! Thank you so much if anyone can answer these questions.

    Also - if I put character performer as a top role, can I wait til I get down to Orlando to audition? There's no auditions anywhere near me! Or am I not allowed to put character performer in my preferred roles if I can't attend an audition?

    One last thing! Say I applied next month in early March and I passed the WBI and got a phone interview but wasn't hired. Come September when apps for Spring are supposed to open, will my WBI results still be good so I can go straight to the phone interview again?

    Thank you so much!:love:
  19. leeg229

    leeg229 New Member

    The DCP blog says that apps will close out in late March. I don't know when they closed last year. For Spring 2012 the apps closed in mid to late November with the last acceptances going out Dec 19th.

    You've got me stumped with the character performer question, but I do know if performer is your #1 that you can be accepted into another role, say attractions, and attend the audition at a later date. If you pass the audition your role is changed into performer. The only thing is, I don't know if you can wait to do the audition until you get to Orlando.

    If you pass the WBI you don't need to take it again as long as you are in the 6 month window. So if you pass it on March 6th I'd say you're good until Sept. 4th. I wouldn't wait until the 5th or 6th just in case but that's just me.
  20. khancock

    khancock New Member

    Be sure to read the official information that Disney provides. This is one of the Q&A's that accompany the audition information.


    "I'm unable to attend one of these auditions. May I audition when I arrive in Florida?

    There is an audition held exclusively for current College Program participants towards the end of their program. This audition is for full time, part time, and seasonal opportunities. If there is an opportunity to extend in entertainment as a character performer, this audition would serve that purpose as well. This “end of season” audition is the only audition that is regularly held for current participants."
  21. olikyu

    olikyu New Member

    I have not been accepted yet, but if I am, how long after that point will I have to pay the deposit/fees?

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